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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: Yet Another Liveblog Of A Pooh's Adventures Episode
Psyga3152012-02-02 10:32:40

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Part Eight: Climax Pooh

So when we last left off Pooh and his friends, they set off on a journey to rescue Rhyme and Reason. Oh, and The King is mastering the subtitled speech. King?

The King: It's a little awkward.

You will get used to it. Let us dig into this!

Part Eight of Twelve

So our heroes arrive at a mine with a wooden door, to which Humbug states that itís indestructible. Remember, his name means hoax, which means he is lying. Also, it's wood. Even without the Gundams blowing the door with a gun, one could simply drive through the door with the car.

Wataru: Not all the SD Gundams have guns.

Yeah, but I mostly associate Gundam with the actual anime, not SD Gundam. It is true that not all of them possess guns, but they do have swords to slice the wooden door in half. But no, because they can't get through a single wooden door, their quest is over. Welp, time to go home, we are done.

Wataru: No, you'r-

I know! All of a sudden, Bugs Bunny talks to Milo... No wait; it's a Dodecahedron (basically a 12-sided shape) that sounds like him. And even Tigger points it out. Fun fact: It is Bugs Bunny voicing the Dodecahedron. Mel Blanc to be exact. He also voiced Officer Short Shrift (that officer on wheels), several Lethargians, three out of five of the royal palace guards, and The Word Speller (This guy who sells words). He voices one more character, but since we have not met him, I will not spoil it.

So the only way into Digitopolis is to go through the mine, which means going through the door. Either run over it or let one of the Gundams blow it up. Oh, wait. Magic is blocking the door. That explains it. I assume there is some magic barrier that prevents the Gundams from blowing it up. So Milo has to remember some mathmatics and he can't get help from the Gundams. The Dodecahedron refers to the Gundams as robots.

The King: Wait, I thought they were Mobile Suits, not actual robots.

Well, we do not see their pilots inside the Gundams, and they are the same size as a kid, so they cannot really be piloted. Plus, I assume their AIs could be the robotic part the Dodecahedron was referring to. Anyways, Milo gives the door a Logic Bomb and it cracks. Then the Dodecahedron asks him questions on Math. You know what? Bring me back to Dictionopolis; I rather suffer the millions of puns than the millions of math questions. Better yet, take me to Addictionopolis, where I will laugh at Charlie Sheen's attempts to rule a kingdom.

So they go into the cave where Milo says that numbers are not important. This insults the Mathmagician.

Triumph101: I think you just insulted him, Milo.

The King: Nah, ya think?

... Usually I do that job, but okay. So Genkimaru warns us of another song. And Bakunetsumaru warns him that if he doesn't stop misbehaving, he will slap him with a fan. Hurray for robot child abuse! So it's a variation of the song Azaz sung in the previous part. This reminds me of the Miser Brother's theme songs and how they parallel each other.

Moving on, Humbug asks him what the largest number is and he pretty much gets pwned the same way simple calculators get pwned: Add one to 999,999,999.

Wataru: But the number he said was 999,999,000,999...

I was doing comparisons! The Mathmagician is also Bipolar about the conflict with his brother, but unlike Azaz, The Mathmagicain sticks with not helping Milo, but Milo gives him a Logic Bomb.

So they go off and they meet the Only Sane Man in this mad mad world, as he is about to conduct a sunset. And they end it there. Stay tuned.

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