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1* SugarWiki/AwesomeArt: ''Epic Seven'' stands out as one of the gacha games with the most gorgeous, consistent and well-drawn 2D characters and environments. And with the [=Live2D=] that gives animations to the otherwise static character artworks, you could say that it lives up to its {{Tagline}} of "The Playable Animation" indeed.* AuthorsSavingThrow:** The Auto-Lap function, at one point, required a currency known as Homemade Snacks, which allowed one's Pet to automatically repeat a stage. The problem here, however, was that you could only buy 10 Homemade Snacks a week from the Pet Shop, and they're only available otherwise as a RareRandomDrop from any quest, meaning you were only guaranteed 10 laps ''a week''. This quickly proved to be a problem, especially when one needed to farm materials in a pinch. Thankfully, this was soon removed, and your Pet can now perform auto-laps for you as many times as you want, in exchange for only being able to run quests in batches proportional to itd Generation (as opposed to the previous limit of fifty.)** Lore-centric gacha players were initially disappointed that this game didn't have a way to re-read or re-watch story dialogue and cutscenes. This was especially jarring if the player skipped the story to focus on the grind first, but wanted to go back and read the story. For more than a year, the only way to do this was to watch ''Epic Seven'' videos on Website/YouTube. Fortunately, the devs decided to implement a rewatch feature on the Journal at a later date.** The "Re:Birth" campaign and several other updates before it attempted to fix some of the fans' major complaints in the game's mechanics, particularly the Pets and the World Boss in preparation for Episode 3.* BestKnownForTheFanservice: Thanks to the [[SugarWiki/AwesomeArt well-drawn anime character designs]], gacha gamers tend to try out this game after seeing the online artworks of some sexy characters.* BrokenBase:** The game allows you to recruit antagonists, and characters who get KilledOffForReal in the story. One side likes how this gacha game makes almost everyone playable, including the villains. The other side has strong opinions against it, claiming the playable antagonists as blatant examples of GameplayAndStorySegregation, as it doesn't make sense why the antagonists are suddenly fighting with the heroes, or why some characters still exist after their deaths.** An update around late 2019 onwards changed the contents of the Epic Pass system, especially when compared to its initial iterations (i.e. the Summer event with swimsuit Karin). One side claims that the contents have been "[[AuthorsSavingThrow buffed]]", especially the additional bonuses aside from the skin, since it gives a new currency that you can trade for past outfits that you may have missed. Another side claims that those recent Epic Pass updates were "[[TheyChangedItNowItSucks nerfs]]", especially if you are simply aiming for your favorite characters [[AndYourRewardIsClothes outfits]] (The initial outfits cost 900 Skystones, and players can simply grind out the rest including the outfit). Subsequent Epic Passes doubled this amount to 1800 Skystones. The third side's rebuttal is that the changes aren't something to be fighting about, because skins are merely cosmetic items.** The various updates (like the initial versions of the Pet, World Boss, and Equipment Conversion) around late 2019 that were treated by the fanbase as [[ScrappyMechanic unwanted, mediocre or unnecessary changes]]. It broke the fanbase in a way that the game was review-bombed in the Google Play stores, causing a divided community between those who still wanted to play and support the game, against those who were fed up with the consecutive questionable decisions of the game companies and thus, no longer bothered playing the game. Fast forward 6 months later on May-June 2020 and there is a side of the fandom that is satisfied with the changes, while there are still those who claim that the "Re:Birth" hype for the next Episode was still not enough to address the old issues.* BreatherLevel: Certain town areas in Story Mode are treated like a friendly Labyrinth stage - low AP cost, almost zero enemy encounters, and just progress the actual story away from all the random fighting.* CasualCompetitiveConflict: As with any gacha game having LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters, each of which having gorgeous designs ''but'' with a gameplay standpoint of requiring you to grind and farm just to make the most out of your units, there exists a divide of players when it comes to their "priorities". In fact, the "[[MemeticMutation Waifu vs. Meta]]" catchphrase that applies to any Anime RPG gacha game also apply here!** Those who play the game casually just for fun and wish to collect characters are players who choose character designs (including lore and expressions) first over analyzing their skillsets. They play to collect, and as such, the Casual Player Guilds are more likely to focus on strengthening their Waifu/Husbando first, without thinking too much on following the meta.** The competitive players are those who prioritize the meta-definining or gamebreaking characters first no matter what their opinions on the said characters' designs may be. These are the types of players and guilds who are most active on the PVP content, collecting heroes for the sake of climbing up the leaderboards, and adjusting with any meta-changes as fast as possible depending on how the characters are [[BalanceBuff buffed]] or {{nerf}}ed.* CharacterTiers: There are several of these with the fans deciding on who would be the most beneficial hero on a certain content. Usually, the tiers vary depending on whether the factors are their usability in PVE or PVP or both.