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Live Blog My Little Liveblog: Friendship is WTF? Rika Liveblogs vs. My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing!
arcadiarika2013-10-07 08:27:00

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Part 1: Oh, Boy, Here We Go!

(It has been a few months after the quartet survived the bad future. Most of them have recovered, mentally and physically. Michael and his mother, however, have disappeared again…but the All-Stars sense that nothing’s wrong with that.)

(Outside, a heavyset woman wanders around the park, finally having the chance to go out. She is Rika, and the reason why she looks different is because she suffered the most injuries, having to stay in her bed for so long.)

(She stumbles a bit, but she hangs onto a railing)

Rika: Fucking Mykan…I swear to God, if it wasn’t for his bullshit…

(That point, she meets up with four of the Legendary Rangers—Xander, Tori, Dan, and Mako. She smiles)

Glad to see that you guys are getting better.

Tori: Physically, I am…but God. You know, I’ve since had nightmares. Just…seeing my friends fall, and Mykan standing over them like some demon.

(then a flashback. In the dream, Tori runs out as the earth shakes. The skies grow darker, and she sees some of the Ninja Storm Rangers facing a shadow…until they get knocked down.)

Dustin: T-Tori…dude, this is intense!

Dream!Tori: Oh, my God!

(then the shadow kills the two Rangers, and this gets Tori pissed off)

Asshole, those were my friends! (strikes back with Surf, only for the attack to be countered)

Shadow: You thought you can get away? You’re wrong!

(fade to white, and Tori tries to compose herself)

Xander: We’ve been on edge since Mykan left…you think the guy is going to break us apart?

Dan: I really hope not.

(Rika flips through her MP3, and then the group’s joined by Christopher)

Christopher: You know, if we would have killed the fucking bastard, things would have been a lot better. (he takes a drink)

Dan: Chris…what are you doing?

Christopher: If you suffered through the same shit, trust me, you’d be driven to drink, too.

(then the team receives a communication)

Talk to me.

(in the fluffy cloud heaven, Sean, the Sentinel Knight, and the Phantom Ranger are all gathered. The second guardian uses the first’s morpher to speak to the group)

Sentinel Knight: We’ve detected strange signals in a place called Unicornicopia. We’ve done some research, and it’s where winged unicorns live.

Phantom Ranger: You don’t think that Mykan’s gathering his forces there?

Sean: Oh, God, yes. He did state that the battle’s inevitable. To be honest? Whoever he gets, I don’t think there needs to be any worry whatsoever.

Phantom Ranger: Even the most powerful ones don’t scare you? Admittedly, they also sound…

Sean: Like jokes? They’re fucking glorified Alicorns. No more, no less. Besides, we’ve faced worse things.

Phantom Ranger: That’s true. But considering what this Mykan is, we may be facing something a lot tougher than Radiguet’s forces.

Also, Alicorns?

(Sean pauses)

Rika (through the communicator): Sean, have you been watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?

(Sean then blinks)

Sean: Anyway…what we’ll need to do is to go to Unicornicopia and find out what’s going on. Hopefully it’ll put an end to this nightmare. I will say this: the place has huge sources of magic, and let’s just say that you guys will be…changed. Tori, you and some of the other All-Stars will stay, monitoring us.

I’ll join you guys as soon as I can.

Rika: Okay, see you then!

(the communication ends, and Sentinel Knight looks at the universe)

Sentinel Knight: Ever since Mykan’s gone, we’ve had a decrease in chaos. Once everyone leaves, Sean, you can go.

(Sean nods, and he prepares to leave…using the Delusion Powers, he shapeshifts into his Alicorn form. He gains his cutie mark on a flank, which is the Roman numeral “XX”.)

Sean: Yes, I know I’m not better at the “Alicorn” thing. Wish me luck…it may either be a simple chat or a hellish battlefield.

I hope to God it won’t be the latter.

Phantom Ranger: Good luck.


