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Live Blog Rewatching The Clone Wars with more mature eyes
ameliette2011-08-06 08:58:36

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A new padawan in the temple

Or, in other words: Introduction. (Writer apologizes for her sometimes-off English. It's her second language, and she's not fluent in it even after 8 years of studying/learning.)

Star Wars The Clone Wars (TCW) turned a whole new page in Star Wars merchandice. A CGI animation with more focus on the clones and other non-Jedi? My answer is: Yes, PLEASE!

I was... 13 when I saw the trailer for the movie the first time. It was late July 2008 and I hadn't been a SW fan for long. I saw the live-action movies as recently as in Spring 2007, after we bought PS 2 and my brother started playing Lego Star Wars games. Our mom wanted to show us the films, and since that I've been a complete Sci-Fi nerd. I got my hands on few books at the local library, but no EU books had been translated since 2000, so my newest book was The Crystal Star(which I liked). I dreaded for new material in my native language, so I went crazy over TCW as soon as I heard from it. I can still remember Assajj Ventress' words from the trailer: "Where is Skywalker?"

At the movie, I was thrilled; Ahsoka was exactly what I had been hoping for, why I had been writing my shitty Out of Character fanfic: a female in a major fighting role. Plus, she's another girl to ship with everyone. Anakin was handsome older teenager, Obi-Wan was... The Obi-Wan, and Rotta the Huttlet was outright cute. From the start Ahsoka had motherly instincts, which I use to my advantage in the fanfics I write. Anakin no longer whined, really making him the lovable Jedi we see glimpses of in RotS, where he's already falling to the Dark Side of The Force.

I had no idea there would be a series, so when the Visual Dictionary(containing pictures from Bombad Jedi, episode 1.08) was published, I thought they had left out material from the Finnish version of the movie. When the series finally began here in January 2009, I squeed. So. Much. Canon. Available in my language! Since then... Well, three seasons, fourth coming on its way(with four trailers published so far, check them out on Official Site!), hell of a lot of merchandice, including books, figures, DVDs, Blu-Rays, anything...

So, I'll be rewatching the first two seasons right away, third when I get the DVD box(brobably Dec'11 or Jan'12) and fourth after the first three(I can get the episodes straight to my computer after the season starts here, which will be three-four months after US premiere). I'll be doing it probably on a weekly basis, but my schedules can change after school starts in August 15th. I'll review every single episode, and try to make good comments about them. I've done few reviews on my Finnish blog "Väärällä kädellä"(With the wrong hand), but I'll drop them as I start with this. The reviews will be posted on Fridays, following the US style(in Finland, new episodes aired on Saturdays). Expect to see lots of links to Tropes, fangirlish rambling and squeeing, and lots of heavy opinions!


Aug 4th 2011 at 6:53:15 PM
How did you see the movie in spring 2007 when it premiered in August 2008?
Aug 4th 2011 at 7:15:57 PM
She means the original six movies.
Aug 6th 2011 at 8:59:48 AM
Thanks for pointing that part out. I fixed it so it's clearer.
Nov 6th 2011 at 8:55:31 PM
yay this makes me want to go watch the 3rd season myself. star wars is awesome, especially clone wars. :D