* ClicheStorm: There exists some detractors of the game's story writing (''especially'' on Episode 1, during the game's first years) claiming that ''Epic Seven'' uses a lot of the easy and typical tropes in Fantasy media, especially the [[TrappedInAnotherWorld Isekai]], "[[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt End of the World]]" and heroic swordsman, god-allied protagonist cliches [[spoiler:(not to mention, {{Plotline Death}}s for protagonists)]] that have been overused a lot in the late 2010 anime titles and video games. But you can't blame them anyway, since most discussions about ''[=E7=]'' are [[PlayTheGameSkipTheStory more about the loot and grinding over the lore and worldbuilding]].* ComplacentGamingSyndrome:** Speed Sets and Crit Sets are seen as the go-to builds no matter whether your unit is an offensive (DPS) unit, a defensive tank, or a healer/support for the following reasons:*** Because the game has a variable TurnBasedCombat that can be manipulated so that you can have the most turns possible in a fight. Faster Speed stat equals more turns, more turns means that you can pummel your enemies more to your advantage than the chances where they can fight back. Thus, this tactic makes it so that you can punish your opponents as early on and as much as possible.*** Players would also prioritize supports that can manipulate Combat Readiness as it also determines your characters' turns in combat aside from the Speed stat.*** As mentioned already ad nauseam, Speed and Crit sets are common and are mostly preferred in a lot of situations. Because of these, players may just simply focus on farming the Wyvern Hunts, which drop gear and crafting materials for these two kinds of sets.** Critical and Destruction Sets, or both the Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage respectively, are min-maxed since they are explicitly percentage bonuses anyway. Plus, players are more likely to be taking advantage of the ElementalRockPaperScissors mechanics in PVP or PVE contents (wherein you gain an increased critical hit chance if you're fighting the weaker element), so maxing out Crit Damage means a huge boost to your damage potential.** Any GameBreaker characters or strategies in PVE content would get overused since they just make the content ''that'' much easier, such as the Tamarinne + Iseria combo, or "[[FanNickname Tamaseria]]". While they can also be applicable in PVP content, the next bullet also applies.** Since the PVP {{Metagame}} can also change fast, expect any counters against popular GameBreaker combos be spread out fast in the game's communities. Even if the pro, veteran players were able to come up with a strategy to counter said game-breaking characters in PVP, the mid-game players can adopt the strategy as well.** When LevelGrinding for EXP and fodders, players stick to units that have high-damaging AreaOfEffect attacks since these can save so much time rather than attacking enemies one by one. This makes Vildred the most sought-after friend support since his three abilities are all [=AoE=] attacks, and he scales with the Speed stat too, making him perfect for the aforementioned Speed meta. Even better if the player can manage to build a high-crit chance, high crit-damage Vildred, which seem to be the most common trend for him once his speed has reached satisfactory levels.** For the most commonly-used, or popular Artifact choices, we have the following:*** Daydream Joker especially for [=PvE=] content, because this artifact is SimpleYetAwesome as its [[SituationalDamageAttack percentage-based damage]] is useful against bosses with huge amounts of HP.*** Any artifact that increases one's attack, crit chance, speed, combat readiness, or outright gives an extra turn, will generally be used in DPS-centric characters. These artifacts are "Rhianna and Luciella", "Alexa's Basket", and "Moonlight Dreamblade".*** Supports and/or Healers would preferrably use "Water's Origin", especially if they get easily targeted by opponents in [=PvP=]. This Artifact allows them to recover a portion of their health if they suffer a significant amount of damage. It also increases the wearer's Combat Readiness, which gives the Healer a chance for an earlier turn than usual, which allows them to recover even more health for themselves, or for the entire team.* ContinuityLockout: Since {{Crossover}} events are more likely done to attract players of the other franchise to play the game, it takes a lot of compressing the lore of the third-party title into this game. This writing strategy makes it so that this game's players who only get the necessary bits and characterizations of the GuestFighter. If they want to know everything about the other franchise, then it requires researching stuff that are not presented in the {{Crossover}} event, or have fans of both works explain the lore of one game to the other.* DemonicSpiders:** Enemies with a passive CounterAttack ability, or any damaging abilities that automatically activate after you make a move ''during your own turn''. It's so hard to deal with such mooks that can have some free potshots at you. Worse is if the enemy can stun one of your needed characters.** Again, a lot of enemies in the game are quite tame, but there's one mob you should watch out for in Cidonia; [[PunctuatedForEmphasis THOSE. FREAKING. CANNONS.]] "Artillery" mobs have a passive that increases their Combat Readiness whenever an ally attacks. This passive stacks with others of the same kind, so when you have groups of cannons, you'd best be prepared to get a ton of your health bitten off. Now, this is already a pretty raw deal, but what pushes it over the edge is that these enemies' attacks inflict ''burns''. So not only do you have [[MoreDakka a ton of potshots that all the Speed and Combat Readiness buffs in the world won't help with coming at you]], but you have around [[EleventyZillion a millionty billion burns]] on everyone afterwards, which will likely either heavily ravage whoever's standing or leave only one or two Heroes alive with a pitiable amount of health left.* DiscreditedMeme: The "15%/40%" statement about the game's revenue between the Korean and Global market caused quite a hit within the game's playerbase. However, this seems to have been discredited now that the speakers [[OldShame apologized]] for the incident.