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LouieW2011-02-09 20:16:54

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OVA 1: Stage Fright Is No Laughing Matter Plus The Bear Pianist Again

  • The OVA is two parts or at least I will be splitting it into two for this. It starts out with the familiar opening. You know, I actually am I pretty big fan of having special episodes "after the end." I feel like there is more closure that way. Plus, you can see the characters interacting again even if the OVA is not directly plot related. I may just be weird though.

  • Saga is running up stairs again. She seems to be a bit older now and the button things in her Hair Decorations are slightly smaller. I am at least glad about the second change. I always found those giant button decorations to be a bit obnoxious, but that is probably more because I would never wear them than because I think Saga is a bad person for having worn them or anything. I think time skips after the end are pretty neat too, if only because they offer opportunities to think about what has changed.

  • Saga's grandmother was looking through Saga's old clothes to box them up and give them to Kanon and finds a some dress that Saga wore in a play. From what I have heard, the flashback that this starts will be the plot of the entire OVA.

  • Anne wrote the play's script, it is called "Princess And Fairy." I am glad that Anne is getting some development. Norma had her bifauxnen bear quirk so it seems only fair to me that Anne would have a quirk too.

  • The cast is being decided. If this goes like every anime school play I have seen, it is probably going to be miscast. For example, in Cardcaptor Sakura you had a male character playing Juliet and a female character playing Romeo. K-On featured the spunky Ritsu playing Juliet while the more feminine Mio played Romeo. Actually, come to think of it, maybe the miscasting is only the case when the class does Romeo and Juliet. This time I think the cast makes a lot of sense.

  • Saga accidentally volunteers to play the role of Princess. Greta tries to take that role since Saga does not really want it, but Phil, Jan, and Alan say it is such a waste that Greta will not play the witch since it takes so much more talent to do that. I think they might be joking. Greta bows to the pressure and chooses to be the witch. I guess it fits her or something, but I just feel kind of bad because it seems to me that by suggesting that role, the other students were making fun of her.

  • At home, Saga is worrying about the needs of the play. Still, she has it easier than at least one person. I mean, she does not have to be a main character in a movie and a film at the same time like Koizumi does.

  • It seems as though Saga's mother played the main role in a play when she was in school as well. Sugar interprets that thought by saying that she wants to be in a play as well. This special is after the bearsuit play episodes considering both Sugar and Saga mention it. Plus, there is a flashback to the bearsuit performance.

  • Norma presents a drawing of what the fairy should look like. It resembles something like Tinker Bell or the fairy from the Bear Pianist. Anne likes it, but it seems as though Saga does not quite have the same artistic skill that Norma has. I guess that is one way she is not a Mary Sue. Anne tries to get her to stop thinking about design by guiding her to the music room.

  • Meanwhile, Greta came up with her own illustration for the witch. The Phil trio is impressed with the picture, but they think it is a dragon for some reason.
  • Saga runs by the music shop and the piano is still there so that gives some indication of when this special takes place.

  • Saga tries to practice her lines, but Sugar's copycat routine bothers Saga.
  • Sugar tries to act out a play by herself, but Joe the crow takes the bottle she was using as a princess. Then Salt and Pepper arrive on the scene. They seem skeptical about Sugar being in a play. The Elder mishears Sugar after she talks about the possibility of a new play being performed in town.

  • Apparently, the Phil trio is partially finished making some kind of dragon/dinosaur creature. Alan keeps his eyes closed the whole time for some reason. Greta has finished her costume and yes, she does look very much like a witch. Everyone else seems to agree.
  • The season fairies invade and all three get into some kind of trouble as predicted. Saga scolds them and Sugar is stubborn as usual. Pepper comments that Sugar is childish. Given the probable age of Pepper and Salt, I think that is saying a lot.

  • All of the fairies want to watch the play, including Ginger, Plantman, and the Elder. I am afraid that they will be a bit underwhelmed.

  • Saga starts out okay, but then gets nervous. I thought it was supposed to work the other way around. Sugar gives Saga some advice about lines, but she is totally wrong.
  • Norma is the fairy and flaps her wings incredibly. However, Saga runs into Norma, knocking her over and falling on top of her. I am Ginger recognizes how hard it is to put on a play though.

  • Saga's dress appears again. It is the same dress that Saga's mother used. She messed up quite a bit during her play, but Saga's grandmother laughs about that. I can understand that reaction, but sometimes events like that can really scar people. Now Sugar helps out playing the fairy.

  • Vincent and Saga have been in correspondence and he seems pretty confident that Saga will do well. Switch to Vincent on a motorcycle. Hey, he is wearing a helmet.

  • The end them is different. It talks about memories and change which I guess is appropriate.

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