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  • Each map in-game has a feature called "Levolution" where a huge set piece on the map is broken or blown up and it creates massive destruction and changes to the map. There are also minor versions of this around each map as well.
    • Paracel Storm has a warship stuck to an offshore wind turbine, which if blown up, results in the ship breaking free and crashing onto an island and destroying a large building.
    • Siege Of Shanghai allows the players to topple the large skyscraper in the middle of the map and causing it to collapse. There is also a part of the map that is an underground shopping center, but if you blow up a support pillar, it results in the road above collapsing, which can drop vehicles or players through the hole.
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    • There is a map set at the Arecibo Observatory where you can cause the central structure of the telescope to break and collapse.
    • Caspian Border keeps the same radio tower destruction from Battlefield 3.
    • One of the Chinese maps allows you to flood a city to create a watery urban battlespace.
  • They added the ability to counter someone knifing you, resulting in you stabbing them with their OWN knife. Though, many don't actually like this feature...
  • In the Campaign: Tombstone Squad. The first few missions has them surviving against bad odds, but once they get captured, everything goes off the rails. They break out of a prison camp, slaughtering the guards as they go; wander through the snowy mountains for days with no food (aside of raw rabbit), supplies or cold weather gear; attack a Russian formation and succeed despite exhaustion, and blow up a dam to take out the Russian forces, something that the Marines that had been stationed in the area for days were singularly unable to do. And then, they parachute onto their own under-attack-ship, fend off a concentrated Chinese assault, and blow up an enemy ship with C4 (or not) to save their own ship. In the course of 4 days, they probably caused more destruction and confusion to the Chinese forces than the rest of the US forces combined.
  • Battlefield 4 for all it's failings does have some interesting details. For example, hit effects. Being shot in the torso generates a spray of sparks, while limbs make a puff of blood, and the head makes a wet thwack and a bigger puff.
    • Staying in the mud dirties your weapon, and certain light fixtures like chandeliers flail about when the building collapses.
  • With destructible walls, the game field can change dramatically quite quickly. Need a path? Remove a wall. Want to flood the map? Break that dam. Dislike your opponent having cover? Hit it with an explosive.

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