* DracoInLeatherPants: Even if the actual lore treats them as villains, The Acolytes and female antagonists such as Tenebria (especially her Spectre version) still get a lot of fan-art due to how [[EvilIsSexy sexy]] she is with that fanservice design. Well, it doesn't also stop artworks of her being with the protagonists or Reingar students either.* EnsembleDarkhorse:** Angelica and Iseria since they are two of the most sought-after and beginner-friendly units that newcomers decide to roll for just so that they can trivialize the early-game. Aside from that, the two have been featured in the game's official app logo, so the first thing that you see before opening the game is one of them. Angelica has been in fact turned into a SeriesMascot, thus giving a boom in her popularity among fan artists.** Any of the original limited-banner units such as Diene and Luna. Since they are too rare to pass up, many collectors don't want to miss out on the chance of getting them, thus their names get mentioned more often regarding the avalability of their banners.** Bellona also has quite a large fan-content, mostly due to her facial expressions, added with her {{Fanservice}} design and the positive reception of her English voice acting. This is further cemented into the fact that Bellona is one of the first characters (alongside Karin) to receive a swimsuit design.** Among the villains, Tenebria is also quite popular, just look at the DracoInLeatherPants and EvilIsSexy entries.** Karin is also popular, especially after the summer event which [[ADayInTheLimelight featured her in the spotlight]], as well having an unlockable swimsuit outfit.** For the 4★ Heroes, both regular and Moonlight versions of Coli and Rin are also popular, mostly thanks to their sexy {{fanservice}} designs.** Among the introduced [[BondCreatures Guardians]] so far, Kazran (Yuna's Guardian) is the most popular in fan content compared to Arkasus, Kromcruz and Zeaon, simply because Kazran is the most humanoid-looking among the Guardians, and he is also a {{bishounen}}.** Among the six elemental "Spirit Altar" bosses, Rahel of the Dark is the most popular because of her sexy looks, especially after an update that [[ArtEvolution improved their artworks]].* EvilIsSexy: ** Despite being an antagonist, Tenebria has a {{Fanservice}} anime design in both her normal and spectre forms, much more so with the latter wearing even less clothing and exposing more skin.** Archdemon Mercedes. Just because Meru has been taken over by the BigBad doesn't mean she no longer has to look hot as hell.* FandomEnragingMisconception: Accusing that a lot of characters in ''Epic Seven'' are unoriginal or [[TheyCopiedItNowItSucks rip-offs]] of other anime characters from visual novels, manga, anime series or video games. Well, there are obvious {{Expy}} cases when the similarities are plenty and on-point, but some character designs and tropes are very common in media nowadays that they can be considered "generic" or safe to imitate. Take Silk for example, a blonde elf archer with nature-themed green/white clothes. That design is prevalent for the ForestRanger and ArcherArchetype tropes, that seriously calling Silk a rip-off of Shera from ''LightNovel/HowNotToSummonADemonLord'' will make ''E7'' fans angry. Chances are, if you ever notice that a particular ''[=E7=]'' character looks like another third-party character, it's better to call them as references, expies, or homages, but not rip-offs.* FandomRivalry:** Unfortunately, when this game was still very new on 2018-2019, a ''very'' vocal portion of the ''Epic Seven'' playerbase loves comparing and [[SacredCow praising this game]] over the other "Anime/Medieval/Sci-Fi Fantasy" RPG gachas in the market, claiming it as the best ever made while engaging in heated debates against the communities of other existing, established, or even older gacha games like ''VideoGame/DragaliaLost'', ''VideoGame/DragonBallZDokkanBattle'', ''VideoGame/FateGrandOrder'', ''VideoGame/FireEmblemHeroes'', ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyBraveExvius'', ''VideoGame/GranblueFantasy'' and ''VideoGame/HonkaiImpact3rd'', especially the veteran and LongRunning games in the list. Fortunately, not all of this community's players hate the other games, as there also exists a portion of FriendlyFandoms who counteract rivalry and love to play ''Epic Seven'' along with any other gachas. The rivalries may have simmered down around the year 2020, when more and more ''[=E7=]'' players are spreading out to try other games as well, while the veteran gacha communities simply accepted the possibility that the vocal ''[=E7=]'' fans at that time are first-timers to the genre. While comparing gachas with this game is still a thing in the community, it isn't as bad as before.** There is one definite case as ''Epic Seven'' does generate a strong rivalry with ''VideoGame/SummonersWarSkyArena'', much in a similar case to how heated the rivalry between ''VideoGame/KantaiCollection'' and ''VideoGame/AzurLane'' turned out when it comes to originality:*** Defenders of ''SW'' claim that ''[=E7=]'' [[TheyCopiedItNowItSucks copied a lot of the gameplay mechanics, dungeons and/or formula]] that ''Summoners War'' established in the past years, with the advantage that ''[=E7=]'' only has Anime [[SugarWiki/AwesomeArt artstyle]] and [=Live2D=] to make it stand out despite being unoriginal (Gacha veterans also claim that ''[=E7=]'' is not the only gacha out there with gorgeous artstyles and [=Live2D=], and the word "best" can be ''very'' subjective). This rivalry is the reason why this game got branded with the {{Fan Nickname}}s of "Anime Summoners War" or "Summoners War 2.0".*** To this community's defense, "copying ideas" is not necessarily bad since in any form of media and entertainment, there is a phenomenon of [[FollowTheLeader following and copying what is popular]] in an attempt to stay relevant.