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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: And Now For Someone Completly Different
Psyga3152012-03-09 18:08:38

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Part Five: Once Upon A Rescue

When we last left off our heroes, the plot device tapestry foretold that the Fantasy Adventure Team will kick some dark powerís ass. Mostly it will be Maleficent. Alright, letís watch the next part!

Part Five of six (Almost Done)!

So we resume to everyone being all sad and mopey about Princess Aurora in a coma.

Oobedoob: Crying is for little girls, babies, and men who just had their ears ripped off!

Flora then decides to cover her mistakes by putting everyone to sleep. Whoops, left my Alternate Character Interpretator on.

Johnny asks what they should do now (ďI donít know- hey now donít start that again!Ē) and Leo admits that he failed. Uh, dude, you do realize what happens next, right? I mean, you did film Sleeping Lioness, and so far, itís all happening like you filmed it, save for Facilier. Just tell them the next part of the story. It would be interesting to have Leo go all ďWait! I remember this part! Weíre told that the Prince is that stranger Aurora met in the forest! Maleficent will capture him by the time the fairies realize this and reach him so letís go now while we still can and get him to go to Aurora!Ē ... You know, that actually breaks the whole story. Think about it. If I was to accept that Leo filmed Sleeping Lioness, then went back in time to when it was taking place, wouldnít he be a little more suspicious about it? I mean, during the Baby Shower, he probably would have said something like ďWoah, Dťjŗ vu!Ē or be saying a line at the same time as someone else, finding it to be a familiar phrase. It also would have helped back at the cottage where Aurora was crying, as he would simply just pull the fairies aside and tell them what will soon happen. Itíd be more easier to ignore that comment he made of the scenery reminding him of when Benny and him were filming Sleeping Lioness, because it wouldnít open a huge plot hole, though that would mean I would have to disregard the comments I made of having Leo letting things happen because he knows how it ends. Which means that him just letting Aurora talk to a total stranger be all the more stupider. Which means thatís another flaw to add to the list and AHHH MY BRAIN GOES BOOM! You know what... Fuck it. Iím sure thatís the reason why Leo doesnít go all Genre Savvy. Because itís going to be difficult for him to explain why or how he knows all this.

Anyways, Leo has a Heroic BSoD and Benny snaps him out of it by stating that even though one of them stirred some trouble four years ago, Leoís a little guy with a big heart, and Benny isnít the fairest in the land, the nine of them can do anything and no one, not even Maleficent can stop them. Let me bring up some points. One, said guy that stirred up trouble was Dagnino. Yeah, Dagnino was sort of the Big Bad in El Arca, he Heel Face Turned mostly because the writers of BLJís Adventures wanted to make him redeemed. Itís not like it happened before in Poohís Adventures. Look at Darth Vader and Mewtwo*

. Also, Benny is a Beast, so yeah, that kind of fits with what he said. Leo goes all determinator and stuff. Flora finds out that Prince Phillip was that peasant boy and they go and find him. And then...

Xiro: Címon out, Dialga.

Yes. Xiro summons Dialga. The Pokťmon God of time. And he uses him for a steed. This is possibly a reference to Sleeping Lioness, in which Xiro as Prince Phillip rode on Dialga as the horse. And since Iím still buying the ďwe filmed something like thisĒ thing, itís safe to say that Dialga, the Pokegod of time, is now used as a stunt horse. Since thereís a huge debate on whether or not Dialga can travel through time or not, Iíll play it safe for my sanity and assume he doesnít travel through time. I will however state that Dialga might be responsible for the time skip because one of his powers is speeding time up. That seems more logical. So, after Xiro summons Dialga, the gang follow the fairies. With four of them riding on Benny. You know, because heís a beast, and beasts are known for going on four legs and running, unlike the anthropomorphic animals, which lost that in trade for standing on hind legs. Itís not exactly clear how they follow the fairies since they are in small form at the moment and thus fly through a window very easily, and Dialga is at least the size of a car. You know, screw it, letís imagine that they are small sized too. Dialgatini. That has a nice ring to it. Anyways, Phillip enters the cottage where he gets kidnapped by Maleficentís men. Quick, Phillip, summon Fang! Wait, wrong Phillip.

So yeah, the Fairies and our heroes arrive too late. Hey, Dialga can freeze time to prevent this crap from happening. But no, itís off to the Forbidden Mountain to rescue him. Choo-Choo! But before we move on...

Johnny: This is bad, guys!

Really? What tipped you off? Well, if there is one good point, itís that right after that, Johnny asks where Maleficent could have taken him and Benny draws only one conclusion: The Forbidden Mountain. Wait... How does he know about the Forbidden Mountain? The library perhaps?

So the twelve decide to play a Stealth-Based Game with the Fantasy Adventure Team turning their Invisible Cheat on (seriously, they are barely seen, but they still interact) and enter the Forbidden Mountain and bust out the Prince after hearing how the story would end of Maleficent won (seriously, watch it, Maleficent has some crazy plans) and everyone gets cool weapons and outfits. Why? Because they need them to fight. Duh. Even though they can just send out Dialga and go ďROAR OF TIME!Ē on Maleficent. That would have kicked ass...

Alright, next partís the finale!


Dec 18th 2011 at 8:49:27 AM
I presume Leo entered that depression because Maleficent cast a spell on him to forget the events of Sleeping Lioness, causing him to believe this was the first time he experienced these events and believing he had failed so that he would die of depression, which is exactly what Maleficent would have wanted for him to do.
Dec 18th 2011 at 10:00:10 AM
But how would Maleficent know that Leo did the film? I would say it's not worth making the movies they did canon, but they established that they run a movie studio. There are lots of Fridge Logic in one little sentence. It's practically mind boggling.
Dec 18th 2011 at 10:14:27 AM
Well then I presume Leo forgot that Aurora falling asleep was part of the story because Leo and Benny, the writers for the adventure series, accidentally slipped in a line or so from the original script where Leo had never made Sleeping Lioness, and therefore would explain that this is the first time Leo has experienced these events. Or you know what, Lionheart Captain just plain forgot about the movie when writing this adventure. Did you know that back when he was Captainleo, Leo's favorite series was Kim Possible, but now he's seems to have forgotten about it and cares only about El Arca and the fursonas in general.
Dec 18th 2011 at 10:48:02 AM
Well, in any case, this will be my theory: He did make the film, but when he came back in time, it retcon'd the film since the events were now taking place in real life.
Dec 20th 2011 at 3:24:19 PM
Speaking of Fang, did you know that Fang from Gargoyles, aka the mutate who went bad, is currently a member of the Fantasy Adventures Team alongside Talon & Maggie who were Leo's adoptive parents?
Dec 21st 2011 at 1:42:57 PM
Hm... Didn't know that...
Jan 9th 2012 at 11:27:48 AM
Wait...Xiro summons and rides Dialga? That is the most awesome thing I've heard about in a crossover.
Jan 9th 2012 at 6:11:08 PM
Yes, it is one of the most awesome things I've heard in crossovers too. So awesome I made one of my avatars Xiro dressed as Phillip riding on Dialga.

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