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Live Blog Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age
SomeColorMage2011-04-01 16:47:12

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Mars Lighthouse Aerie

Hello everybody, today, we're finishing the game. Once again, we have some Djinn redistribution to take care of. My stats for this finale are:

Felix: Lv 54 Master HP:1074 PP:299 Attack:759 Defence:355 Agility:463 Luck:8

Jenna: Lv 54 Ronin HP:1125 PP:257 Attack:635 Defence:381 Agility:379 Luck:8

Sheba: Lv 54 Warlock HP:906 PP:356 Attack:569 Defence:361 Agility:444 Luck:14

Piers: Lv 54 Pure Mage HP:926 PP:330 Attack:560 Defence:371 Agility:416 Luck:13

Isaac: Lv 54 Paladin HP:1058 PP:307 Attack:680 Defence:395 Agility:345 Luck:13

Garet: Lv 54 Paladin HP:1100 PP:264 Attack:656 Defence:412 Agility:319 Luck:15

Ivan: Lv 54 Dark Mage HP:890 PP:380 Attack:572 Defence:352 Agility:419 Luck:8

Mia: Lv 54 Warlock HP:894 PP:356 Attack:583 Defence:362 Agility:419 Luck:13

Of note should be that I gave Felix the Sol Blade, as he'll be my main damage dealer, and on the back four, I'll be putting on Standby enough Djinn to summon Iris beforehand. Just in case.

Also, Wall of Text warning for this update, because, for the most part, I won't be paraphrasing.

So, back to Mars Lighthouse. We head to where we ended off the last time we were here, and use Teleport. We end up at the Mars Lighthouse Aerie. We approach the hole which we need to throw in the Mars Star to save Weyard.

Betrayers, you have arrived!

That can't be good.

Garet: Who said that!?

Mia: The wind's too strong! I can't see anything!

Sheba: I heard it too, but I don't see anyone else up here!

Piers: Felix! Quick! Cast the Mars Star in before anything has a chance to stop us!

As Felix tries to walk to the hole, the wind picks up and pushes him back.

So, you are still intent on lighting the beacon of Mars Lighthouse?

Isaac: Who said that!?

Have you forgotten me so soon, Isaac? And you, Garet?

Ivan: It seems to know you Isaac... Do you have any idea what it is?

Isaac and Garet shake their heads.

Then search your heart, boy!

Kraden: That voice...

The screen pans up to show that the Wise One has been up there the entire time. Crap.

Garet: It's - It's the Wise One!

Kraden: Isaac, since when are you on a first-name basis with the Wise One?

(Brief summary of the events of Sol Sanctum. If you need to catch up, just read my LP of the first game.)

Everyone also starts expressing disbelief over how the eruption of Mt. Aleph didn't kill everyone in Vale.

Piers: If it can do all that, this Wise One seems more like a god than an Adept!

He's a giant hunk of rock with an eye on it! I think we were already operating under the assumption that he's a god.

TWO: I did not just save you. I also tasked you with recovering the four Elemental Stars. Why have you disobeyed my command? Why have you come to light the beacon?

Jenna: Because Prox will be destroyed if we don't! We can't let that happen...

What about the rest of the world Jenna? Do they just not matter to you?

TWO: Prox? They have brought this disaster upon themselves.

Unless they were a superpower before the sealing of Alchemy, I don't see how.

Sheba: Are you saying we should just abandon them to die? What did they do to deserve that!?

TWO: The people of Prox have committed an unforgivable sin. They must pay the price.

Isaac: For lighting the lighthouses? Is that their sin? Does that warrant total destruction?

Mia: If we don't light the beacon, Gaia Falls will eventually erode away all of Weyard!

Piers: We have fought for so long to save all the people of our world, and now you would stop us?

Sheba: Gaia Falls is growing. It's consuming more and more with each passing day!

Jenna: How can you just allow the world to crumble into nothingness?

Sheba: The seal needs to be broken! The world will be destroyed if it's not!

TWO: You have learned far too much.

Kraden: Wise One! You can't continue to protect the lighthouses! You know what's happening! It is your duty to protect all of Weyard! If Weyard is destroyed, you will have failed us all!


Jenna: Why won't you answer us, Wise One?

TWO: If Alchemy is unleashed, mankind may well destroy all of Weyard itself.

Kraden: But we can combine our strengths, ensure that Alchemy not be used for evil...

TWO: It is inevitable. In time, one man will seek to rule over all. It is human nature, inescapable. And it shall come sooner than any of you think.

Kraden: Why do you say that?

TWO: The Water Adept who climbs toward the peak of Mt. Aleph even as we speak... Is he not a friend of yours? Alex is his name. Surely you have not forgotten him?

Um, he's not a friend. He's an arse.

Jenna: Alex!? What would he be doing on Mt. Aleph?