*** Adding fuel to the fire are people who branched out or migrated from ''Summoners Wars'' due to unsatisfactions from the rival game, to the point where any [[FriendlyFandoms shared playerbase]] between ''[=E7=]'' and ''[=SW=]'' can be hardly found, unlike the vocal existing and more reasonable shared playerbases of ''[=E7=]'' and the games listed under FriendlyFandoms. To some opinions, you either choose which among ''[=E7=]'' or ''[=SW=]'' is better, but you cannot view them both as equals.** Within the game's online communities, you could more often than not, find posts about hating the vocal people in the game's official STOVE forums. This is due to the said forums being a common place of complaints or negative reactions for most of the time. Even if the game news is positive and beneficial, expect some vocal posters to express their dissatisfaction, justified or not.** Yet another unfortunate case rose due to the "[[MemeticMutation 15%/40%]]" statement that made a divide ''within'' the [=E7=] playerbase at one point, wherein some vocal Korean players expressed dissatisfaction when they felt that the Global playerbase got more praise and importance just because of the game's revenue split. This happened in one of the game's press conferences/livestreams and it was quite odd for a company to outright mention the amount of region-specific revenues that they get for the game and not made it subtle. Fortunately, another press conference had the [[OldShame speakers apologize]] for that previous incident.** A subtle and a short-lived case, but some English-speaking ''[=E7=]'' fans blame ''VideoGame/{{Arknights}}'' for taking the spotlight away from this game in the eyes of the Japanese gacha gamers, simply because ''AK'' was released in Japan just three months after this game did. As time went on, this issue was only dismissed as a minor thing and both games appear to have FriendlyFandoms instead.* FoeYay: You'd be surprised to know that the Acolytes like Tenebria and Kayron would often be shipped together with certain protagonists (like Ras and Mercedes respectively) just because of their attractive designs.** This is also fueled by the lore-wise crushes that some male protagonists develop on Tenebria. So far in the Main Story, Crozet and the Toranor Royal Guard fell for her at one point.** Come the "Reingar's Chaotic Moon Festival" event and people seem to ship Tenebria and Adlay just because of their dynamic when touring the festival, and not to mention the fact that the latter is smitten by her.* FanPreferredCouple:** Being the HandsomeLech as he is, Violet had canon crushes or romantic affections towards several of the female cast, such as Iseria or Bellona. But since he had a more prominent role and screentime in Episode 2, fans liked how Violet's chemistry plays with Luluca, shipping the two of them in most of their artworks. There's also quite some ''heavy'' [[ShipTease ship-teasing]] and hints of an UnresolvedSexualTension between them to help in the fans' case [[spoiler:and culminating with the two actually confessing their feelings near the end of the Ritanian Saga.]] This has turned into fans favoring the Violet/Luluca shipping over the OfficialCouple status between Ras and Mercedes.** Yuna is being shipped with her Guardian, Kazran.* FriendlyFandoms:** Despite having a vocal portion expressing some FandomRivalry, some players of ''Epic Seven'' also branch out on playing some of the other aforementioned Anime/Medieval/Sci-Fi Fantasy RPG gachas (''DL'', ''Dokkan'', ''FGO'', ''FEH'', ''FFBE'', ''GBF'', ''[=HI3=]'') at the same time, or vice-versa. This is mainly out of pure curiosity brought upon by debates. Avid fans of both games would also go around counteracting any "hate debates" while explaining that you can absolutely enjoy ''[=E7=]'' with other gacha games at the same time.** Like with any other gacha game with {{Crossover}} collaborations, fans of this gacha get along well with fans of the third-party franchise, thanks to the crossover bringing more players. The first collaboration of which was ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear''.** To ''VideoGame/{{Arknights}}'', or players who wanted to play a side game along with ''Epic Seven'' as their main game... Or simply to have another game to play while waiting for their Energy to refresh here, or just something to help ease, or shift away attention from the grind.* GameBreaker:** Tamarinne is considered as the best support in most PVE and PVP contents - She can heal a party member while attacking or the entire team at once in her base form. But once she enters her IdolSinger form? Boy, she becomes a snowballer of contents - Her first skill can now attack all enemies and [[StatusBuffDispel dispel all their buffs]], can chain a dual attack with the strongest attacker in your party, and can heal the entire team (like her second skill) when Soul Burned. Her second skill in this form also provides a team-wide attack bonus for 2 turns as well as boosting Combat Readiness, giving you the push to go first and deal a higher amount of damage. These damage buffs can be used in conjunction if you have the Guardian Zeaon as well, since its damage scales with your team's attack. Also, did we mention that Tamarinne's idol form restores her to full HP, clears all {{Status Ailment}}s from the party and gives her an Extra Turn. Overall, Tamarinne is an overloaded support, with the only drawback is that her ultimate skill starts with a 9-turn cooldown.** But if you pair Tamarinne with Iseria, you can have yet a game-breaker combo [[FanNickname dubbed]] even by the community as "[[{{Portmanteau}} Tamaseria]]". Iseria can remove Tamarinne's drawback of a 9-turn cooldown using her CooldownManipulation skill, making Tamarinne enter her IdolSinger form as early as Turn 1 (if Iseria's Speed stat is higher than her), consequently giving the party her offensive buffs very early on. This combo is most likely used in many PVP Arena brackets, provided that the enemy doesn't have a way to remove Iseria or Tamarinne before their combo. As such, the only way for another PVP player to counter Tamaseria is to try and outspeed them both with a strong AreaOfEffect attacker.