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Live Blogs One More Day Before The Storm: A Narrative RPG Liveblog
Psyga3152013-10-03 21:27:12

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Hey everyone, Psyga here. Now, this is gonna be REALLY different from my other liveblogs. Then again, this is a RPG liveblog, so that usually means I’m doing something completely different from the usual shtick of liveblogging. How different? Well, how does the entire liveblog being in written prose with a TV series feel sound? The last Liveblog I did (The Box Is Red Because There Will Be Blood) ended on a cliff-hanger, and so this liveblog will bring an end to the Mythic story arc in my liveblogs.

Now... What am I liveblogging? The Mythic GM Emulator. Again. There’s a good reason why. I felt like I didn’t get enough umph outta the thing, so I decided to give it another whirl, though not with the Dungeons and Dragons. What game system will I use instead? The D6 System sounds cinematic for this one, methinks. Now, what will be different? Well, I’ve decided that for every question asked in-universe that can be interpreted as a yes or no question, that will be decided against the Fate Chart, regardless of if a yes or no would be the obvious outcome. I’m also gonna have it so that double digits, regardless of Chaos Factor, will always do a random event to make it more common.

The second thing I’m gonna do is run a second version of the Mythic GM Emulator called the Mythic Variations. Basically, it’s an expansion to Mythic, offering advice to GMs who use the GME, using the GME for complicated questions, off-camera stories, and plotting out adventures. However, the main feature, at least in my mind, is the different themes it offers. Variations comes with many different themes, ranging from Horror to Action to Social to Epic. Each of these themes comes with their own set of rules and random charts. So, why not use this for the following adventure?

Alright, for a brief recap, Story!Psyga was playing the Red Box Adventure of Dungeons and Dragons when he reached Malareth’s lab. His characters got their asses handed to, and he sent Dragon Ball on him, only for him to get his ass handed to as well. Malareth then used a cybernetic skull on Psyga and zapped him. What happened to him? Let’s find out, shall we?

One More Day Before The Storm

Episode 1: Zombies

Psyga awoke in the middle of an abandoned warehouse.

“What the?” He said, getting up and looking around. He recognized this warehouse. It was the warehouse he was held in to do that game with MYTHIC. “Oh God! I’m not gonna have to do this again, am I?” Psyga asked. Suddenly, he heard something rattling.

[Odds: Somewhat Likely, Chaos Factor: 6. Roll... 16]

A loud booming voice was soon heard.

Yes, you are to endure my test. You are within a world of my own design! Questions will be answered with MY authority! Events will occur through MY hands! There is no way out for you! You WILL test out my system! And if you die... you DIE.” A familiar voice said. Psyga recognized it...

“Oh no... MYTHIC!?” He asked. More rattling.

[Odds: Very Likely, Chaos Factor: 6. Roll... 60]

Suddenly, a thunder.


“Great... This is gonna suck. Well, I’m gonna find my way out now.” Psyga said.

The only way out is to either complete my test or die!” MYTHIC said. As if on command, zombies began to burst into the room, though they were thankfully the Romero-kind, the slow shambling corpses that often trip over their own feet.

“Zombies? Are you kidding me?” Psyga asked.

[Odds: Very Unlikely, Chaos Factor: 6. Roll... 1]

PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT Ahahahahaha... That’s what I want for this test! Questions!” MYTHIC laughed. The zombies walked off as fast as they came. “You are mastering this system pretty well. For that, I shall grant you a few Brownie Points.” MYTHIC said. Soon, Psyga felt something inside him.

[Five Brownie Points Earned]

“Wait, what the heck? What did you do?” Psyga asked.

Think of that as coins to use when Fate gets you in a pinch. Trust me, you will need it to live... You won’t face the zombies in this scene or the next. I’ll give you a head start before I send the zombies... See if you can find out where they came from. If you can... Heh...” MYTHIC said as the warehouse door opened. Psyga ran out of the warehouse almost instantly.

Scene Cleared!

