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  • A meta-example: Just how the film made it on screen is an awesome moment in and of itself. According to the filmmakers, very few people believed in the film since their experience had been limited to writing for children's television. (As an example, Eddie Guzelian wrote The Tigger Movie.) In addition, the main cast was comprised of New Zealanders who have very little star power to speak of and worked together on a lesser-known Power Rangers season. Nevertheless, they managed to not only make a horror film together, but one that was good enough to land dozens of film festival awards and a worldwide distribution deal. The success story of awesomeness only continued on September 1, 2015, after a limited U.S. theatrical run, when Blood Punch was released commercially through out the U.S. and North America, debuting as the #1 horror movie on the iTunes charts. Despite its low-budget horror pedigree and Power Ranger roots, Blood Punch has been met with enthusiastic and overwhelming critical praise from both traditional media (The Hollywood Reporter, Village Voice, LA Weekly, Indiewire) as well as genre-specific online sites (Aint It Cool News, Dread Central, Bloody-Disgusting) and currently holds a 78% fresh rating on the Rotten Tomatoes website.
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  • As Milton finishes cooking the meth in the cabin's basement, Russell comes in to check on him. He then takes out his revolver and pulls the trigger, only to find that there are no bullets inside it. Cue Skyler, who had been terrified of Russell possibly chopping off her fingers while holding a wooden log earlier, slowly walking inside the basement and dropping the bullets on the floor.
  • Towards the end, Milton, finally having had enough of Skyler's scheming (with her killing him at one point), decides to set a trap for her. Though it doesn't kill her, she does end up with an arrow pierced through her hand. She even admits that she's impressed, though she says it mockingly.


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