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Chapter 4: Witch of Immolation

When we left off last time, we were going to town to see Kingston. Judging by his introduction at the beginning of the game, he doesn’t seem like a very nice guy, but he obviously has a lot of power. That, and Heath seems to have a lot of respect for him.

If I remember correctly, this is also the chapter where we’re introduced to Vanessa. Let’s see if I’m right.

Anyway, if I’m going to get to town, I’ll have to go through the Heintz Plains. There’s a little crossed swords icon above the place, meaning that I’ll start a battle when I enter. So let’s go, shall we?

I’m going to keep this brief – it’s a side battle, after all, and it’s not important to the story. I bring in everyone. My opponents are two Goblins, two Hob Gobs (because “hobgoblin” is apparently too long to fit) and a Cerberus. Being monsters, they have stupid names like Zonar and Laz.

Anyway, by the end of the fight, most of my characters have leveled. Heath is level 5, Cecille is level 4, Alph is level 5, and Leon is level 4. Theo died again midway through the fight. Stupid fragile little archer…*mutters*. I could have used my Holy Feather to bring him back, but I’m thinking I want to save that for the coming fight.

I get 600 Rico, an Antidote, and…you guessed it, a VitaMint. I choose an intermission with Cecille.

She says I did a great job, and asks if I’m hurt. My options are “I’m fine!” “Ow-ow-ouch!” and “I’m a little tired.” I choose the last one. She gives me an energy drink called “Macho Extreem, saying it tastes and smells bad but it’ll help.” I lol’d. Then she gives me a MagiMint, which is a weak MP recovery item.

Now, onto the town, which is labled as “Carwee, River Town.” I enter.

Happy music is playing, and the citizens are talking about how reliable we are. Leon seems to like the attention, and Theo is embarrassed. Cecille says something about protecting the small Light in the hearts of the people. Leon, as usual, just wants attention from girls.

We enter the church, and Heath makes it clear that Lucia is coming along, too. After all, she’s a member of the Ever Garden now. Cecille is disappointed that Saki couldn’t make it in time, but we still have to go. Alph is unsure about Lucia coming along – after all, what if Kingston finds out she’s a Witch? Lucia isn’t worried, though. After all, he can’t tell just by looking at her.

Before we can see Kingston, though, we’re stopped by a tall, armored figure wearing what looks like a metal bowl on his head. I know it’s supposed to be a helmet, but it looks ridiculous. Theo wonders who he is, but Heath recognizes him, calling him Sir Andre. Andre is suspicious of us, saying that he can’t let us pass just because Heath said we could. Theo asks who he is, and Heath introduces him as Sir Andre, Kingston’s right-hand man and leader of the Zephyroth Knights. If I remember correctly, the Zephyroth Knights are the western group of knights, as opposed to the Euros Knights, who are the east.

Andre still insists that he can’t let us pass…and that we’ll never get past his MANLY BICEPS. Yes, in all caps. He actually says that. Heath tells him that we’re just here to greet Kingston, and that he shouldn’t stop us.

Right on cue, Kingston shows up, asking what all the commotion is about. Heath introduces us as the Garden Children. Kingston is glad to see us, but asks why we’re not out exterminating Witches. After all, that’s what we’re supposed to be doing. By just sitting around, we’re letting the Witches, the root of all evil, take power!

He continues to say nasty things about Witches, and understandably, this is too much for Lucia to just sit and take. She says she’s heard enough of his filthy lies. What kinds of “evil deeds” does he mean? What does he even know about Witches, anyway? She demands an answer, calling him an old fool. Has he even seen a real Witch before? He hasn’t so he should shut up.

She exclaims that the whole church should blow up, and then runs away. Kingston feels a bit faint, and goes to his room to deal with it. Andre, meanwhile, is holding Heath responsible for what Lucia said. Heath still has to give him the Water Lapistier, though, so he can’t leave just yet.

The scene changes, and we’re outside. Heath tells us that this is break time. The menu comes up, meaning that this chapter’s battle will start soon. This place has a “shop” option as well, so I check that out first.

This place has better weapons and armor, so I buy some stuff for them. They all get new weapons, and Cecille gets a new robe. I’d buy armor for Alph and Leon, but I don’t have the money for it. I also bring my VitaMint total up to 10. The store gives you the option to equip your items right there, so I go to do that. While I’m at it, I sell their old equipment. I also equip the Cape I got earlier. It gives defense, so I give it to poor underleveled Theo in hopes that it’ll help keep him alive. Selling the equips also gives me enough money to buy armor for either Leon or Alph, but I don’t have enough for two. So I give it to Leon, because his defense is lower.

I return to the menu, and see what’s available under “Action.” Looks like I can talk to everyone, talk to Lucia, or go to the library. Talking to everyone has the group talk about Kingston and Andre. Leon makes a crack about not being impressed with Andre’s “manly biceps.” Thank you, Leon! Alph then wonders where Lucia is. Well, let’s talk to her.

Except that it’s not talking to her, it’s everyone wondering where she went. Leon insists that it’s best to leave an angry girl alone. Cecille says it’s almost as if she was on the Witches’ side. Cecille, you don’t know the half of it.

I go to the library next. The books are titled “Origins of Lapistier,” “The Witches’ Sins,” and “The Book of Rune Resolution.” I go from the top, as usual. “Origins of Lapistier” talks about how the crystal’s center comes from the stars, and it starts to glow when it collects the energy of the planet. A Witch can release that power and utilize it.

