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Nyperold2010-12-21 19:02:27

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Preliminaries and episode 1: begin activity

(Note: Everything up to and including episode 13 is a repost from the forum version. The last one was done while skipping Garfield And Friends and Ichigo Mashimaro, which I've since caught up with, so I won't be doing 14 until I reach this point in the cycle again.)

Hey, welcome to my first blind liveblog! Well, near enough, as I've seen only a few strips. This one is of Lucky Star by Kagami Yoshimizu, originally published by Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd., Tokyo, and brought over here by Bandai Entertainment Inc..

(Heh! It became totally sighted after some point, as you'll see in a future episode.)

The first volume was translated by Rika Takahashi. (I snuck a peek at Volume 3's copyright page, and it's a different translator, so I'll have to remember to note that when I get volume 2. Hopefully it won't be delayed and delayed like volume 2 of Yotsuba&! was; volume 4 of Lucky Star has been delayed itself, but at least as long as I get it by the time I finish volume 3, it's all good. Here's hoping I get volume 2 before I finish volume 1...)

Anyway, let's start.

The cover of volume 1 has two girls with light purple hair and purple eyes and one with dark purple hair and green eyes. One of the girls with light purple hair has a yellow bow in it, and is watching the other two play what looks like a Playstation series console game, though it may be something else if they decide to write around the trademarks.

Inside, on page -1 (for lack of a better term), there's a pencil sketch of somebody all bundled up and thinking about how few appearances she(?) has, and that "It's cold, in all sorts of ways...."

Page 1 has a girl with long pink hair and purple eyes. She's wearing glasses (you probably know who this is already), a square academic cap, a sailor fuku, a white lab coat, purple hose, and green shoes. She's holding a green book and a pointer.

Next, the contents page. We've got 25 episodes! The two light-purple-haired girls from the front page adorn the upper right and lower left of the page in their sailor fukus.

A quick flip-through (don't worry, I didn't notice any blindness-spoiling content) reveals that there are only a couple of leaves (4 pages) that are in color.

episode 1: begin activity

January 2004 issue, Comptiq.

There's a girl with long hair sitting on the ground, drinking something hot. She's all bundled up.

the girl who dashes off

This girl is racing another one, and is in the lead. After the race, another girl with a ribbon in her hair records the win. She's impressed, but not particularly surprised at "Kona-chan"'s performance. She recalls the girl's athletic proficiency, and asks why she doesn't join a team, noting that a lot of them are trying to recruit her. She says it's because she'd miss prime-time anime.


Kona-chan bites the pointy end off of a dessert food. As she eats, she asks the girl from before, Tsukasa, where she eats a choco-coronet from. Tsukasa considers, and says from the "head". Kona-chan sees, but doesn't know which end that is.


Tsukasa identifies the skinny end as the head; Kona-chan thought it was the fat end. Kona-chan asks Tsukasa for her reasoning; she says it's like a seashell, and asks Kona-chan for hers. Kona-chan figured it was like a caterpillar, which shocks Tsukasa. Kona-chan does, however, figure that the seashell makes for a better image. Tsukasa rather agrees.


Kona-chan continues nibbling, and licks at the chocolate that starts coming out, as the long-haired meganekko walks up. She fidgets as Kona-chan continues the cycle, before telling her about another way: tearing off the skinny end and dipping it in the chocolate.

being picky

"Nothing less from smart Miyuki-san," Kona-chan responds. It's just something Miyuki heard was the correct way to eat one, is all. Kona-chan decides to ask Miyuki which end is the head. Tsukasa doesn't want to think about it.


"A girl that lives at her own pace, with tremendous athletic talent. However, she's not what you call a girl of sports — she's a girl that loves anime and games. Her senses are slightly off from normal people. As a compliment, one would say 'she has a unique sensibility.'"

Next time: Episode 2!

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