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Live Blog East Meets West! Let's Read Sailor Moon: American Kitsune!!
Psyga3152012-04-13 09:36:17

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Catch the Moon! Another Prophecy About The Moon!!

"Also, is anyone planning on liveblogging Sailor Moon: American Kitsune?"

Hello everyone, Psyga315 here again. Now I have read a lot of summeries for bad fan fics, My Immortal, Light And Dark The Adventures Of Dark Yagami, My Inner Life, and the like, but I had never seen something as legendary as American Kitsune. To put simply, it used to be the quoted example for Canon Defilement. Yep, not My Immortal or any of the others, this fan fic was the one that won that trope pageís spotlight. Let me count the fan ficís major crimes before we get to the reason why I wanted to live blog it. First, we have said defilement. For those who donít know, David Gonterman, author of American Kitsune, retconned Serena into Davidís (our hero for the story) sister via squicky means. Second, David kills a homosexual character and then does a speech that most people sum up as homophobic. These two flaws in the story seem to be the main reason why he was made infamous in the Sailor Moon fan base (which ironically, is infamous for killing off Darien and making Sailor Uranus a full out boy in most of the early fanfiction). Not to mention the obvious flaw for any fan fiction: The Mary Sue. I donít think I need to explain what a Mary Sue is because chances are, you already know.

So, why do I want to live blog it? Well, after hearing so much about it, Bile Fascination kicked in. I found the text and I wasnít turned off from it. The only time I was turned off was at the beginning, which was confusing at first, but after a Dramatic Reading, I got it and moved on. I read all the way up to chapter 6, the halfway mark. I figured that I might as well finish reading it, and I would finish it by live blogging it. So, without further to do, letís read American Kitsune.

Part One of Eleven

We open in Saint Louis where the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Masked Rider, and the VR Troopers are at a Youth United Nations place where they are joined by David ďDaveyĒ*

Kintobor (Yes, You read right, Daveyís last name was Kintobor. Itís no coincidence neither) who had just killed the Piasa Monster. What is the Piasa Monster, you may ask? Well, this story is actually part of an arc Gonterman made. This Piasa Monster incident was a prequel to both this, and Blood and Metal, a Sonic the Hedgehog fan fic. You can read it here. This is sort of like reading a comic book, then seeing some dialogue with a star attached to it. Then a small caption refers the star to another comic book that people have to read in order to get the dialogue. Itís peeving to me because Iíd like to stick to this one and not focus on the other two.

So we flash back to Davey confronting Portwood, a history teacher who shot off Daveyís arm. He delivers a speech that reminds me of Gokuís speech towards Freeza after he defeats him in his Super Sayian form. Not in a bad way, mind you, as it does seem to set up what kind of morals Davey has. There is also a scene where he refuses to accept a key to the city and states that the reason why he did that was that he did not wanted to be viewed as its superhero after the crap he has been through. Wow. I am impressed so far.

Somewhere around here is where I got a little confused. See, between the Piasa Monster and American Kitsune, Davey lived another life on Mobius (yes, THAT Mobius. Told you the Kintobor thing was no coincidence) much like how the Penvensie Siblings lived their life in Narnia. Zordon and his bud, Old Man Coyote (I assume itís The Space Coyote) are trying to dearchive his past life in poor Daveyís head. This apparently has Davey unlock the power to become a Kitsune. So yes, Davey gained the power to morph into the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. Oh how I wish. Oh, and he is also a cyborg from that whole Piasa incident. So thereís this vision in which the moon will fall on Davey some day. Great. Heís going to have to learn that Song of Time.

And so Davey wakes up to see his friend, Edward, who (I think) also lived his life on Mobius Narnia-style. Oh, and Edward has like, two thousand personalities in his head. So wait, does that mean that somewhere in his head, a certain Edward is in there? So they talk about that moon vision and they see something, or someone, fall. Davey turns on some Powered Armor (which he says is not Power Rangers inspired but instead Masters Of The Maze inspired, and since I have never heard of that show and the only suit I saw was some knight armor and the picture is obscured, Iím just gonna go ahead and say itís something like Kamen Rider Birth) and rescues the someone. There is this fun exchange about the Prophecy Twist ("Wow, the moon did fall on us!" "Yeah, Sailor Moon!") as we see Sailor Moon looking damaged. She makes a redneck joke and passes out. Davey and Edward decide to take her inside.

That is how the first chapter ends. Personally, I found it a tad confusing, though it might be because I did not read the other two stories. As I said, this nearly turned me off had it not been for the Dramatic Reading immediately starting Chapter 2 soon after. So this is where the post ends.


Aug 30th 2012 at 5:42:56 PM
I vaguely remember Masters of the Maze (basically a game show where a team of two kids has to navigate an elaborate maze with obstacles and trivia questions, with Mario Lopez of Saved By The Bell as the host). I'll give him credit for that moment of nostalgia.

My one complaint about this chapter (aside from his issues about race being hinted at yet again) is the inconsistency in Davey's character. At the end of "Piasa", he's in good standing with the mayor and St. Louis in general (they even erect a statue in his honor), and he doesn't blame them for his being shot by Portwood. But here, his suffering is all their fault, not just the act of some obviously unstable individual. Granted this characterization is more in line with the bitter misanthrope he's portrayed as in "Blood and Metal". I did kind of like the "if I were really the villain you think I am, you'd already be dead" speech, though.