Threads Added:

  • Find out what caused the Zombie Outbreak
  • Find a way home

NPCs Added:

  • Zombies

Chaos Factor:

  • Psyga gained control of the situation through chance, so the Chaos Factor goes down.

Current Chaos Factor: 4

[Scene Roll: 5. Not within Chaos Range]

Psyga runs out of the warehouse into an empty street.

“Alright!” Psyga said. “I’m out of the warehouse! Now what?” He asked the voice in the sky.

Explore... If you dare.” MYTHIC said.

“There’s nothing but emptiness. I can’t find anything!” Psyga said.

Ask... Maybe there is a shop, but you haven’t seen it yet... You have to ask what kind it is...” MYTHIC said.

“Fine. Um... Is there a bakery shop?” Psyga asked.

[Odds: Likely. Chaos Factor: 4. Roll... 36]

Soon, a bakery shop appeared, right in front of Psyga’s eyes.

“HAH! Nice! Hm... Considering how empty the streets are... is there anyone inside the shop?” Psyga asked.

[Odds: Somewhat Likely. Chaos Factor 4. Roll... 53]

Psyga looked into the shop via the window, but there’s no one there.

“Hope the door isn’t locked... Is the door locked?” Psyga said as he held onto the lock.

[Odds: 50/50. Chaos Factor: 4. Roll... 34]

Psyga managed to push hard onto the door. Yeah. It was locked.

“Well, can I bust down the door?” Psyga asked.

[Odds: 50/50. Chaos Factor: 4. Roll... 77]

Psyga tried to ram into the door, but it just wouldn’t budge.

“Bugger...” Psyga said. Just then, the skies darkened as thunders were heard.

RANDOM EVENT!” MYTHIC’s voice said.

“Wait, what!? Didn’t the random events occur when the numbers are within Chaos?” Psyga asked.

The events would be rarer then, so one of the modifications that I had was to make it so that the chances of random events are high... The event has been decided...” MYTHIC said.


“Ruin victory? What does that mean? Is my victory about to be ruined?” Psyga asked, puzzled at this. Just then, thunder boomed.

[Odds: 50/50. Chaos Factor: 4. Roll... 18]

Yes... Or perhaps... it was already ruined...” MYTHIC said.

“Wait... what do you... Oh. My. God...” Psyga said as he remembered what happened before...

Five warriors, two Human and three of varying races, were fighting a group of skeletons as a man sits on a chair, lurking over a desk. Two of the people, the Humans, were heavily wounded, while the other one, a Doppelganger, fatally stabbed by one of the skeletons. His death was quickly avenged when the two females of the group, a Dwarf and a Halfling, struck him down simultaneously.

“Hana! You heal Hugh and Adran! I’ll handle the rest of the skeletons!” The Dwarf told the Halfling.

“Alright!” Hollyhana said as she tried to cast a magic spell.

“Haaahn... I guess it can’t be helped... You want to win? You’re gonna have to earn it, Psyga.” the man said as he got up from his chair and exerted a deathly energy that killed Hollyhana in one fell swoop. The Dwarf, Darerris, was knocked back by the burst and was injured. She looked up at the magician in confusion. Who was this Psyga? Why was he talking to an invisible person? Is he real? He continued on.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t this worth any challenge to you?” The necromancer said. Was it directed to Psyga? Was it directed to Darerris? She didn’t know. As she lost consciousness, she saw the White Dragon being rode on by a muscularly ripped man, shouting to the necromancer that he was his... father? A shame she didn’t quite catch that, as she closed her eyes for the last time.

“... I... Malareth... That bastard! He did this, didn’t he!?” He asked MYTHIC.

[Odds: Has To Be. Chaos Factor: 4. Roll... 40]

Right you are... His usage of the Eternal Skull has caused everyone in the dungeon to be a zombie, and once his army had been built up, he attacked the Nentir Vale, infecting others with the curse of zombification. This war between man and zombie has caused all races, save for humans, to be extinct. You are in the middle of this war. A thousand years into the future. Welcome... to your ruined victory...” MYTHIC said.

