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Awesome / A Chinese Ghost Story

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  • Of three films under this name, probably the most awesome scene is the one where they fight a giant false Buddha that transforms into a gargantuan centipede. It then eats two of them, who have to disembody themselves and kill the centipede from within with hail of self-propelled swords.
  • A heavily armed warlord gets in a fight with a bunch of invisible demons. After they cut off his arm, he fights them with three swords at once — one in his remaining hand, one strapped to his back, and one held in his teeth. Then, to compensate for their invisibility, he drips blood from his bleeding hand into a handy hollow and then splashes the blood onto the demons.
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  • The Taoist wizard-monk is pretty awesome whenever he gets into combat. Of particular note: when he shoots fireballs from his hands, like a machine gun, while flying.
  • "Scholar, it seems we've to storm hell!"


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