TWO: He understands far more than you do. He knows that when the four beacons have been lit... Their light ill gather at Sol Sanctum.

Kraden: But what would he gain from being there?

TWO: When the final beam of light reaches the peak of Mt. Aleph, the Golden Sun shall rise.

Kraden: The Golden Sun!? What is that? And what would Alex want with it?

TWO: When the four beams merge into one, they form a golden light, bathing Mt. Aleph's peak.

Ivan: Is... Is that Alchemy? I mean, pure Alchemy made real, at the heart of its power?

Kraden: And it's that light that gives shape to the Stone of Sages?

TWO: This has been Alex's one true desire from the very start.

Piers: Alex planned all of this? Then he must have been after this power all along!

Garet: We've been duped! He used us all! Oh, you'd better believe he's not getting away with this!

Mia: Alex... How could he do this? He's... He's one of my own people! I feel sick... disgusted...

Let me get this straight. Instead of making sure we complete our goal and then teleporting over to Mt. Aleph, he assumed we'd be successful and decided to just wait everything out.

He's not as smart as I originally thought.

Isaac: None of that matters right now. We still have to light the beacon. We don't have any choice. If we don't do it now, Prox will be destroyed! Felix... We have to, right?

(Felix: Yes)

Sheba: You bet we do! The Wise One will have to deal with Alex on his own.

TWO: I cannot interfere in the actions of mankind.

Jenna: If you can't interfere, then how about getting out of our way so we can light the beacon, huh?

Ivan: Ooo... Good one, Jenna!

Not being helpful, Ivan.

Garet: I don't like doing exactly what Alex wants, but it's looking like we've got no choice...

Isaac: Don't worry, Felix! Just throw the Mars Star into the beacon's well! Now!

(Felix: Yes)

Felix approaches the hole, but the Wise One knocks him back.

Piers: Wise One! Didn't you just say that you aren't allowed to interfere with our actions?

TWO: That is correct. I cannot stop you. But... what if some miracle were to occur, one that prevented you from igniting the beacon?

Piers: Miracle? What are you talking about? What kind of miracle?

TWO: If you can defeat a miracle, only then can you ignite the beacon's flame.

Kraden: The Wise One is up to something! Be wary, everyone! We don't know what he's capable of!

The Wise One disappears, replaced by a dragon with three heads. It lands on the Aerie and roars at us.

Sheba: A three-headed dragon? That's your miracle?

Piers: So you would have us fight for our future? Fine, then fight we shall!

Garet: What's he thinking? We already beat a two-headed dragon. How much tougher can this one be?

Mia: I don't care how many heads it has. Nothing's going to stop us now!

Ivan: Let's do it! For Prox! For the future of Weyard!

Kraden: Wait a second... Wasn't that two-headed dragon actually... So that means this three-headed dragon must be... Felix! NO! You mustn't fight that dragon! It's—

Garet: Too late, Kraden! We can't get away from it now!

Kraden: Felix, don't! Stop!!!

So the screen smashes open, showing us the battle scene, and the Doom Dragon. It's not actually that hard, he's got 5000 HP and most of its attacks are pretty weak. It does however, get four attacks a turn, so we must keep our defences up or we'll face Death of a Thousand Cuts with his Venus and Mars attacks here. There's also Cure in it's arsenal, but it only heals 80 HP. It does also rarely use Djinn Blast, which is a single targeting Djinn Storm, but we can handle that. It's weak to Jupiter.

Once we deplete all 5000 HP, however, the battle doesn't end. Instead, one of its head explodes and the battle becomes much more serious.

The Doom Dragon is restored to 4200 HP, and loses one of its attacks. Cure is lost, in exchange for tougher attacks. In particular, Cruel Ruin. He creates an orb of pure energy or something that shoots beams of utter destruction all over the entire planet, including one right at our faces. Ouch. This is a summon sequence with an HP multiplier of 40% so it will always have a chance of utterly wrecking us. If the front party falls, we just summon Iris and restore them to full so when the back party falls, the front party can come back in. It can now also use Guard Aura, which pretty much means we do nothing to it that turn.

Once we deplete that, another of its heads explode, and we encounter its final form. Only 4000 HP and two attacks per turn, but it is dangerous. All its weak spells are gone, the frequency of Cruel Ruin goes through the roof, and it replaces Djinn Blast with Djinn Storm. In fact, it starts this phase with Djinn Storm and Cruel Ruin for me. We're in a lot of trouble here, but my front party hasn't fallen yet so I still have my extra life in the form of Iris.

Actually, my first party falls when Doom Dragon has about 1600 HP left... Just about the amount Iris does. (While Doom Dragon technically has 13200 HP, summons are ineffective because HP is only counted per form. If it was counted by the whole thing, it would do over 5280 damage) The battle ending with everyone being revived is kinda fitting.

Well, now that that's battle over, I'm gonna do the ending in a separate update. It'll be up soon.

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