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Chapter 10: Edge of Flames

Party Status:

  • Luna: Lv 32 Mightyena
  • Leiden: Lv 32 Sableye
  • Exde: Lv 32 Nuzleaf

{On the way to Mt. Chimney, Exde learned Faint Attack over Bullet Seed, and Luna tried to learn Scary face, but didn't.}

Shay: The cable car is unguarded now. I guess I have Team Aqua to thank for that. Now, it's time to find out just what's going on.

Attendant: The Cable Car is ready to go up. Would you like to be on it?

Shay: Yes. It's time to settle things.

Attendant: Please step this way.

{The ride up is uneventful. Shay does get a good look at parts of the mountain she wouldn't be able to climb, and a hiker walking down them. At the peak:}

{Two Team grunts are battling in front of the trail down, both using Poochyena}

Aqua: If they expand the land, there'll be less habitats for Water Pokemon!

Magma: We're going to keep making more land!

{Shay climbs closer to the crater edge.}

Shay: (This is crazy... They're all using the same pokemon and strategies.)

{Archie and his Poochyena are fighting 3 Magma grunts at once.}

Archie: Grr, Shay! I should've guessed you'd show up!

Shay: What's really going on, Archie?

Archie: See for yourself what the fanatics of Team Magma are up to! They're trying to inject the stolen Meteorite's power into the volcano! Doing something like that will cause the volcano's eruption!

Shay: No way! That would destroy Lavaridge at least, and half the region at most! Are even they that crazy? (It can't be their main objective...)

Magma: Meteorites pack amazing power!

Magma: That annoying Team Aqua... they always mess with our plans!

Magma: You'd better not mess with us! We're trying to awaken that thing for the benefit of everyone!

Shay: "Awaken" again... Do they mean the volcano, or something else? Mt. Chimney seems plenty active to me...

{More Magma and Aqua grunts are fighting. Overall, Team Aqua is outnumbered this time. And although Team Aqua would logically have the upper hand if they both used their corresponding types more often, they don't, so they don't.}

Magma: We're Team Magma! They're Team Aqua! It totally annoys me that they'd use a name like ours!

Aqua: We're Team Aqua! They're Team Magma! It burns me up that they'd use such a confusing name!

Magma Poochyena (All of them): Bufoh!

Aqua Poochyena (Again, all of them): Bushaa!

Shay: (All the Zubat and Poochyena... why do both sides use them? Is it just because Poison and Dark types are supposed to be intimidating? I don't understand... From what I've seen, they're not more dangerous or violent than other types...) ...I've had enough! Luna, Leiden, we're making a break for the Magma commanders!

{Two Magma grunts intercept them.}

Magma Grunt: We of Team Magma are working hard for everyone's sake. Like, if that thing's power made more land, there's be more places to live. Everyone'd be happy!

Female Grunt: If there were more land, 'd be able to get a big house of my own! I'm going to build it on hardened lava!

Shay: We have enough space already! ...And there's no way I'm going to let you erupt this volcano, you bloodthirsty maniacs!

{Double challenge! The male grunt sends out Zubat and the female uses a Numel. A Secret Power and Faint Attack from Luna and Leiden end the fight immediately.}

Shay: No contest. You lose.

Male Grunt: Hunh? What do you mean I lost?

Female Grunt: My dream of a big house...

Male Grunt: Our Boss says "It will make everyone happy." But why does everyone keep getting in our way?

Female Grunt: A kid like you, you ought to be splashing about in the waves!

Shay: I don't have time to explain things to you!

{Shay makes another break for it, but she catches the eye of another guard.}

Magma: Hehehe! So you've come all the way here! But you're too late! I've already delivered the meteorite from Meteor Falls to the Boss!

Shay: I didn't notice before, but you're no grunt. Who are you?

Magma Admin Tabitha: My name is... not important. But you're loss here is!

{The Administrator starts combat with a Numel, which Luna beats with a Secret Power attack. He next sends out a Poochyena, Exde takes the field with a Nature Power - Rock Slide. The Admin follows up with a second Numel, but he can neither escape nor withstand Leiden's Faint Attacks. His last Pokemon is Zubat, but Luna clips his wings with another Secret Power.}

Admin Tabitha: Hehehe... Even though I've lost, if our leader awakens that thing... Boss, hurry! Give it the Meteorite's energy! Hehehe...

Shay: Not happening! (But what are they really doing?)

{Shay reaches the Magma Leader and the Meteorite set in his machine.}

Magma Leader: The power contained in the Meteorite... By amplifying its power with this machine, Mt. Chimney's volcanic activity will instantly intensify... It's energy will grow deep inside the crater and... fufufu...

Shay: Hands off that machine.

Magma Leader Maxie: ! Hm? Who are you?

Shay: I'm Shay, Dark Specialist. And a cut above the wingnuts you have working for and against you. While Team Aqua kept your grunts busy, I decided to head straight for the leader. Whatever you're doing, if it triggers the volcano's eruption, it'll mean a lot of deaths. I'm here to stop that.

