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Live Blog When Worlds Collide: Yet Another Liveblog Of A Pooh's Adventures Episode
Psyga3152012-02-02 10:30:07

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Part One: No Pooh, No Pain

Hello, everyone, Psyga315 here. In honour of yet another crossover that Toei pooped out, I am obligated to do, you guessed it, another Pooh’s Adventures.

What is today’s victim? Pooh’s Adventures of The Phantom Tollbooth (I know it is called Winnie The Pooh & The Phantom Tollbooth, but I like to keep it simple). Don’t know what The Phantom Tollbooth is? Well, remember that book you found in the library with that kid having a staring contest with that dog with a clock on his side? Yeah, that is the one. As with The Alien Invaders, this is not done by BowserMovies1989, but by Triumph101. Now that we got that out of the way, let us dig into Pooh’s Adventures of The Phantom Tollbooth.


Part One of Twelve

So instead of starting out with the usual “We proudly present...” or even the stupid “8 minutes of ads”, we have... A cutscene from a game? Telling from how they say “Bounty Hunter” and the music, I would assume it’s a Star Wars game... and I am right. This game is called Empire At War. More importantly, it is the expansion pack: Forces of Corruption. Okay, so back to the story, we start off with a bounty hunter confronting Tyber Zann. This bounty hunter is collecting Tyber Zann for Bowser’s sake (well, Word of God states that he was going to kill him, but that would make him an assassin). No reason why but I assume he owes Bowser money. But really, why does Bowser need money? He is fighting a stuffed bear. And what ever happened to him kidnapping Princess Peach? Why is he after a stuffed bear? Anyways, the Bounty Hunter is killed (by killed, I mean his killer appears and stands there for a brief second, then does his attack, then one second later, the hunter is killed) and Zann runs off with Urai Fen (who sounds like that Pylons guy from Starcraft). Oh, and something called Dark Nuva awaits them. Do not bother looking him up, he’s an Original Character.

We cut to Rabbit asking why they are... where ever they are brought. They are not in 100 Acre Woods I assume and... Wait, a WarpForce character? That is... different. So anyways, this Warp Force character, known as The Warrior of Power tells them that they are to see someone that can tell them where Dark-Nuva is so that they can stop him from ripping space and time. We then have... Oh, Crap!! IT IS A GUNDAM! Wait! Pooh is friends with a Gundam? Awe-freaking-some! Wait... this is the same genre in which we were cheated out of two Zilla Jr. fights. Anyways, this is a character from SD Gundam Force. SD in one case means Superior Defender, but in this case I’ll call it Super-Deformed (as in Chibiusa). So this Gundam asks the Warrior of Power if he said about the someone is true, that he could control thunder and lightning. Another Gundam (Wing Zero) comments on how it must be a wizard.

Then the wizard appears... But this is no wizard... This is a god... An Elder God to be exact. Oh yeah, we have RAI-FREAKING-DEN ON THE TEAM! WHERE’S YOUR CURLEY MOUSTACHE AT? Oh, and Conker. Yay... Oh, and note the “Unregistered Hypercam 2” banner on the top with the footage of Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Since this is not Retsupurae, do not expect me to make many jokes about it. I will just say Camstudio and leave it at that. The Warrior Of Power says that Raiden restored his powers that he lost in an undead fire war. This causes Pooh to be awed. Raiden tells Pooh and his friends that he must win they are the only ones to stop Dark-Nuva. Gundams, I may understand, Conker, not so much. But Pooh? You got the wrong guy. Even if he does something, it still does not help the fact that compared to the Gundams, the Warrior Of Power, and Conker, he does not hold up on his own in a fight. Hell, he even did fight someone in Pooh’s Adventures, Jafar, and nearly got killed had it not been for Aladdin’s help. This is like going to a flea’s door and asking him to fight Cthulu. It won’t happen. Oh, and Tigger asks Raiden on how he knows about them. He has seen their adventures. Apparently, The Elder Gods have You Tube.

Raiden: It’s amazing how you survive all of them.

“It’s as if you were never there to begin with!”

Rabbit: We are just glad we do. Otherwise what would be a Pooh’s Adventures without us?

Ever heard of Spongebob and Friends, Rabbit? Oh, and the blue Gundam is Zero. Wait, Wing Zero? Even more epic! Oh, and what was that Raiden? A world is in danger? As in you support my theory on Pooh going to multiple worlds instead of Christopher Robin writing Fan Fiction? Awesome! Anyways, Raiden sends them off to help someone. I assume it is Milo (the main character for The Phantom Tollbooth). Raiden seems to fulfill The Mentor role, similar to Zordon’s role. Having played Mortal Kombat 9, I liked this idea. In fact, the use of modern characters instead of nostalgic characters brings a breath of fresh air. There seems to be no problem...

Warrior Of Power: Guess that means we should start the movie now...

... What... So wait... If Pooh is going to the world of The Phantom Tollbooth, then why are they watching the movie? Is this some weird version of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 where the riffers are in the movie? Am I actually right about “Pooh’s Adventures = MSTing”? It must be because soon we get this gem...

Title: Winnie The The Pooh & Phantom Tollbooth.

They Just Didn't Care. And Triumph101 ensues as well. Well, that does it for part one. Odd, there was no Winnie The Pooh intro... shame. Also, I’m going to watch the movie part as well, as I never saw The Phantom Tollbooth to begin with and I am interested in it. Well, see you for part 2.

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