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Live Blog An Epic Bromance Between a Tooth and a Brush
ToasterFan2013-09-18 18:28:11

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Introduction to Timmy the Tooth

NOTE: This first portion is mostly personal memories of da Tooth. If you want to actually read the recap of this episode, skip to the next part.

Where should I begin on The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth? I watched it back when I was a preschooler, and every now and then, I'll return to the series and re-watch it, mostly for nostalgic purposes. Was it a great series? Nah. But it was very cute. It had nice songs, decent puppetry, and the overall {narminess was too good to pass up on.

Now, the series only had ten episodes produced, and I hope to eventually do liveblogs for all of them, but right now, only a few are available online, one actually uploaded by me, which was sent to me be a kind soul out there. That episode happens to be my favorite of the bunch, and the one we are going to recap here: Lost My Brush.

I like this episode, because it had moments that seemed almost, almost dramatic...y'know, for a series aimed at small children. Anyway, enough personal stuff. The next portion is where we'll begin the real recap.


Feb 16th 2014 at 9:02:26 PM
THIS THING. I rented it a few times when I was about five. Barely remember anything, but I liked it at the time.