** Dizzy from the ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' collab. She can be a nightmare when fought by newcomers or complete beginners, especially if it's on low-to-mid tiers on [=PvP=] where players are mostly likely unprepared, undergeared, or lacking specific characters who can effectively counter her. To elaborate, Dizzy gives the opponent team a whole lot of {{Status Ailment}}s with her AreaOfEffect attacks. If all of a lucky Dizzy player's three skills quickly land on the opponent team, they will suffer with decreased Speed, Attack, Hit Chance, Stun, and Decreased Combat Readiness. Her second skill just had the effect of extending the inflicted debuffs as well! What makes it worse for her opponent is when Dizzy manages to cast her third skill on the first turn, which is one of the reasons why Dizzy players usually equip her with Speed and Effectiveness sets, While she is a nightmare for beginners and the unprepared, she can still be countered by more experienced players who prioritize in making their teams as tanky as possible, coupled with healing and dispels. Several Heroes were later rebalanced or released with countering Dizzy in mind, such as having the ability to dispel all debuffs to the team, grant debuff immunity in the first place, and a lot of other team supports that mitigate the damage of her third skill, such as healing and barriers. But if the player doesn't have anyone to counter Dizzy yet, all that they can hope for is to outspeed her and eliminate her first before she can deal significant damage to your team. ** Arbiter Vildred is annoying to fight against in [=PvP=]. He's just as fast and strong as his regular version, also having AreaOfEffect attacks, but A. Vildred benefits from having an overloaded second skill, which is a passive ability. To wit, "Dark Contract" grants him an AutoRevive after taking lethal damage ''and also'' boosts his Combat Readiness to 100% (thus giving him a guaranteed free turn no matter what) ''and also'' grants Full focus and [[CooldownManipulation completely resets the cooldown]] of his third skill, "Dark Blade". And what makes said "Dark Blade" overpowered? It also gets its cooldown reset whenever it kills an enemy. So it's possible for A. Vildred to cast his ultimate in quick succession, especially after the fight drags on so long that his passive ability procs. His entire skillset benefits from having an Attack Boost from supports, or certain Artifacts such as "Alexa's Basket" or "Moonlight Dreamblade". Since a major part of his strengths comes from his AutoRevive mechanic, he can be countered by those that inflict the Extinction debuff on him, which negates his revival. Unfortunately, only a select few Heroes provide this debuff, such as Lilibet and Specimen Sez. If you don't have any of these Heroes specifically built to counter A. Vildred, all that you can hope is to build up a tanky team with focus on healing and survivability so that you can survive continuous Dark Blades.* GatewaySeries: At least in the West (where gacha games aren't as popular unlike Japan or Asia), it's common to hear stories from the English-speaking online platforms such as Website/{{Reddit}} about players admitting that ''Epic Seven'' is their first entry to the gacha genre. Unfortunately, this trope, and the tendency of vocal fans to praise ''[=E7=]'' [[SacredCow as the best game]] caused [[FandomRivalry conflicts with fans of older gacha games]], especially if some ''[=E7=]'' fans claim that their game or its company were the first to implement a trend.* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff:** American gacha gamers love ''Epic Seven'', more like; the game has become a runaway smash hit in the States, especially compared to just about any other anime-styled, character-focused, gacha-monetized role playing game on the market. The game has, since its launch, consistently managed to stay in the top hundred grossing chart, and its ''lowest'' peaks are around the #25 spot. That may not sound that impressive off the cuff... except for the fact that the American mobile market's top end is ''notoriously'' competitive and high-volume (in addition to having "serious" games, all the things like slot machine apps and other virtual casinos get shoved into the game category on American mobile stores). Cracking the top 50 at all is incredibly difficult for any app, let alone a foreign-produced RPG with gacha mechanics most Americans typically bounce off from; breaking into the top 25 consistently each month for such an app was virtually unheard of prior to ''[=E7=]'', but ''[=E7=]'' did it.** To give this a bit more perspective: the game in 2019 consistently charted ahead of ''VideoGame/FireEmblemHeroes''. We know that ''FEH'' still earns '''one hundred million dollars a year''', even as it enters a slower period of its life, with a significant portion of that from the States. And ''[=E7=]'' consistently out-earned it in the US in 2019.* GoddamnedBoss:** A majority of the PuzzleBoss battles in the higher Abyss floors, since they are most likely levelled higher than the allowable character level {{cap}} of 60. Other than that, their gimmicks also compose of being buffed by or chaining attacks with other [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard AI-controlled characters who have way more buffs and utilities than their playable versions]]. In order to take them, you would most likely need to have a team of GameBreaker characters, powerful attackers and healers otherwise, or may need you to bring [[ThisLooksLikeAJobForAquaman that one specific character]] who can perfectly counter that boss.** If you ever encounter an AI-controlled Sez in the harder World or Abyss stages, remember that you should not bring party members that can land debuffs, or else he will get an extra turn and heal himself if he even has a debuff. He also hits like a truck, and can spam his AreaOfEffect skills more often if he targets a team member with less than 50% health. This requires you to have a strong team healer to recover your party's HP and prevent him from spamming his attacks.