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Live Blog Let's Play FFIV: The After Years
SomeColorMage2012-08-17 01:39:51

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Well, it's about time I got this thing started.

What can I say about Final Fantasy IV: The After Years? Originally a game for Japanese mobile phones, it then got remade for the Wii and PSP. I'm playing the PSP version.

Picking up 17 years after the preceeding game (for those who don't know what happens in that game, I direct you in this general direction), The After Years follows the cast of FFIV and some others as a new crisis befalls the world. As should be expected from FFIV, it's moon related (In fact, the full Japanese name translates into Final Fantasy IV The After Years -Return of the Moon-).

Anyway, this game has a few problems. While the gameplay is decent, a lot of the plot feels like parts of FFIV have been cut and pasted around the place with different characters. The new characters are either dull, not very good in gameplay or sometimes both, and, well, most FF games are a Tough Act to Follow. That's probably why direct sequels weren't a big thing in the series for quite a while.

At least it's got FFIV's soundtrack.

Well, let's get this thing started. The story is split into various tales, each one focusing on a different lead, which unlock as other tales are completed. Below will be a list of where each tale of the game starts, so if you want to jump to a specific tale, go ahead:

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