“No... It can’t be... I... I won’t let it happen. I’m not letting that bastard win! He wants to ruin my victory? He’s gonna have to pry it from my cold, dead hands!” Psyga said, punching his fist against the door with his declaration.

Try if you dare... But, you have managed to accomplish your thread. That is a major achievement, and this I shall reward you.” MYTHIC said.

[Ten Brownie Points Earned]

Soon, the door opened. Psyga looked at the door. The person who opened the door was a man with blue eyes, short blonde hair, and a cut on the left side of his cheek that seemed to be fresh.

“Huh, you’re not a zombie? Good.” he said. The way he said, it sounded like he wasn’t that excited that there’s another human.

“What the hell, MYTHIC!? You said there’s no one inside!” Psyga shouted to MYTHIC.

“Who the hell are you talking to?” The guy asked.

“This fu... Never mind... it’s confusing.” Psyga said.

“Right, look, I’m just gonna think you’re a crazy survivalist who’s driven to madness from the zombie attacks... I was watching you trying to break in and ranting about some guy.” The man said.

“Yeah... I thought it was empty. I didn’t know you were in it. I was a bit pissed off at him. You’d be too if you took on skeletons with nineteen... Arg... You wouldn’t understand.” Psyga said.

“I probably wouldn’t. Then again, I survived this long... The name’s Lee. Lee Tinemen. I might need your crazy survivalist skills with something... Not out here though.” Lee said as he went into the bakery. Psyga hesitated, but followed him anyway.

Scene Cleared!

Threads Completed:

  • Find out what caused the Zombie Outbreak

Threads Added:

  • Ruin Malareth’s Victory
  • Assist Lee

NPCs Added:

  • Malareth
  • Lee Tineman

Chaos Factor:

  • Nothing really unpredictable happened, and Psyga managed to not only solve a thread, but gain an ally as well. The Chaos Factor has been reduced.

Current Chaos Factor: 3

[Scene Roll: 5. Not within Chaos Range]

Psyga and Lee discuss what they need to do in the bakery.

“Before we begin discussing what we need to do, I need to ask you something, Lee. How come you were hiding? Did you managed to hide away from the zombies?” Psyga asked Lee.

[Odds: A sure thing. Chaos Factor: 3. Roll... 55]

“Yeah. I was assigned to check out the area. It seemed mostly empty... Then I got ambushed by some zombies. I managed to get away though with just a scratch.” Lee said, pointing to the cut. Psyga shuddered, but Lee put his hand up.

“No, don’t worry, I’m not infected. It takes more than a scratch or even a bite to turn into a zombie.” Lee said. Just then, thunder roared.

“Damn storm... It’s been acting like that for half an hour ago.” he said.


“The hell?” Lee asked.


“Oh! Did you hear that Lee! That bastard is finally getting his just deserts! Let’s see him get killed!” Psyga said as he looked outside. Sure enough, Malareth was there, near the shop. He was raising his Bone Staff towards the zombies.

“Urgh. Do you know who I am? I’m, like, your master.” he said to the zombies as he threw a few Ray of Immobilization towards the zombies.

[MYTHIC Stat Check: Malareth’s Ray of Immobilization (Arcana, Awesome Rank) vs. Zombie’s Fortitude (Fortitude, Above Average Rank (Rank Shift +2 due to Malareth’s Death Cowl bonus). Roll... 94]

The ray bounced off the zombies and right back to him, falling onto the ground as it immobilized him. They crept closer to him.

[Damage Roll = 14]

“Oh please, don’t get me.” His mouth was muffled by his shut jaws to be heard by the zombies. Psyga didn’t hear anything he said, but he was laughing his ass off. Lee, however, wasn’t. He took a look underneath the table of where the cash register was and took out a shotgun from it.

“We gotta help him.” Lee said.

“H-help him!? DUDE! HE CAUSED THE APOCALYPSE TO HAPPEN! HE’S THE REASON THE ZOMBIES ARE HERE!” Psyga stood up and shouted to him.