* GrowingTheBeard: Episode 2 is mostly seen as an improvement over both Episode 1 and Episode 1.5 ("Unrecorded History"), with fans noticing that it now adds some interesting twists in the plot instead of [[ClicheStorm simply reusing some common tropes and plot points that became overdosed or prevalent]] in {{shonen}} Fantasy media (which Episode 1 was guilty of), or [[ItsTheSameNowItSucks recycling the entire stages]] while offering fewer cutscenes or story sequences (which Episode 1.5 was guilty of). Instead, the decision to focus the Episode on a new continent, and giving more spotlight to side characters (Luluca and Violet) aside from the main protagonists (Ras, Arky and Mercedes) were seen as positive notes by the playerbase. The new types of AP Exchange quests were seen as good points as well, since they add twists aside from simply accumulating points and exchanging them. Another factor that was praised is the decision to have nearly end-game gears with decent stats available for free in Episode 2's Labyrinth stages and AP Exchange shops in exchange for some reasonable grinding.* HilariousInHindsight: Arbiter Vildred's "Descending Blade" makes him summon a multi-headed serpent/hydra-like creature with a purple hue and have it sic down his enemies. Come the 2020 anime adaptation of ''LightNovel/BofuriIDontWantToGetHurtSoIllMaxOutMyDefense'' and we have Maple summoning her Poison Dragon/Hydra in almost the same pose as Arbiter Vildred. Well technically, the source of the ''Bofuri'' anime came first before ''Epic Seven'' (The light novel started on 2016, this game got released on 2018)... But still, ''[=E7=]'' fans were amused of this when the anime was still airing and made jokes about Maple and her Descending Blade, regardless if this game [[ShoutOut references]] that scene, or the other way around, or if it's OlderThanTheyThink. This game's Cermia being [[{{Expy}} too similar]] to Mii of ''Bofuri'' also fueled the fans' guess if ''[=E7=]'' did took some inspirations from that light novel.* HoYay: Due to their related lore and character interactions, the fanbase likes to go on with the Alexa/Iseria pairing. It helps that the "Alexa's Basket" Artifact makes the two of them go into a picnic, another context could interpret that image as a romantic date.* ItsTheSameNowItSucks: The optional story questline, "Unrecorded History" (also known as Episode 1.5), got criticism as it merely reused the first Episode's entire maps, order, sequences, and most boss fights, yet with even fewer story cutscenes. The only things that got changed here are the harder enemies with more gimmicks, better loot rewards, and more chances to get Epic Catalysts. But from a general perspective? The content is mostly just Episode 1... but harder!* JunkRare: Any higher-tier (Purple or Red) gear with [[DumpStat undesirable substats]], especially flat values. While main flat stats have been buffed to make them beneficial like the percentage stats, any flat substats of Attack, Health and Defense would often provide the least amount of benefits compared to percentage substats, even when enhanced. Likewise, equipment that rolls in Effect Resistance substat is considered useless for many players unless if one is building Elena or Angelic Montmorancy (the only characters that scale well with effect resistance), made worse when most of the gear obtained from the arena ''always'' contain Effect Resistance and having enhancement highroll into Effect Resistance over more desired stats such as critical hit chance, critical hit damage, speed, etc. will almost be useless.* JustHereForGodzilla: As expected for any gacha game with {{Crossover}} collaborations, some fans of the third-party franchise play this game because their favorite character becomes available here, albeit temporarily. For example in the first collaboration event, many ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' fans and the anime-loving portion of the UsefulNotes/FightingGameCommunity only heard of ''Epic Seven'' when the collaboration was announced.* LikeYouWouldReallyDoIt: [[spoiler:As if Ras actually dies permanently in Episode 2, what gacha game in history would even kill its protagonist even before the story reached its conclusion?]]* MemeticLoser: Any of the undesired male 3★ units who don't even shine in terms of utilty or are simply overshadowed by stronger 4★ or 5★ units, especially if you tend to get their duplicates a lot from the gacha, and would just be waiting to sit in your Hero Inventory or be foddered to promote stronger units. Among these, Enott, Elson and Gunther seem to be mocked upon by the fans - They are not that strong from a 3★ unit, and are not even that attractive! * MemeticMolester: Fans seem to have taken a liking to exaggerating Violet's HandsomeLech tendencies after he was shown flirting to some of the female cast of the game. However, this seems to have died down or lessened once Violet had a screentime with Luluca in Episode 2, with fans claiming that the two are a [[FanPreferredCouple perfect couple]].* MemeticMutation:** "Ken Gear"[[labelnote:Explanation]]A common fan reply whenever other players ask who would benefit the most out of their gears. Among the playable characters, Ken is seen as the most versatile in terms of utility and playstyles - He can be an attacker (Since he has 3 damaging abilities, the Speed, Attack, Critical Hit Chance and Damage stats can work), He can be a tank (Since all of his 3 abilities also scale with HP, building him with Health, Defense and Effect Resistance stats are viable) and he can be a debuffer (Since he can burn, stun and defense break the enemy, so Effectiveness works on him as well). Aside from that, the Destruction, Counterattack or Lifesteal sets also okay builds for him. In simple terms, ''any'' gear can work on Ken. But if you aren't the type to min-max stats, boosting all stats on Ken via gearing still works.[[/labelnote]]** "[=F2P=] BTW"[[labelnote:Explanation]]More of a phrase used to brag the player's extreme luck in getting what they want without having the need to spend money. Especially since the highest rarity (5★) units are on the possibly lower ends of the norm when it comes to gacha draw rates, being 1%-1.25%.