(in Unicornicopia…)

(Rika, Xander, Mako, Christopher, and Dan wake up. The liveblogger and the Legendary Green Mystic Ranger are unicorns, for their expertise in magic. Mako’s a pegasus, because of the air and wind. Dan and Christopher are Earth Ponies, and—with the exception of Rika—are easily identified because Color-Coded For Your Convenience.)

(And for the hell of it, Xander’s cutie mark is a Minotaur head, Mako’s cutie mark is the mojikara for “Wind”, Christopher’s cutie mark is the Space symbol, Dan’s cutie mark is a silver wolf symbol similar to his morphed form’s insignia, and Rika’s cutie mark is…a pencil.)

Rika: Ugh…so this is Unicornicopia? (she finds it hard to stand on two feet, and so, she walks on all fours) Okay, this is too weird…

Dan: Well, it is to be expected.

Mako: Ah! We all look…too cute!

Xander: Wait, really? Nice!

Dan: Mate, you’re a pony. Okay, unicorn, but still.

Xander: Wait, what?!

Christopher: …

(he stares at his reflection)

Oh, my God, what the hell? Is this what the world always does?

(then Sean appears, trying to get used to the fact that he now has wings)

Sean: Yes. Also…let’s say that this place has quite the history.

Rika: Oh, I know what you’re talking about…(pulls out her MP3 with her mouth) That just so happens to be my next subject!

(everypony groans, except for Sean, who just watches)

Christopher: Rika. Have you ever considered liveblogging anything positive?

Rika: Well, kinda. And let’s face it, reading this story may help us in figuring out this place.

Yes, it is written by Dakari-King Mykan. Yes, it’s a hate fic. But it’s nothing like you’ve seen before.

So before we go inside, from the batshit insane mind that brought you so many liveblogs comes…My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing.

(Rika taps the link by using her hoof)

Prologue: Legend of the Unicorns

We begin with the establising series moment in the form of Mykan’s note.

"FIM is a BIG MISTAKE to me… its horrible… so I guess an alternate universe is in order!"

Oh, boy, here we go! Seriously…the only reason why he wrote it is because a Brony made fun of him.

Mako: What’s a “Brony”?

Dan: A male fan of the show. (looks at Sean suspiciously)

Sean: Why is everyone looking at me? I’ve only done research of it…

Dan: Riiiight, “research”.

Rika: Anyway…the prologue, as expected, tells us how Unicornicopia came to be.

"Far off in a distant dimension is the magical kingdom of Unicornicopia—home to many winged unicorns of different sizes and colors."

You know, why not just call them “alicorns”? Considering how godly powerful they are, and since the term itself has been used…

"All were under the watchful eye of their grand ruler; the legendary tri-horned alicorn"

You mean “tricorn”, right? In fact, to make it a lot easier, I’ll call him that from now on, species-wise. And trust me, it gets dumber.

"(A)nd he was known as that because, unlike any other unicorn, he had three horns instead of one. All, of which, were golden."

By the way. This isn’t just based on the author’s cosplay. Take a wild damn guess what it rips off from. Go ahead, guess.

(The ponified All-Stars don’t really know what it’s from)

I’ll tell you later.

After mentioning that it was the ruler’s duty to maintain balance, protect his kingdom, and look after the little alicorns, the story continues.

"Each and every unicorn, though gifted with certain forms of magic and power, did not always rely so heavily on magic to solve all their problems and get through life, for they knew that the real magic came from the magic of believing!"

Yes, even in the “clap your hooves if you believe”-types. Also, what do you want to bet that this will get flipped on?

"But then, evil forces to attack the kingdom, led by a powerful and evil sorcerer from another dimension who sought to obtain all the magic he could find, and rule all worlds and all dimensions with darkness and chaos."

Okay, just how the hell would this sorceror conquer all worlds and dimensions? That’s, like, impossible to even do. There are many (and by many, I mean “infinite”) possibilities for worlds, so…

After the alicorns tried to reason with the sorceror, he just laughed at them and do the same thing we could have done in this situation (minus the “conquering damn near everything” aspect, really, what the hell?): kick their asses.

