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Live Blog The Dresden Files: The Series. A liveblog by Thnikkafan.
Thnikkafan2011-09-26 18:05:47

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Okay. Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm, in addition to a man of wealth and taste, Thnikkfan. I'm a troper who hangs out on Ventrilo, plays TF 2 and Minecraft, writes fanfiction, and likes The Dresden Files. I've read every book from Grave Peril to Changes, Side Jobs, and I have both books for the tabletop game. That leaves one last bit of Dresden Files media I haven't seen: the TV show.

I'm not really looking forward to it.

I've heard that it was... well, I've heard that they screwed some stuff up. Here's what I know about it going into it.

  • Bob is a ghost with a tragic backstory.
  • Michael, Thomas, Mc Coy, the rest of the Senior Council, and probably everyone that's not Harry, Murphy, Bob, Morgan, Bianca, Ancient Mai, and Susan, aren't in this. If they are, I'll be quite surprised.
  • Morgan is black. (Seriously, the man is Scottish. There's only one black Scot in all of fiction, and he's nothing like Morgan.)
  • Bianca is something of a love interest. (Okay, no. Just no.)
  • Ancient Mai, well, isn't.
  • Harry uses a hockey stick as his staff. (I'm actually cool with this.)

Well, seeing as it's free on YouTube, I might as well watch it. And if I'm going to watch it, I might as well blab about it. (Fair warning: I have something of a life. This may not be updated frequently.) This is going to be a stream of bullet points, with me pausing and commenting on stuff as it comes along.

Will I like it? Well... on one hand, I haven't seen any signs of some of my favorite characters, and it looks like they didn't pull off the rest of them. On the other hand, Jim Butcher himself likes it, so I'll have an open mind about this.

And here... we... go.

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