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Live Blog Psyga's Bored: Let's Watch The Snowman!
Psyga3152012-05-02 09:08:59

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Part Two: The Snowman is Walking

When we last left our... er... heroes, they were fooling around the house. Let’s see what they’re up to now.

Part Two of Three

Oh look, they’re still fooling around in the house. Whoopee. Oh boy, they entered the parent’s room. This will end very well. Some more fooling ensures, like the snowman putting his hand into a denture glass and putting the dentures in his mouth. Question, wouldn’t water just make the snow a little slushy, or freeze the water? Wait, Magic Sprinkle Dust must have made it so that he’d have the same temperature as a normal human. Really, it’s just some hilarity going on. A boy and his snowman. There’s really nothing to comment on.

And as soon as I said that, the snowman sneezes out an orchestra. Yes, I am aware that it’s the music moving in accordance with the action, and it’s actually one of my favourite moments when it comes to music used in cartoons. One other problem is that the snowman sneezes... and yet its nose is a... Not even sure what that is... a fruit I believe. Right, shutting off my brain to enjoy this movie now.

And so far... it’s working. Something inside me wants to break into a childish chuckle as I watch the snowman make an ass of himself trying to dance. Heh, this might be... They discover a Harley Davidson... With the key still in the ignition... Sigh. Who the hell leaves their key in the ignition? Screw it, we need to find a reason for the two to leave and pursue more hijinx. Never mind the fact that the parents seem to be in a deeeeep sleep if they can’t hear the sound of a motorcycle roaring to life. And so off they go to... wherever. What proceeds next is something that with a little editing wouldn’t look out of place for a Naked Gun parody.

So after they get off and have the snowman cool off... He... He flies... Sure. Okay. Whatever. It looked like he was abducting the kid, though. And that’s probably a problem for dialogue-less works. Without dialogue, everything isn’t clear cut, and thus some things are left to interpretation. I actually thought the snowman was abducting the kid against his will, and this thought came from the way the boy was reacting to all this and the way the music was swelling.

And so, we have a song: “Walking In the Air” or as TomSamurai calls it: “The Snowman”. The song is pretty much what you’d expect. They’re walking in the air... Well, flying... Whatever. I will say, the song is just... fun. There’s so many rolling r’s and the person singing it just puts a smile to my face. For all the wrong reasons. Seriously, this song, check it out. Me? I’m going to end this part now and we’ll resume for the finale.

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