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Live Blog Pent does a WAAPT-ized Pokemon Black liveblog
Pentigan2011-07-01 17:56:00

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WAAPT. We Are All Pokemon Trainers. That's what. If you're wondering what WAAPT is, WAAPT is this.

Yes, I'm part of it. And now that I actually have the game an entire arc was based on I'm going to have a proper journey arc.

Okay so loading up the cartridge and...

A blue cartoonish star (Is Kirby in this game?) falls out of the void, it becomes the Game Freak logo. In a mansion-castle thingy a robed man crowns a green haired child, flashbacks of the green haired child with his void cube thingy (Which may be plot important), two pale ladies and the kid is now king. The male protagonist runs on a bridge, a pokemon is in a bed, the female protagonist walks through a barrier thing and becomes someone else, some pokemon in jaunty outfits dance a little and then theres some battle animation. Then... Oh my Arceus. It's Luke's former GF! She poses a little and the whole sequence begins anew. I press start and she roars.

First things first: Mystery Gift... Aww, no Liberty Pass for me...


Well then, it's almost time to begin, but first I have a question to be answered...

Who shall be my starter?

  • Revol, the gruff Oshawott who doesn't want the team to become a MGS parody.
  • Oakley, the sneaky Snivy with a passion for musicals.
  • Or the jolly Tepig who will not be named Raider?


Jul 1st 2011 at 5:58:17 PM
I picked Snivy. The other two are easily picked up via trade, so you may as well get the first one.
Jul 1st 2011 at 6:05:40 PM
Such a tough choice!

Personally, I like Snivy the best. They may not hit very hard, but if you give it a moveset of Leaf Blade/Coil/Toxic/Leech Seed, it'll be pretty awesome.

So I say go with Oakley.
Jul 1st 2011 at 6:28:02 PM
Okay, Oakley the Snivy it is.