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Awesome / Brother Cadfael

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  • In A Morbid Taste for Bones, the whole fight with Columbanus.
  • In the trial by combat in One Corpse Too Many, Hugh Beringar takes great care to give Adam Courcelle a chance while the latter is fighting dirty. Beringar wins.
  • In Saint Peter's Fair, Emma takes down Corbiere in his own manor, after pushing her hand in hot coals to make sure a crucial letter is burned.
  • At one point in the series, Sister Magdalen (aka. Avice of Thornbury) orchestrates the defense of her convent from Welsh raiders. Not only are the raiders repelled without harm to the nuns, but they even manage to capture one of them as a prisoner. Hugh Beringar, when asked to escort Magdalen back to the convent, even said that he'd rather give her generalship of the forest.
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  • While half the town is frantically searching for kidnapped Judith, fearing the worst, Judith herself has already handily talked down her abductor, confronting him with the honest truth that he'll never be able to woo her and is too decent at heart to force himself upon or kill her. By the end of their conversation, Vivian is reduced to crying piteously for Judith to save him from the dilemma he's brought upon himself: one that can only end in his death or hers, unless she has mercy enough to conceal what he's done.


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