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  • Macon's Big Damn Heroes Dramatic Entrance in the middle of the Witch Trial, and the complete and total Shaming of the Mob via the combo Breaking Lecture/"The Reason You Suck" Speech that follows. After years of being considered an old lunatic who lives in a haunted mansion, he waltzes into centre stage in front of the entire town, impeccably dressed and utterly disdainful, and tears down everyone with all of the dirty little secrets that he saw through Boo Radley's eyes. Doubles as a "Hell, Yes!" Moment.
    • Especially awesome because he does this without once tapping into his Caster abilities, which include various forms of Mind Manipulation that he could have used to make his task easier.
  • In the final book, Link kills Abraham Ravenwood. With garden shears.
  • John interrupting Marian's trial, where she is about to be executed. He just sort of appeared in the crowd, threatened to use his powers on the keepers, and literally leaped over people's heads to get to the stage. And this was enough to get the keepers to back down.
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  • Sure, it was a bad thing to do, but Anti-Hero Ridley deserves some props for using her magic to ruin Savannah Snow's big party, by making everyone start viciously arguing. Doubles as a CMOF.

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