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Not all internet nicknames are quite accurate. For example, Slowzombie is no zombie, despite being sorta slow as long as there's no imminent threats to his life. This horror movie aficionado, and thesaurus enthusiast, spends his college days procrastinating to write his multiple screenplays, most often due to being randomly amused by TV Tropes and similar distractions. As a horror fan, he has a special place in his heart for the Nightmare Fuel Unleaded and Cosmic Horror tropes. His current Trope-related plans include spreading the good word of Dead Snow.


When not refering to himself in third person in his contributor page, he dabbles wirth a blog about his favorite subject, horror movies.

Feel free to leave a little message below, if you are so inclined.

Slowzombie, you deserve a freakin' purple heart for this. *salutes* Or at the very least, that Made Of Win I gave you was extremely well earned; I laugh every time I read that thread. —Haven

  • Glad you enjoy it. It's actually fairly fun to do, increasing laziness in the writing notwithstanding. —Slowzombie

Slowzombie, are you sure you're not Slowbeef? I mean you're names are the similar, you both do similar stuff. And the platypus picture you use as an avatar is the same one used on Something Awful's banner ads. It makes perfect sense! — Neo_Crimson

  • I think we have a misunderstanding. Slow zombies eat slow beef, there can be no overlap :P — Slowzombie

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