"(B)ut when all hope seemed lost, The Grand Ruler leapt into action to defend his kingdom and subjects, and using the power of his golden horn, he unleashed the mighty magic of the uniforce…!"

Uniforce. Really, just…really? So what’s next, an origin story of how there are three goddesses resembling those horns or some shit?

As expected, the sorceror got trounced. And this has to be seen to be believed.

"Despite calls for his death, The Grand Ruler, whom many feared too kind, merely banished the fallen sorcerer to the Dimension of Darkness as fitting punishment for his treachery."

Really? I’m sure it won’t bite him in the ass later—oh, wait. It probably would. And probably because no one ever thought to put a lock on the damn prison.

The origin story ends with the sorceror swearing revenge, and the alicorns still live on, believing. And we fade into our protagonist: Lightning Dawn. And yes, he doesn’t have a cutie mark; rather, he has a fucking serial number tattooed on his armor/chest. That’s just creepy as hell, and…why would you do that?

Krysta, the fairy companion, asks Lightning if it’s true. He replies that it does. Oh, and said ruler wants Lightning to become an apprentice. Why? Who knows?

Of course, there’s just one tiny little problem. Lightning can’t do magic. Despite how the entire damn population knowing how to do it. And the only thing unusual for him is the fact that he has a golden horn. GEE, I WONDER HOW IT WILL BECOME RELEVANT. Lightning is told that he will need to meet his friends.

"They have already been told of your coming"


Anyway, even though said friends will be ready to help, Lightning must remember to believe. And our “hero” doesn’t understand what this whole “Believing” thing even means. Trust me, dude, neither do the audience.

And so, this prologue ends with Krysta telling her companion that it’s time to go. Lightning thanks his friend for everything, and she gives him a kiss, apparentally. Yeah. Lightning flies off in the search for his new home…and we get our theme song.

Skipping that, we get another Author’s Note.

"I repeat, this is a whole new universe, so forget about FIM and anything you learned from that… that… PLACE!
Things are going to be different around here."

Sure it will. And I expect everything to be flipped on its head.

(to the All-Star Ponies)

Any questions?

Mako: No.

Xander: So who’s this “Grand Ruler”?

Rika: Someone who’s not only overpowered, but…well, I don’t want to spoil.

Sean: Rika…there will come a time where the information will become useful, if we learn it right then and there.

Rika: Man, really?

Christopher: …

Well. Shall we look around here?

Rika: That would be best.

(and so, they head off to the outskirts, ready to enter the main city)

Will Unicornicopia really be better than Mariner Bay in the Bad Future? What does Mykan have planned? And will our All-Star Ponies get used to their transformed states?

Open your eyes for the next My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: As usual, no celebrities were harmed in the making of this arc. Plus, I don’t know if a certain All-Star depicted in here even watches MLP:FiM, so I do apologize for taking creative liberties here.


Oct 12th 2013 at 6:37:25 PM
After this, you should review Escape. It's pretty bad.

Oct 13th 2013 at 1:27:12 PM
How bad are we talking about?
Oct 15th 2013 at 5:04:17 PM
Well, it starts out as "An evil villian kidnaps two trainers and turns them into Pokemon", but then it takes a turn for the bizarre. Oh, and the hero gets shot in the head and survives somehow.
Oct 15th 2013 at 5:06:11 PM
And after that, you could review this work, which I read and found that it's actually worse than Escape.
Oct 15th 2013 at 5:12:30 PM
Or you could pick one to review, it doesn't matter.

Oct 18th 2013 at 8:16:36 AM
Well, I do have an entire backlog of other liveblogs I plan to do, and I'm still debating to bring Cyborg Davis to TVT or not, since it deals with a pretty heavy storyline (the Mykan arc, not Cyborg Davis), so...I may add Pokemon Transformation Chronicles as one of the liveblogs as something I can do after the Mykan arc.
Oct 19th 2013 at 3:22:15 PM
Be warned though, chapters 12, 14, 17, 25, and 30 are especially bad.
Dec 10th 2013 at 1:21:20 AM
Well, this is gonna suck...