“I don’t wanna hear any blaming from you. I may tolerate your craziness, but as soon as you start accusing people of stuff they never did, that’s when I leave you for dead. You can either hide here and wait until I’m done fighting the zombies, or come with me and rescue him.” Lee said to him.

“... Fuck it...” Psyga said as he got out.

“Wait! You need a weapon.” Lee said as he tossed him a pistol.

“Thanks. Let’s do this.” Psyga said as he and Lee exited the shop.

Scene Cleared!

Thread Added:

  • Save Malareth

Chaos Factor:

  • Something unpredictable happened that caused the entire point of the scene to be derailed, and so the Chaos Factor increased.

Current Chaos Factor: 4

[Scene Roll: 2. Interrupt.]

As Lee and Psyga run out of the bakery, the storm clouds thundered.


“WHAT!? There wasn’t any questions!” Psyga asked.


“Okay, really? Look, Lee, we gotta... Dude?” Psyga said. He then looked at Lee. He looked at the zombies fighting Malareth as if he was a deer looking at incoming headlights. Psyga waved his hand in front of Lee, but was unable to snap him out. “Damn it... Guess I’m gonna have to fight by myself.” Psyga said as he stood next to Lee. He aimed the gun at the zombies surrounding Malareth, but held it at a point where the gunfire will be the loudest in Lee’s ears. He then fired.

[Fire Weapon Difficulty: 10. Psyga’s Move Stat: 3. Roll... 11]

One of the zombies was hit, though was still advancing towards Malareth.

[Does the sound of the bang snap Lee out of his shaken up state?]

[Odds: Near sure thing. Chaos Factor: 4. Roll... 77]

As thunder banged, so did Lee coming back to reality. As he did that...



Malareth got up, forgetting his Bone Staff to look at Psyga. As he got up, his immobilization decreased.

“Oh hey, Psyga. Have you come to further your failure?” Malareth said.

“No. I’m here to save your ass so that I can kick it myself!” Psyga said as he continued to fire at the zombies.

[Fire Weapon Difficulty: 10. Psyga’s Move Stat: 3. Roll... 11]

The zombie was soon shot again, but still kept going.

“Shit! How many more shots do we need to drop these guys!?” Psyga asked. That’s when Lee cocked his shotgun.

“Just one more.” Lee said as he pointed the gun to the zombies and fired.

[Fire Weapon Difficulty: 10. Lee’s Move Stat: 4. Roll... 13]

[Does Lee hit multiple zombies with that attack?]

[Odds: Very likely. Chaos Factor: 4. Roll... 52]

Three zombies were soon shot by the buckshot of the gun. One of the zombies dropped, but few of them continued to attack. Malareth then picked up his Bone Staff and fired at the Zombies.

[MYTHIC Stat Check: Malareth’s Ray of Immobilization (Arcana, Awesome Rank) vs. Zombie’s Fortitude (Fortitude, Above Average Rank (Rank Shift +2 due to Malareth’s Death Cowl bonus). Roll... 40]

Malareth managed to hit the zombie group with his Ray of Immobilization. Some of the zombies managed to rot away with just the blast.

“Okay, they’re stunned a bit. You can finish them off if you want.” Malareth said to Lee. Lee nodded and fired at the zombies one last time.

[Fire Weapon Difficulty: 5. Lee’s Move Stat: 4. Roll... 10]

Lee manages to blow away the remainder of the zombies, though the audible click made it obvious he was out.

“Alright, that’s the last of them. Let’s head back inside.” Lee said, heading to the bakery.

“Wait, we’re letting Malareth in?” Psyga asked.

[Odds: Has to be. Chaos Factor: 4. Roll... 50]

“Yeah. He’s like you, a survivor.” Lee said.

“Yeah, Psyga... A survivor...” Malareth said. His tone of voice indicated he was just buying what Lee was saying as he headed in. Psyga glared at Malareth as he headed to the bakery too.

Scene Cleared!

