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Live Blog As Blind as a Woobat, Sabbo Takes on Black 2 (Nuzlocke!)
Sabbo2013-03-14 02:02:07

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To begin, I'm going to be doing my first run blind (not even looking at the booklet! Oh, and I never played Black or White), and as a Nuzlocke. While I'd prefer no spoilers, I'm not going to hound anybody too much about it unless it gets bad. Feel free to mark spoilers in [[hottip:*:these nifty hot tip tags]]. The Nuzlocke rules I'm following are as such:

  • Any Pokemon which faints is dead, no matter the cause. If I only have one of the particular species of Pokemon, I'll be sending it to the PC. Otherwise, I'll be releasing it.
  • Starting once I get Poke balls, the first pokemon I catch in an area is the only one I'm allowed to try to catch. If I miss it for whatever reason, then too bad.
    • Legendaries & shinies are excepted; I can catch these if I want to, but I will not use them.
  • Nicknaming! Currently I'm thinking either food dishes or cities/countries, but I'm open to suggestions. I have previously used the following:
    • Tarot major arcana (The Tower/Judgment (one replaced the other), Temperance, The Hermit, Strength, The Sun, The Lovers)
    • God(desse)s (Agni, Pan, Jupiter, Njord, Morana, Cagn)
    • Mythological creatures (Kappa, Futakuchi(-onna), Stymphalia(n birds), Vordr)
  • Dead Pokemon can't use out-of-battle attacks.

Anything I may have missed? I referred to Bulbapedia's page while writing this list up. For now though I shall move on.

After turning on the game, I watch the opening cinematic. It looks really... ordinary, for a Pokemon game. And that's saying something. The Gamefreak logo introduction was nice though.

(For the record, I have already watched that already, as I had grabbed the Meloetta mystery gift when I got the game. I won't be using Meloetta for the Nuzlocke though.)

New game!

Menu is on the top screen. Fun. There is a touch screen for a reason, gamefreak, and having it be blank isn't it. I select "New game".

Hello lady. You say you're called the Pokemon Professor? Blasphemy! If I remember Pokemon Conquest accurately enough, then the Pokemon you're showing me is a Cinccinno. Makes me thirsty. At least she explains why trainers like battling though, even if it is still mostly fluff. (Cinccinno is mostly fluff too. :P)

So this professor is blind too? She really needs to ask whether I'm a boy or girl? Well, I guess I'll just have to let her know that I am a girl. The guy looks like the same generic crap every other male Pokemon protagonist has ever looked like anyway.

Now she wants my name. Fun. Default name! *clicks OK*


*clicks OK again*

Dammit. Since I don't remember her English name, I'll just call her Mei, her Japanese name. Next up...

Oh right. The rival. I have no idea what this guy's name is. >_<

...Oh? It already has his name there, and I can just change it if I want. That's cool; I'll leave him be, as Hugh. Next... Huh. She's already saying she'll give me a Pokemon. That's different. Oak certainly didn't say that in RBGYFRLG, and no other introducing professor ever had an intention from the start to give a Pokemon away.

And finally, as an afterthought, she tells me to befriend new Pokemon & people. I'll try to remember that next time I look at a blob of pixels. :P

Into the game! It's Autumn, for a start. A woman with hair at least as weird as Mei's walks to a house in this town, which I assume is mine. She gets a phone call, which turns out to be Aurea Juniper. So much for being "called the Pokemon Professor". Based on the conversation, odds are looking good that this is the protagonist's mother, and I'm getting a Pokedex. Interesting that Mei is being referred to as a "child" though; weren't the protagonists of Unova meant to be older than in previous generations? Bianca is then mentioned, who - thanks to the Pokemon thread here - I know as one of the previous game's rivals.

After hanging up and going in the house, the view switches to Mei, who I can now control. The obligatory PC says... nothing of interest. The bookcase is apparent for literate Pokemon (Uhh... Mei doesn't have any Pokemon...), and I can't sneakily leave the house because Mei's mother - henceforth known as Meither unless I forget or think it's stupid - blocks the way.

Basically, she asks me if I want a Pokemon. In a vain effort to defy fate, I say attempt to decline. Meither is shocked and steps back for a moment... before asking the question again. -_-;; Same response when I try again, for the record.

Step one completed! (Apparently)

Do I know what a Pokedex is? Sadly, saying no would probably get me out of nothing because then she'd just tell me. I say I do. She tells me anyway, of course. Then she asks me whether I want a Pokedex. I decline again.

