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Tropers / Bad Wolf 21

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Rex wuz here.

So was Jane.

As was Fool

And now they are joined by Anomalocaris.

And a Strawberry.

We should throw a party.

Don't forget about Tagg.

Cheeseypoofs is here because she doesn't know how to leave.

Jin thinks this place looks pretty bleak.

And guess who wrote on your page?

Well, it most certainly was not X.

Slouch was not here.

So was TheMeddler.

Demongodofchaos2, ready for spamming!

Bookwormtiff is gonna hang around for a while.

Mr W has engaged in vandalism.

Karasu91 has left his mark.

Stargirl93 Has Joined The Party! :P

Aramil has talked to you en fora once, and therefore must vandalize.

Lunarcat Bow's respectfully to thee.

Umbramatic gives blessings from Giratina!

QuarterDollar has roleplayed with you, therefore we are on page-signing terms :3

MemyselfandI2 sneaks in and leaves Dunsparce everywhere. ^_^

Eskay64 adopts a Dunsparce, leaving a Trapinch in exchange~

Sixth cuddles the Trapinch ^ω^

BluBeriPi tries to set fire to the page, but instead sets himself on fire.