Thread Completed:

  • Save Malareth [10 Brownie Points Earned for both Lee and Psyga]

Chaos Factor:

  • They managed to save Malareth and while there were a few hassles, it wasn’t enough to completely hinder the duo. Chaos is reduced.

Current Chaos Factor: 3

[Scene Roll: 2. Interrupt.]

As the group enter the bakery, thunder booms.


“Again!?” Psyga asked.

“Wow, I didn’t expect MYTHIC to be this active...” Malareth said.


Just then, Lee pointed his shotgun towards Malareth.

“Drop your staff. Do that, and I can trust what you say.” Lee said.

“That gun is empty!” Psyga said. Lee then took a shotgun shell from his pocket and put it in the gun.

“Now it’s not.” Lee said. Malareth hesitated, but decided to drop his Bone Staff. Lee did the additional job of kicking the staff away from Malareth. “You too, crazy.” Lee said to Psyga. He took out the magazine and threw the pistol away, leaving the magazine on the table.

“Alright, before I inform you of the mission I need you guys to do, you gotta explain to me where you’re from. You guys can’t have come out of the woodwork for no reason.” Lee said.

“Well, Malareth over here-” Psyga tried to talk, but Lee pointed the shotgun to him.

“Don’t you talk in his stead. I don’t want you randomly accusing people and blowing their heads off, declaring them as traitors or anything.” Lee said, giving the two a Death Glare.

“... Right, so who’s starting?” Psyga asked.

“I will.” Malareth said. “I am but a traveler, lost in the sea of time. I am the court magician of a wealthy and powerful king, assigned to find a cure to this epidemic. In my journey, I came across a magic shrine that might have been the key to solving everything... but once I stepped into the shrine, I was transported here through the magic of time travel...” Malareth said.

[Does Lee believe Malareth?]

{I’m making this a skill test as opposed to a Mythic Question, since it IS requiring Malareth to test his bluffing}

[MYTHIC Stat Check: Malareth’s Bluff (Above Average Rank) Vs. Lee’s Insight (Lee’s Brains Stat: 4. Roll... 9) (Below Average Stat). Roll... 90]

“You’d expect me to believe in some stupid fantasy bullcrap? Even with that staff and the blasts you fired, they could just as well be technology. You’re not being easy to trust, Mr...” Lee said.

“Malareth, call me Malareth.” Malareth said.

“Yeah. You, what’s your story?” Lee said.

“Okay, I guess I should tell you the truth. My name’s Psyga. My job is being a test subject for a series of questionable material. They range from Anime to crossovers to fan fiction. I even played a few role-playing games... In fact, that’s how I got here. I was livebloging a role-playing game, and during the final boss, something went screwy. The boss kicked my ass and used this skull to warp me here.” Psyga said to Lee. Just then, everything in Psyga’s vision turned gray, and everyone slowed down to a still.

“Wait, what?” Psyga asked.

You’re about to perform a task that even Malareth failed at. Do you wish for my advice in convincing him that you mean business?” MYTHIC asked.

“I’m telling him the truth. Better than what Malareth did.” Psyga said.

He might consider it a lie as well.” MYTHIC said.

“So? Why are you helping me?” Psyga asked.

Because I wanna make things interesting. You know those Brownie Points? You can use them to increase your dice pool... Try it. If you want him to accept your fact, that is.” MYTHIC said.

“Alright... Roll it!” Psyga said as the colors returned and time resumed.

[Bluff vs. Insight Roll. Psyga’s Bluff (Psyga’s Cool Stat: 3 + 5 from Brownie Points) vs. Lee’s Insight (Lee’s Brains Stat: 4) Roll... Psyga: 23. Lee: 14.]

“Woah, woah, woah, skull? Huh... The people over at the Residential Biohazard Research have been looking into a skull... In fact, they assigned me to scout the area for any hint of a skull... This is good. I’m taking you to them so that you can explain more.” Lee said.