“The Witches’ Sins” says that their souls cannot be saved, because the ancient battle (the destruction of Aldheld, which I haven’t mentioned by name yet even though it’s been mentioned before) was caused by their greed. The dragons and Witches fought for control of the world. Sounds like the dragons were primarily defensive, while the Witches focused on magical offense. Their fight made the world begin to fall apart. God has apparently turned His back on the Witches, and therefore after they die they’re simply reborn again.

The third book is about magic. It says that Runes are a vital force that come from God’s light. Spells are fabricated by the Church, and only the clergy can use them. Magic is no different, except that magic is only used by Witches. Sometimes Rune can be found in stones called Vitae, as well. If I remember correctly, Vitae can be used to power up weapons later in the game. Having done all that, I save and continue the story.

There’s a flash of light, and a woman appears. I can’t even begin to describe what she looks like, so here’s a picture. She says something about this being the desecrated land of God. Theo makes a comment about her “loud clothes. Alph says she looks suspicious, and so Leon asks who she is. She says she can tell them, but they’d all better prepare to die. Uh-oh…

We’re given a better picture of her. She’s now brandishing a scythe. She tells us that her name is Vanessa – also known as the Witch of Immolation. She’s about to attack us, but Heath shows up and says he can’t allow her to harm his students. Vanessa says she’s honored to meet Sir Heath, the “Cleansing Flame.”

Heath asks her what her purpose here is. Turns out she wants the Water Lapistier. Andre shows up, and Heath tells him to take the Water Lapistier. Looks like we’re going to have to fight her.

All of a sudden, Lucia shows up and tells her to knock it off. Lucia guesses that Vanessa was the one who was attacking people with monsters. Vanessa says yeah, that was her. Apparently, she wiped out the Eurus Knights as well. She claims she’s going to send us all to meet our God. She calls up two Behemoths, and the battle begins.

Like last time, everyone can come in but only Alph is required. It’d be stupid not to bring everyone, so that’s what I do.

My enemies are three Hikopins (fire Kopins), two Behemoths, and Vanessa. Vanessa moves first, but she’s too far away to hurt any of my guys.

I might actually want to use the “save during battle” feature here. Vanessa is never easy to beat. Also, I’ve forgotten to mention this before, but Heath has a thunder spell called “Sturm.”

After a few turns, I kill one of the Hikopins. They’re the easiest to kill, so I’ll try and take them out first. Alph levels up to level 6, but then Heath gets killed by one of the Behemoths. I do have a Holy Feather, so I have Theo bring him back. Theo levels for this, and is now level 3.

Two Hikopins down. Vanessa has just given the Behemoths an attack boost, which is bad because they’re already pretty strong. Leon levels to level 5. Alph is almost dead after being attacked by both Behemoths. I heal him, but then Vanessa kills him off. Great. Leon is the Behemoth’s next victim. This isn’t good – I’m down two strong fighters.

Heath moves in and kills one of the Behemoths, leveling to level 6 in the process. Looks like he’s learned something new as well. Theo then proceeds to kill the other Behemoth, and he levels to level 4, and HE learns a new skill. You’ve probably figured it out by now, but leveling is pretty easy in this game. Both Behemoths are dead, leaving only Vanessa and a Hikopin. I’m trying to kill off Vanessa first. When given the chance, I try to let Theo do that, but he leaves her with 1 HP. Guess Cecille should finish the job. I kill the remaining Hikopin, and the battle ends. Actually, that was fairly easy.

I get 1300 Rico, a ViTonic (a stronger healing item), a HolyFthr, and a Toy Ring. Not sure what the ring does, though. I choose to Intermission with Cecille.

Vanessa figures she’s underestimated us. She says she’s going to finish us with the Lapistier. Heath says we have protection from God, and so we cannot die. Vanessa replies that we don’t even know who our God is. Apparently, she has a different Lapister, actually – the Wind one. She starts her attack, and Lucia tells her to stop it. Vanessa responds by knocking Lucia out of the way. Alph attacks Vanessa back, and something happens. According to Theo, he’s started to glow. Lucia remarks that this is the power of Rym. She said that before, remember? I wonder what it means. Vanessa says that Lucia has already found her Rym, and then she disappears.

Cecille asks if Lucia is OK, and she says she is. Leon asks her if she knew that Witch. Then Heath asks her if she IS a Witch. Alph is surprised, but Lucia answers honestly. She says that she wasn’t trying to infiltrate the Ever Garden, but she is trying to defeat their God.

All of a sudden, a little girl wearing a mushroom hat and carrying a frog doll appears. She says she’s here to pick Lucia up. Lucia calls her Mel, and Heath asks if she’s one of the sinners, too.

Lucia says that she can go now – she’s finished her mission. Alph asks her what the mission was, and Lucia whispers that it was to find him. She says she’ll come back to claim him soon, and she and the new girl both warp away.

The scene changes to the church, where Heath is talking to Kingston. He says that the Witch had the Wind Lapistier. Kingston is surprised – he thought that the Eurus Kinghts had the Wind Lapistier. Right on cue, a knight comes in and says that the Eurus Knights were attacked by a Witch. Heath is told to go and survey the situation.

Now for my intermission with Cecille. She’s praying. I can say “You’re really into that, huh?” “Why are you wasting your time?” or I can pray, too. I choose the last option. Cecille seems happy with that. She says that if I listen to God, He’ll listen to me, too. I don’t get a gift, so I guess it was the neutral option.

Kopin says that Vanessa left him behind.

Anyway, I’m back on the world map. My destination is the “mountain path,” and beyond that, the “Holy Congress, Eastern Branch.” The mountain path will have a battle, but since I’ve finished the chapter, I’m going to stop.

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