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Awesome / Casino Royale

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This page is for each Moment of Awesome from the original 1953 novel. For awesomeness from the 2006 film, go here.

  • The Baccarat game, which despite being 25+ pages long never seems to drag.
    • Le Chiffre gets his about halfway through for simply beating Bond at Baccarat. In one fell swoop, he's moments away from being able to pay back all the SMERSH money he lost - Bond failing his mission is just icing on the cake.
    • Leiter gets his shortly after, when Bond is seriously considering just killing Le Chiffre in violation of his orders... and then he gets an envelope from Leiter, stuffed with enough cash to get him back in the game.
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    • And Bond's is, of course, his inevitable defeat of Le Chiffre, dashing his plans and walking off with 80 million Francs of SMERSH's money.


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