Maxie: I'd heard Archie bemoaning a child who's been meddling in Team Aqua's affairs. It must be you he meant.

Shay: That's right.

Maxie: Humph! So you're thinking of interfering with us, Team Magma? Now you listen. Long ago, living things used the land to live and grow. That is why land is all important! It is the cradle of all! That is why Team Magma is dedicated to the expansion of the land mass.

Shay: Leaving aside all the species with no connection to the land at all, that doesn't excuse all the destruction you're trying to accomplish!

Maxie: Now, now, Shay. You've been to the museum. You know that on the whole, the Sea covers more of the planet than the Land does. Those sea creatures you brought up will manage just fine with what I leave them. But we are creatures of the land, and we need more of it! It is for further advancement of humankind and Pokemon! And for that, we need the power which sleeps within this mountain...

Shay: You don't mean the Volcano itself. Just what are you trying to wake up?!

Maxie: Oh! There was no need for you to learn that much. But, no matter! I'll teach you the consequences of meddling in our grand design!

{Boss Battle: Versus Magma Leader Maxie}

Shay: The one who'll be learning a lesson here... Is You!

Alternate music: Pinchers Boss capture

{Maxie starts off with a Mightyena, Lv 24. Shay's first choice was Luna (Lv 32). They both Intimidate each other.}

Shay: I'm switching out! I should let Exde get some fun here!

{Turn 1: Exde switches in. Mightyena uses Bite. It's not very effective...}

Shay: Exde, use Nature Power!

{Turn 2: Exde uses Nature power: which the rocky ground turns into Rock Slide. Mightyena uses Bite again.}

{Turn 3: Exde uses Nature Power-Rock Slide again. Mightyena is reduced to critical health and flinches.}

Shay: Secret Power.

Maxie: Not so fast!

{Turn 4: Maxie uses a Super Potion. Exde uses Secret Power. Mightyena is left at low health and becomes confused.}

Shay: Nature Power then!

{Turn 5: Nature Power misses. Mightyena uses Sand attack.}

{Turn 6: Mightyena collapses under Rock Slide.}

Maxie: I'll show you a volcano's power! Camerupt! {Lv 25}

Shay: Shift in, Leiden! {Lv 32} Fake out!

{Turn 7: Camerupt flinches from Fake out.}

Shay: (Tougher than I expected...) Faint attack, then!

{Turn 8: Leiden hits a critical point with Faint attack, defeating Camerupt.}

Maxie: Just you left... Zubat! {Lv 24}

Shay: Shift in, Luna! {Lv 32}

{Zubat is intimidated by Luna.}

Shay: Secret Power!

{Turn 9: Zubat is reduced to critical health and confused by Secret Power. In his confusion, he defeats himself.}

Shay: It's over, Maxie.

Maxie: What?! I, Maxie, was caught off guard?!

{Battle end.}

Maxie: But, enough. I will back off this time. But don't think this is the last you've seen of Team Magma. Fufufu... Even without the Meteorite, if we obtain that Orb... Fufufu...

Shay: (Orb? What is he talking about?)

{Shay is caught off guard by a blackout bomb. When the smoke clears, Maxie has escaped. Archie walks up to her.}

Archie: Shay! Thank you!

Shay: Archie...

Archie: With your help, we thwarted Team Magma's destructive plan! But... You... Whose side are you on?

Shay: I like to think I'm on the side of justice. Here's some advice: Not everyone who wants to fight you is part of some conspiracy.

Archie: Ah, it doesn't matter. We will remain vigilant and keep up our pursuit of Team Magma. Shay, we shall meet again!

{Archie leaves. The peak is now essentially deserted.}

Shay: .. I get the feeling I'm forgetting something... ! The Meteorite! It's still in the machine!

{Shay takes the Meteorite from the machine.}

Shay: I should probably give this thing to Professor Cosmo or something.

{Shay takes the Cable car back down the mountain and goes all the way back to Fallarbor, picking up Yellow and Red flutes from the glasshouse along the way.}

Cosmo: Oh... I never should have let myself be conned into telling Team Magma where you can find meteorites... That Meteorite from Meteor Falls... It's never going to be mine now...

Shay: I wouldn't say that...

Cosmo: Oh! Hah? That item... Could it be? Is it the Meteorite that Team Aqua took from Meteor falls?

Shay: Yes it is.

Cosmo: Please, may I have it? I'm not asking for it for free. How about in exchange for this TM?

Shay: OK.

Cosmo: This TM, it represents my feeling of gratitude. Please use it!

Shay: (TM 27 Return. The Power of Friendship can be very strong indeed.)

Cosmo: Oh, I can't believe it. This is really, really great! This is really going to help my research!

{Shay goes back to Mt. Chimney's peak.}

Shay: Time to go to Lavaridge, and the fourth Gym Badge.

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