She wishes I were more agreeable. :P

Upon being asked again, the rebellious daughter I am submits.

Step two completed! (Lemme guess; step three is meeting Bianca?)

...Or maybe not. I'm told to go meet her, at the very least. Meither then asks whether I know how to open my bag. Since last I checked, I wasn't disabled in such a way that would prevent the opening of a simple bag (and the alternative would be Meither explaining it, I bet), I answer in the affirmative.

Once she finally lets me pass, I realize that I can't run. Damn. Well, I check out the living area before I go, and wonder whether Meither sleeps on the couch. It's as good a place as any. The TV seems to have multiple channels though, which is nifty. The sports channel is the only interesting one, which describes a Roggenrola being thrown like a bowling ball. The interesting part is solely that it's cruelty to animalsPokemon.

Outside. Music has stopped, for some reason... Oh wait. No. It's just gone really really quiet. I'm guessing that it will be loud near people, the centre of town, or specific parts of town. Not that I even know what this place is called... Hang on. Maybe my earphones are stuffed up? Switching now... Okay, it was just my earphones. The new ones I just switched to though just had one ear break off, although they are still electrically sound. Pun not intended, but still amusing.

That said, dynamic music would be great idea; I think they should implement it.

Back to the game! Going up the road leads me to my rival, who has a little sister. He's boring, but at least he isn't Barry. He starts following me around while I try (not to) find Bianca. Hm; Trainer's School is in the starting town. I bet something will require my to go there.

Hugh's house now... Oh good. His sister gets her own bed; would have been awkward if she didn't. Hugh makes no advances even though we're both standing next to his bed. Hm. :P

Ah. Aspertia City. I'll probably never remember that. A Pokemon Center is near the town sign, but Hugh doesn't let me in because he says Bianca wasn't in there. I'd say that the odds of her being in his own house were considerably lower, thank you very much. Next... I think I'll avoid the lookout, as the back of the game box showed Bianca up there. Who I'm avoiding.

Hugh won't let me out of town. Darn. Well, that just leaves the lookout. Halfway up the stairs, Hugh stops and won't let me back down. Poopie. Ah, and it seems one person calls Juniper "The Pokemon Professor" (Bianca). She says she's looking for someone named Mei. I tell her I have no idea who that is of course, despite the town population being easily below 20. Then again though, Ever Grande City's permanent population (despite the lack of beds) seemed to be somewhere near ten...

Of course, claiming I have no idea who Mei is makes her realize that I'm Mei. Damn. How did she know what I looked like, anyway? Meither had had no contact with Juniper in years, she said; did Mei have donuts in her that long? I hope they didn't go moldy. Bianca then asks whether I'll help them complete the Pokedex.

Being such an agreeable person, I obviously must decline.

Sigh. I accept, the second time around... and damn. I missed the chance to see what would happen if I tried running away. Oh well. As for the Pokemon I choose, Tepig is ruled out for being Torchic v3, and Snivy is ruled out for being Grass type. Okay Oshawott, c'mere you ugly little freak.

Would I like to give him a nickname? Yes, yes I would. But wait! I don't know what theme I'm going to use yet! Here's your chance to shine, readers; I welcome any suggestions for naming themes you may have, and you can even suggest a name for this fuzzball as well. Have at ye!


  • Oshawott (Lv.5)*


Mar 14th 2013 at 1:50:05 AM
Did you insult Barry?! You must now call your Oshawott Barrette as punishment! It is the only just method of continuation!
Mar 14th 2013 at 1:56:36 AM
What, you don't want to fine me $1,000,000? :P

Don't forget I'm looking for a naming theme, so I won't name the starter anything outside that theme.
Mar 14th 2013 at 3:38:20 AM
You could name them after previous rivals.
Mar 14th 2013 at 3:51:30 AM
There aren't enough rivals for that. :/
Mar 14th 2013 at 4:16:47 AM
Name them after previous human characters then.
Mar 14th 2013 at 4:24:06 AM
The problem of theming is still there. I'm not settled to just have a bunch of random yet related names tacked onto a bunch of random Pokemon - I want the names to relate to the Pokemon themselves. My mythological creatures example shows this well: Kappa, Futakuchi(-onna), Stymphalia(n birds) & Vordr were Swampert, Mawile, Skarmory & Gardevoir. (feel free to look those up; they're all on Wikipedia)
Mar 14th 2013 at 6:16:47 AM
I get the Stymphalian birds one. Nice!
Mar 14th 2013 at 2:18:07 PM
It took a while to find that one, but I was glad when I finally did.