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Trivia / Blood Punch

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  • Fake American: The main trio's actors are all from New Zealand, along with the actors for the side characters Riley, Archer, and Claire. Nabiki's actress, Adelaide Kane, hails from Australia.
  • Playing Against Type: Olivia Tennet usually gets cast as the young, innocent girl. This is the first time she plays the Femme Fatale character.
  • Production Posse: Many of the film's cast and crew, including Eddie Guzelian, have previously worked on Power Rangers RPM.
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  • Romance on the Set: In the film, Milton falls in love with Skyler. In real life, the actors Milo Cawthorne and Olivia Tennet had been dating while shooting Blood Punch were married for about 3 years before calling it quits in 2016.
  • The Cast Showoff: Olivia Tennet lends her voice in singing two songs used in the film. Interestingly enough, a deleted scene has Milton telling Skyler that he witnessed her sing during their first night while high on peyote-laced heroin, which she insists she doesn't do.


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