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Analysis / Badass and Child Duo

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This trope is related to the Papa Wolf trope, but while most examples of this trope are a Papa Wolf (or the occasional Mama Bear), not every Papa Wolf falls under this trope as it differentiates itself in a number of ways:

  • Badass and Child Duo requires The Badass to have been a Badass from the very beginning, and at all times, but Papa Wolf can be any kind of person weak or strong who will become badass when their children are threatened.
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  • In Badass and Child Duo, The Badass is responsible for one child, usually not related to them in anyway, while the Papa Wolf's children are usually their own kids and/or their kid's friends.
  • The Papa Wolf becomes badass usually for a specific situation, and may be a one-off thing, while Badass and Child Duo actually requires that the child constantly be in danger for more or less the entire work so as to invoke the Badasses skills.
  • Papa Wolf has no personality or age requirements or common attributes, while Badass and Child Duo does for both the Protector and Protectee, in particular the child must actually be a child or early adolescent, while the Papa Wolf's children can be of any age, even adults.


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