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Awesome / C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America

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  • Yes, Jefferson Davis is 90% evil in this movie. He still manages to get one of these when John Ambrose Fauntroy II suggests evicting America's Jewish population.
    Sherman Hoyle: As Davis lay on his deathbed, he literally pleaded with the Congress to revoke the act. He reminded them of the gallant work of his Secretary of State, Judah P. Benjamin and other Jews who supported the Confederacy. When young Congressman John Ambrose Fauntroy II visited the dying man, Fauntroy made the mistake of asserting to Davis "that the nation would be better off without those blood-sucking Jews." Davis, for his part, reached out with a frail hand grabbed young Fauntroy by the collar and fairly hissed, "Don't you never forget sir, that it was a 'blood-sucking Jew' who saved this country!"
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  • Horace totally gets one, for sacrificing his life in order to make sure his owner never gets a chance at the Presidential nomination, preventing a war with Canada.
  • Canada itself, for deciding to refuse to repatriate any runaway slaves to the CSA. Although the nation pays the price with hostile relations and military threats, there's also a Karmic Jackpot with all the great artists the CSA rejected seeking refuge in Canada to make it the cultural capital of the world. In doing so, because Canada did the right thing, that nation commands a mighty soft diplomatic power that the CSA can't understand, much less emulate.
  • The existence of the JBU, and Canada's refusal to extradite its leadership to the CSA.


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