{Okay, before I go further, I should explain a mechanic. If a certain die is rolled with a 1, bad stuff will happen to whoever rolled it. How bad depends on if they succeed or fail. Why is this important? Well, Lee rolled a one when he was shooting the zombies (hence him running out of ammo) and another time when confronting Malareth’s story... Well then, time for that die to bite him in the ass.}

“I don’t think so.” Malareth said, taking a knife from his robe and throwing it at Lee.

[MYTHIC Stat Check: Malareth’s Knife (Above Average Rank) Vs. Lee’s Dodge (Lee’s Move Stat: 4. Roll... 20) (Superhuman +2 Stat). Roll... 60]

Lee dodged effortlessly as he cocked his gun at Malareth.

“What the hell Malareth!?” Lee asked Malareth.

“I shall tell you the truth too...” Malareth said, revealing a skull from his robe. Psyga looked at it. It was the same skull he had back in The Twisting Halls. A crystal clear skull with cybernetic circuits and two fish-eyed lens. “This is the skull Psyga was talking about. The Eternal Skull of Jokers. It’s a mythical artifact that allows the holder to manipulate reality as he sees fit, so long as they ask it in a yes or no question. If they manage to insert some magical energy into the skull, it will allow one to manipulate reality further, giving you complete control of reality. This is how I was able to overfill the world with zombies...” Malareth said.

“What!?” Lee said.

“And if you think that’s a lie, allow me to show you another power it has... I request a random event.” Malareth said as he held the Skull up. A purple glow seeped from his arm to the skull as it glowed red.



Just then, zombies manage to break through the window.

“Oh, look at the misfortune you’ve attained... I best be on my way now.” Malareth said, picking up his staff as he walked away. The zombies moved in, as if defending his exit.

Now do you believe me?” Psyga asked Lee.

[Odds: A sure thing. Chaos Factor: 3. Roll... 100. Exceptional No... Not sure the rules say anything about when the dice get 00... So I'll leave it as it is.]

“Now’s not the time to say ‘I told you so’!” Lee said, firing his shot gun at the horde of zombies.

[Fire Weapon Difficulty: 10. Lee’s Move Stat: 4. Roll... 16]

Lee managed to blow away some of the zombies, but they kept advancing through the broken window.

“Out of ammo! Keep them distracted while I reload!” Lee said as he went off to get more shells. He got the gun that was thrown and threw it to Psyga. Psyga picked up the Magazine and loaded it. He then fired at the zombies.

[Fire Weapon Difficulty: 10. Psyga’s Move Stat: 3. Roll... 12]

Psyga managed to shoot some of the zombies, dropping the ones that were killed by Lee. Soon, Lee came back, cocking his shotgun and firing in sync with Psyga. By now, the zombies were close enough to be point blank.

[Fire Weapon Difficulty: 5. Psyga and Lee’s Move Stat: 3 and 4. Roll... 10 for Psyga, 10 for Lee. Lee rolled a one on his last die...]

Psyga and Lee took out some of the zombies, but a few more have advanced. The zombies that were shot but weren’t killed got up and continued their slow trek.

“How many more of these guys are there?!” Psyga asked.

“A lot if you ask me! It was quiet throughout the last thirty minutes! Then you and that Malareth guy showed up!” Lee said, firing his shotgun, but realizing he ran out of ammo again and had to reload. “Cover for me!” Lee said. Psyga nodded and fired once more.

[Fire Weapon Difficulty: 5. Psyga’s Move Stat: 3. Roll... 11]

Psyga managed to kill just one zombie. Soon, the zombies were close to Psyga, but Lee, after reloading, lifted a table to tip it over and use as cover.

[Lift Difficulty: 10. Lee’s Muscle Stat: 4 (+3 with Lee’s Talent: Lifting) Roll... 25]

Lee tipped it over and hid behind it.

“Psyga! Over here!” Lee said to Psyga as he too ran to it and hid.

“What are we going to do? There’s no end to them!” Psyga said.

