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Live Blog Slowzombie is blind about Dark, The Adventures of Dark Yagami

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Table of Contents
Installment Title
This is gonna hurt, isn't it? 4
Meet Dark 1
Flashbacks and a remarkable lack of sense 3
Oh yay, lesbians
More lesbians 1
Pime Taradox!
How Anticlimactic
A bomb. Also: Incest 1
A Shinigami Feast
Shinigami royal switcheroo
Dark goes to Europe
Sex and Violence... and stupid
Meet Night
Yet another Note
In which Night does drag like a champ
Insane Action and Blasphemous Badassery
Night and L do the Masochism Tango
Sure is a lot of seeing
In which Dark is not a Magnificent Bastard
A new (ridiculous) villain 3
You killed Dark, you... surprisingly agreeable chap
Christmas special, yay
Now with special guest liveblogger
The same sans guest
Gay sex and forensics
Meet Day
Send in the Clones
Turning Japanese
Cupcakes, slash and cliffhangers
Flawless fanfic logic folks
Tvtropes just got SERVED
Meet Dawn... yay
Holograms do not work that way
Stu vs. Stu
A very stupid plan emerges
Oh, hey, it's Ol' Will
It's unsubtle retcon time
Meet... Twilight.... WHY?
Fission Mailed!
ALL DA MISSILES and a cliffhanger
People die, it doesn't matter 7
A memetastic farewell to Twilight 2
In which Slowzombie tries out a different style 10
Can it be? An end in sight? 8
Continuity Errors, Fridge Logic and No Sells, Oh My 7
Home stretch? 7
Battles and Breastmilk 4
The fail pile does't stop from getting higher 3

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