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Live Blog Anom's Super Mega Egg Run II
Anomalocaris202013-01-27 11:42:59

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Rules, Rules, Rules

If you're reading this there is a strong chance you're familiar with my first Egg Run. If not, you can find it here. Though I went over the rules there, I'll go over them again here, hopefully with a little more refined and concise explanations.

First of all, what makes it an Egg Run is that instead of playing the game normally, I will recieve six eggs from six donors. In this run, my eggs are credited to Rmctagg09, Saiga, Demonfly, Kuro Bara Hime, Vertigo_High, and thestonedog78. Those are all fellow tropers on this site, by the way.

Now, there are a few rules as to what eggs they can donate. While I try not to impose restrictions, some are necessary for the sake of making this game entertaining to play and read. Those are as follows:

1) The Pokemon must be naturally breedable from an egg. No hacking in, say, an Arceus. And while technically it can come in an egg, no Manaphy either. The egg's contents also may not be rigged or altered via hacking, generation, ect. They must be a natural egg.

2) The Pokemon may not be born knowing any moves besides what it learns at level 1. This means no egg moves, no inherited TM's, and no early level-up moves.

3) If the Pokemon has a pre-evolved form achieved via incense breeding, such is the case with Budew and Bonsly, then the egg must be in the lowest form. No Roselia or Sudowoodo eggs in those two cases.

4) I constructed a personal banlist for specific Pokemon. This was not just "eww, no, I don't want to raise that because I hate it", it was for specific issues. Combee, for example, only learns Gust via level-up and only females can evolve. As such it's banned, as are a few other Pokemon with similar issues such as Delibird and Magikarp. I also disallowed any Pokemon I used in the previous Egg Run, as well as any Pokemon I just used in my normal game of White 2 (That one is for my sake, not my readers' sake). Pokemon with overly-gimmicky learnsets, such as Smeargle and Wynaut, were also disallowed. And finally I disallowed Deino and Larvesta since they would not evolve before the Egg Run is finished. I also requested no starter Pokemon simply because they're boring to use in a run that's meant to be all about using exotic choices of Pokemon, though it wasn't a hard rule.

In addition to those rules, my six donators collaborated with each other to pick out a reasonable team. Ideally, it is fairly balanced in regard to type and stats. This is less of a hard rule to follow and more or less just asking for common sense from my donors. A team of six Remoraid, for example, would not be common sense.

Okay, now as for the actual rules I must follow...

1) I must play on Challenge Mode. No disabling that.

2) I may play the game normally and freely until trading becomes available to me. At that point I must trade over the six eggs, hatch all six, level them up to a reasonable level at which I may proceed, and then must box all other Pokemon except the six and use only them for the rest of the game. Until the hatchlings are raised to acceptable levels I may train them with the aid of my other Pokemon.

3) I am allowed to catch Pokemon besides the six egg Pokemon, though I may not use them. The only reason for me to do that is for legendary Pokemon and, if luck favors me, shiny Pokemon. If the latter appears I'm allowed to break any rule for the sake of capturing it. I'm not going to let a shiny get away just because my only Pokemon left is not allowed to battle.

4) I may temporarily place another Pokemon on my team if they are needed for HM use or other tasks, but they may not be used in battle except in extreme circumstances such as the aforementioned shiny exception, or to manipulate a legendary Pokemon's nature via Synchronize (Though that will be treated as non-canon to the liveblog).

5) If a Pokemon has an unusual evolution requirement that is not normally accessible within the standard game (Such as requiring an item that isn't available until after the credits), I may trade with other games to acquire the means to evolve it, but only at a reasonable point of evolution.

6) I am not sure when this run will be considered over. I may engage in post-credits activities, or I may not. It depends on how I feel after the credits and how my readers feel. However, at the bare minimum I must reach the end credits obviously.

So those are the rules. Basically, it's a normal game except for the fact that I can only use the six from the eggs. And it's on Challenge Mode.

So as for the story, if you didn't read my first liveblog (Which you should if you're going to read this, due to references to it), it was basically the same as the actual game of Pokemon Black, except that I inexplicably woke up as the female protagonist, there's some sort of weird conspiracy going on with five formerly-unimportant NPC's, and everybody in the Pokemon world is a lunatic of some sort.

So, once again, let's step into the world of Pokemon.


Jan 27th 2013 at 11:53:20 AM
Round Two...FIGHT! Seriously though, looking forward to the new liveblog. I hope you like the team!
Jan 27th 2013 at 12:14:03 PM
Ooh, awesome! I'm looking forward to this. :)
Jan 27th 2013 at 12:37:43 PM
Sounds good. Wish I could of got the egg, but it was out of my hands, so sorry about that.

Hope you enjoy the game!