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Live Blog East Meets West! Let's Read Sailor Moon: American Kitsune!!

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Table of Contents
Installment Title
Catch the Moon! Another Prophecy About The Moon!! 1
Shoot the Can! Welcome To Colorado!!
Destroy the Carnation! Davey's Furry Transformation!! 1
Defeat the Monster! Love At First Fight!!
Explain the Past! The Cat Returns!! 2
Recruit the Scouts! The Blue Ribbon Army!! 1
Jump the Shark! The Shocking Reveal!! 2
Off the Slope! Bloodstained Davey!! 4
Interrogate the Baddies! The Two Lover's Squabble!! 1
Revive the Dead! Return To Mobius!! 4
Finish the Fight! Scouts vs. Troopers!! 1

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