[[/labelnote]]** "121 Club"[[labelnote:Explanation]]Refers to the gacha safety net for the featured heroes. If the player has such the worst luck, they will be most likely hitting the pity ceiling at 121 Covenant Summons and it's only at that time when they are guaranteed to get the new hero, the worst possible case scenario when it comes to this game's gacha.[[/labelnote]]** "Vildred's Basket"[[labelnote:Explanation]]Around the time when Arbiter Vildred got {{nerf}}ed and the Alexa's Basket Artifact has been buffed, fans noticed that what was reduced in Vildred's attack output can be counterbalanced by the buff received with the artifact. Thus, it became the recommended artifact for him despite only having a 40% chance at max to proc, and despite the fact that Alexa and Iseria are the depicted heroes of that artifact.[[/labelnote]]** "15%/40%"[[labelnote:Explanation]]This was quite a controversial statement between the Korean and Global playerbase wherein one conference stated that Korea gave only 15% of the total revenue despite being the origin country, while the global market gave 40%. To cut the story short, the fanbases were split on whether or not it was right to say such revenues in a public event, or if the developers are prioritizing money by giving more importance and favors to the global market over the Korean playerbase. This has turned into a DiscreditedMeme after they apologized for the statement and the issue caused by it.[[/labelnote]]** "Running Ras"[[labelnote:Explanation]]Refers to the chibi Ras running animation that plays everytime there is a network slowdown that prevents the game from running seamlessly like it should, usually caused by connectivity or server issues. This phrase pops up more often during massive, unexpected slowdowns, which then evolve into the "Ras Marathon" phrase if the maintenance drags on for too long.[[/labelnote]]** "Yuna Engine"[[labelnote:Explanation]]An early livestream/conference had a part wherein the devs took more time explaining the game's proprietary Engine dubbed "Yuna Engine" than any future news that would drum up hype. This led to some sarcastic jokes stating that any future game conferences will have someone ask "What is Yuna Engine?". Oftentimes, it will also devolve into claiming that "Engine" is actually Yuna's last name![[/labelnote]]** A lot of the commonly-spoken lines by characters using their ultimate abilities, initiating their turn, (or simply any memorable line of dialogue) were also turned into meme phrases by the fandom when talking about the characters, like the following: "Correct your posture!" (Charles), "Descending Blade!" (Arbiter Vildred), "Can you hear the approaching ruin?" (also from Arbiter Vildred), "Dancing Blade!" (Vildred), "I will show you... who's the BEST!" (Master Artist Ken), "Look at my sword, not my face!" (Violet), "Kiss my feet!" (Spectre Tenebria), "It's me! Yuna!" (Yuna)** "Rate up is a lie!" [[labelnote:Explanation]]A common meme in [[Memes/DragaliaLost some]] [[Memes/FateGrandOrder other]] [[YMMV/GirlsFrontline gacha games]], this is used to make light of the occasional "Drop Rate Up" events for certain 5-star Heroes. And unlike the latter three, it actually ''is'' a lie, more or less. Yes, you're able to get the featured unit from the summon, especially limited-time ones such as Luna or Melissa, along with their artifact if they have one. The problem? That's the ''only'' 5-star Hero you can get from that gacha, meaning Epic Seven may be the only gacha game wherein the standard gacha is better than the limited-time ones.[[/labelnote]]** "Playable Rahel When?"[[labelnote:Explanaton]]The "Playable X When?" fan catchphrase is a common thing in a lot of gacha game communities who want a certain character to be PromotedToPlayable. The ''Epic Seven'' fandom is no exception, with Rahel of the Dark becoming the most popular "Spirit Altar" character following their [[ArtEvolution updated artworks]]. Thus, a lot of players wish for at least Rahel to become playable among the six.[[/labelnote]]** "10-year plan, guys!"[[labelnote:Explanation]]A common sarcastic remark by fans themselves, pointing out a statement from one of the game's higher ups planning to have ''Epic Seven'' last for at least 10 years by teasing 10 Episodes, and promising to release 1 Episode per year in a span of 10 years. Optimist fans were happy to at least hear that the devs are planning to make this game last long, but a majority are skeptic at this statement, pointing out that it may just be merely a "PR talk", especially when this statement is said around the 1st year livestream, give or take, the skeptic fans remarked that the company may be too ambitious. As such, if there's any controversy, unwanted changes, or cases of BrokenBase in the fandom, expect one to use this sarcastic remark.[[/labelnote]]** The ''Epic Seven'' fanbase is no stranger when it comes to {{pun}}s and wordplay, examples below are just a fraction of them:*** "Haste and Furious"[[labelnote:Explanation]]When Furious was released, players attempted to make jokes about the possibility that a Hero named "Fast" will also be released just to reference ''Film/TheFastAndTheFurious''. But they remembered Haste, whose name is synonymous to something fast, which also works well since they rhyme.[[/labelnote]]*** "Krayon"[[labelnote:Explanation]]Putting Kayron's head on a crayon.[[/labelnote]]*** "Ras Eclair"[[labelnote:Explanation]]Ras's surname is Eclare, which is easily misinterpreted or remembered as the bread eclair.[[/labelnote]]*** "E-Coli"[[labelnote:Explanation]]There's a character named Coli, and her Assassin Coli counterpart gets the FanNickname of "A. Coli". There's a joke saying that if Coli would have been an Earth-elemental, this fan nickname would've popped up in short for "Earth Coli".[[/labelnote]]*** "Arby's"[[labelnote:Explanation]]Arbiter Vildred has the FanNickname of "Arby". But players would sometimes joke about it and associate him with the fast food chain, Arby's.