“Remember, they can’t infect us with a bite. They have to kill us first. But first, they must catch us. We need a good enough opening though, and those zombies aren’t making it easy for us.” Lee said, peaking over to see that the zombies were crowding not just the broken window, but also the door.

“Wait, I think I got something.” Psyga said as he got up, ran to another table, and jumped on it.

“What are you doing!?” Lee asked.

“Making room!” Psyga said as he leaped off. “RIDER KICK!” He shouted as he preformed a flying side kick towards the zombies.

[Attack Difficulty: 10. Psyga’s Moves Stat: 3 (+3 with Psyga’s Talent: Flying Kick) Roll... 14]

He managed to kick away the zombies and make enough room for the two to get out.

“Holy... I doubted you!” Lee said.

“We can awe later, now we gotta get out of here!” Psyga said to Lee as they ran off through the crowd of zombies, who were getting up to go attack the duo.

[Running Difficulty: 20. Psyga and Lee’s Moves Stats: 3 and 4 (+3 with Lee’s Talent: Running) Roll... 9 for Psyga, 28 for Lee]

Psyga was slower than Lee, who managed to run fast, even with the shotgun in his hand. He was so slow, that the zombies were about to get him, that is until Lee fired the shotgun at them.

[Fire Weapon Difficulty: 10. Lee’s Move Stat: 4. Roll... 22]

He blew away the zombies, but he realized they were surrounded by zombies. Psyga got up, a little scathed, but otherwise okay.

“Now what?” Psyga asked.

“...Psyga. Promise me something.” Lee asked. Psyga looked in intrigue. “Find the son of a bitch who caused this and stop him from causing more people to lose their lives and sanity to these monsters.” Lee said.

“Erm... That’s what I was planning to do.” Psyga said.

“Good...” He said as he fired his shotgun to a loose patch of zombies.

[Fire Weapon Difficulty: 5. Lee’s Move Stat: 4. Roll... 15]

Lee soon cleared a path for Psyga.

“Go, there’s not much time left.” Lee said to Psyga.

“But... what about you!?” Psyga asked, concern beaming within his eyes.

“Don’t worry about me. Just go.” Lee said as he put another shell into the shotgun.

“I’m not gonna just let you-” before Psyga could finish, Lee shoved him out of the swarm of zombies, just as the zombies began to close the gap.

“LEE!” Psyga said, trying in vain to kill the zombies to save Lee.

[Fire Weapon Difficulty: 10. Psyga’s Move Stat: 3 (+ 10 from his Brownie Points) Roll... 42. Psyga has rolled a one on his last die.]

Psyga managed to unload his magazine, firing wildly at the zombies. He managed to kill only one, and it wasn’t enough to him to get to Lee.

“LEE!!!” Psyga shouted.

Best not to use up all your Brownie Points, Psyga.” MYTHIC said.

“Why not!?” Psyga asked.

Because not only do they act as your trump card... they also act as your health. If you use up all your Brownie Points, you’ll die in this world...” MYTHIC said.

“Wh-what?” Psyga said. Just then, he heard one final shotgun blast.

“Did... Did he just...” Psyga asked.

I’ll roll for you.” MYTHIC said.

[Odds: Likely. Chaos Factor: 3. Roll... 24]

Yeah. Better to Die than Be Killed as you Tropers said... It’s best to not let his death be in vain now... Run. Run away, Psyga, and never come back...” MYTHIC said. Psyga ran off, away from the town.

Scene Cleared!

Threads Evolved:

  • Assist Lee > Avenge Lee

NPCs Removed:

  • Lee

Chaos Factor:

  • Hooooooooooo boy. Not only did Malareth backstab Psyga and Lee within the first five minutes of talking to them, but he indirectly got Lee killed. That aught to cause some trauma. (Might take something from the Cortex system and add a emotional stress die for Psyga). No doubt Chaos went up.

Current Chaos Factor: 4

Without a guiding voice to help him in this desolate world, what will happen to Psyga? Will he be able to avenge Lee’s death and kill Malareth? Will he be able to save the world from the zombies? Or will he die? Find out next time!


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