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Brother Paul suspected the truth about Godric all along.
As the monk who had primary responsibility for the novices, Paul had supervised and taught Latin to hundreds of youths over the years, and would be very much alert to any potential source of trouble, including minor slip-ups by a Sweet Polly Oliver. He may not have been sure that "Godric" was actually a girl in disguise, but he noticed enough to wonder if "Godric" might be female, or at least gay. Knowing that Cadfael had a keener eye for deception than himself, and knowing that "Godric" would be in danger if a ruse were uncovered, Brother Paul didn't just assign the "boy" to work in the herb garden by chance: he was hoping, and rightly, that Cadfael would see through the pretense and offer "Godric" help in staying hidden, until such time as "he" could be smuggled out of the abbey in safety.

Thus, Paul avoided having to determine for himself if "Godric" was a girl in disguise - something which, if true, he'd be duty-bound to report to the Abbot, thus placing the abbey in an even worse political position with King Stephen than it already was - while handily getting a too-effeminate novice out of the boys' dormitory where, female or otherwise, "Godric"'s girlish looks might invite thoughts unwelcome in a monastic community.


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