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Live Blog MOM! Robbie Rotten is doing a Phineas and Ferb liveblog!
RobbieRotten2010-12-21 22:20:09

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Christmas Vacation Part 1

Now, it’s time to start this Holiday Romp!

But first, we gotta talk about the charectros that appear in this, that we haven’t gotten to mention yet.

Ferb’s Grandparents: They appear in ‘A Hard Days Knight”. They’re cool, not much else to say here

Meap: A cute (but not as cute as Stacy) alien that debuts in :”The Chronicles of Meap”. Not much else to say.

Nagging Wife And Husband: Debuts in “Leave the Busting to us!”. Their stichk goes like this: The dude has purchased a store, he didn’t get what the store sells, his wife is bitch about, and what they needed falls from the sky and owns her. That is alll

Irving: Debuts in “Hide and Seek”. He is the boys biggest fan, and also the closest the show has to a scrappy.

Ok, NOW let’s begin!

Phineas And Ferb’s Christmas Vacation (Extended Version) (Part 1)

It opens with a specials Christmas version of the theme song. Not much to say, expect quote my favorite part

Candace: MOM! Phineas and Ferb are making a Christmas Special!

I love that.

That episode proper opens with the boys going through the streets on some sled rocket thingy.

We cut to Candace talking to Linda on the phone as she and Lawrence are being held up at the airport, which is just a way of writing them out of the episode.

Candace, being a teenager, isn’t very happy at the moment, as she heard that Jeremy got the perfect gift for her. What’s wrong with this? Well she fears that her gift will suck, and he won’t like her anymore, and well you’ve heard all this before. Thankfully, this special makes of it the way it usually makes fun of typical teen problems, and it being used with Candace makes it even better.

Of course, being Candace, she starts wondering what the boys are up to, and after a short bit, she finds that they aren’t up to anything (But we know they are)

Phineas tells Candace what they’ve done so far today, and one of those is Write Letter’s to Santa…This is her reaction


I see she takes it well.

Phineas reveals that Santa is one his biggest Heroes as he takes “Seize the day” to a whole new level.

Of Course, Candy doesn’t buy it.

Candace: Again, let's assume there is a Santa Claus. He's got it easy. The hard part is trying to figure out what to get people when they don't write you a letter telling you exactly what they want most. And by people; I mean Jeremy, And by you; I mean me. And.. uh... No, the rest is pretty much literal.

…Okay, this will be the last time I ever say this. That was funny.

Anyway, Candace gets the idea to have Jeremy write a letter to Santa, in order to find out that he wants.

Phineas: Or you can ask him what he wants to avoid complications

But there would so many less Wacky Hijiinks that way

Then, phin gets idea, and after that…

Phineas: I’ll call in the troops, you wonder where perry is.


Perry heads to OWCA’s Christmas party, where he receives a Checkovs Gun, er I mean CD. Of course, evil never takes a holiday, and Monogram gives him his mission.

Monogram: We don’t know what Doofenshmritz Is up to, but he’s evil and it’s Christmas, and Evil people hate Christmas. It’s a cliché. Sad Cliché.

But it’s also a Trope and as another wise man once said, tropes aren’t clichés.

Anyway, Candace calls Jeremy and sets her “Genius” plan


Candace: So…whatcha doing?

Cue Isabella feeling s disturbance in the force

Candace: How about we get together and write letters to santa? For fun! I’ll be over in a bit

Jeremy: Candace, this isn’t one of those-*Candy hangs up*

Candace: Hehehe, he doesn’t suspect a thing…

Now, you might be wondering, where does the “Extended” part come in? Well, right here!

Candace: I just hope this works. Cuz I don’t have a clue.


This one (Cut from the orginal special) is called “What does he want?” as Candace wonders what to get for Jeremy.,

This is the 2nd best song in the episode. It’s got a catchy tune, good lyrics, and most all Stacy in a Santa Suit. Nice song.

And you might be wondering “Is that it? Just an extra song?” Yes. Yes it is. And after the regular Version was realsed on DVD too. I’m only bringing this up, because people will point it out, and get pissy if I don’t.

So anyway, Phineas tells the gang that has made a rest stop (Not a clubhouse mind you) for Santa, and he will turn all of Danville into a giant Thank You Card for Santa.

That’s all fine and good, but what’s Doof up to?

Well, he’s created the Naughty Inator, which will makes everyone seem naughty, so Santa will skip Danville and Christmas will be ruined!!!

Great plan, but there’s only one problem…

Doof: I…actually don’t have a problem with Christmas. There’s no tragic holiday related back-story in my past, Christmas was always find growing up. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t horrible.

Subversion ahoy! Yes, Doof doesn’t hate Christmas. He hates every other holiday, but not Christmas. How do I know this

Cuz he sings about it of course!!!

This one is called “I really Don’t hate Christmas” and it’s easily the best song in the episode. It’s just awesome.

Anyway, Doof actually didn’t make the machine. His cousin Justin sent him the plans.

Doof: I guess I have to ….sit here and think for a reason.

I see it’ll take some time for Doof to think of reason to hate Christmas. Besides, we just cut to commercial. I guess this is good a tiem as any to take a break.

So that’s part. See ya later for part 2!


Apr 24th 2011 at 10:50:49 PM
I promise to have part 2 up very soon
Jun 30th 2011 at 2:56:40 PM
Okay, i'l have it up in july. Nothing like Christmas In July right?
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