[[/labelnote]]** "Maple's Descending Blade"[[labelnote:Explanation]]When ''LightNovel/BofuriIDontWantToGetHurtSoIllMaxOutMyDefense'' got its anime adaptation on 2020, fans of this game were quick to point out that Maple's Poison Dragon/Hydra attack is very similar to Arbiter Vildred's "Descending Blade". Then came memes showing the similarities, or video edits having A. Vildred's voice clip edited into that scene from the anime.[[/labelnote]]** "Arby dies when he is killed."[[labelnote:Explanation]]A snowclone of the memetic phrase of Emiya Shirou from ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'', "People die when they are killed." This is mostly used to mock how Arbiter Vildred ([[FanNickname a.k.a. Arby]]), can now be countered specifically by certain Heroes, namely his AutoRevive mechanic can be made useless by the Extinction debuff of Lilibet and Specimen Sez. Though this meme phrase is mostly used by photo-editing Lilibet's head over the scene from ''F/SN''.[[/labelnote]]** "YOU CAN USE BEER TO CLEAN OIL STAINS OFF OF GLASS STOVES AND WALLS."[[labelnote:Explanation]]Kikirat v2's advice, which is easily the most memorable and {{narm}}y line during its event, and the phrase that fans easily remember when talking about this robot.[[/labelnote]]** "Dagger Sicar When?"[[labelnote:Explanation]]The list of Reputations include a placeholder for the Dagger Sicar group, [[MissingSecret but it is non-functional]] for several years already. As such, whenever Smilegate reveals a list of planned or future updates, expect a player to ask when would the Dagger Sicar reputation quests be finally implemented.[[/labelnote]]* MemeticTroll: Biblica (the girl you see on the Covenant, Moonlight and Friendship Summon screens) has gotten a reputation as this to some. When a 4-star or higher will appear from a summon, a special animation plays involving golden light rising from the bottom of the screen; when it's a 5-star, either Biblio or Biblica will appear just before the prize is revealed. The problem? Biblica only appears for 5-star ''[[PowerUpLetdown Artifacts.]]'' * {{Narm}}:** Coli's eyes in her regular version is often pointed out by players to be weird that they look like blue marbles or fish eyes. Her pose's angle doesn't help this case, especially when her Assassin Coli counterpart looks significantly more different in a distinct artstyle.** The game's {{tagline}} itself, "The Playable Animation", can be this, believe it or not.*** While it is generally agreed that the game has indeed an SugarWiki/AwesomeArt and with SugarWiki/VisualEffectsOfAwesome, fitting how it features a gorgeous [=Live2D=]-based style, some opinions differ as the [=Live2D=] style isn't for everyone, it is subjective, and having a tagline that focuses on the art is seen as an odd choice (i.e. most taglines in entertainment media are about the work's CentralTheme, ArcWords, or plot).*** To an extent, even fans of the game found "The Playable Animation" with a nitpick when one remembers that the character's third skill animations are short, or that pre-rendered cutscenes aren't as aplenty, with most of the cutscenes themselves are just individually short as well.*** To some, the tagline should have specifically mentioned about "'''2D''' animation", since the word "animation" by itself may also mean '''3D''' animation, something that this game doesn't use.*** FandomRivalry also fuels this trope about the tagline when one compares the pre-rendered animation cutscenes of this game to the pre-rendered animation cutscenes of other gacha games used as advertisement videos, especially on Website/YouTube. To some fans of other gachas like ''VideoGame/FateGrandOrder'', ''VideoGame/HonkaiImpact3rd'', or ''VideoGame/{{Arknights}}'', they claim that their pre-rendered animations also deserve notice as well, and one gacha shouldn't exclusively use "Animation" as a tagline that may also apply to other anime-styled gacha games. * NeverLiveItDown:** Dizzy is a GameBreaker when fought by newcomers. This was especially the case when she was released during the ''Guilty Gear'' collab's first iteration on 2019, when a lot of players didn't know how to deal with her yet. Even if new Heroes were rebalanced or released specifically to counter her strengths (no longer making her a big issue if the opponent is prepared), a lot still wonder why in the world was Dizzy released as an Overpowered character in the first place. One side claims that it is just a tactic by Smilegate to entice players to spend money for her in the gacha (since she's a limited-time hero).** The launch state of this game on Japan was attributed to Arbiter Vildred having no counters despite him being included in the base roster. He's already a GameBreaker on his own, but without anyone to reliably counter him with the Extinction debuff, the early PVP meta can be summarized into "reroll for Arbiter Vildred or you'll lose in the Arena". English-speaking players then believed that this was the main reason why ''Epic Seven'' didn't take off with a high presence in the gamers and online platforms of Japan... Especially since Yostar also published ''VideoGame/{{Arknights}}'' there three months after, which seem to have shifted the Japanese's attention away from this game. ''[=E7=]'' fans then thought that maybe if only Arbiter Vildred would have been countered at launch, the game would have been immensely popular for continuous months.* OlderThanTheyThink: It is a common for those [[GatewaySeries who have this game as their first gacha]] to think that ''[=E7=]'' started certain trends when it's actually not the case.** Particularly for those who had ''Epic Seven'' as their [[GatewaySeries first gacha game or entry to the genre]], it was a common misconception to think that this game is the first one to use [=Live2D=] technology. It wasn't, as other games like ''VideoGame/AzurLane'', ''VideoGame/DestinyChild'' and ''VideoGame/GirlsFrontline'' also had [=Live2D=] to some extent even before this game. It's better off to just say that ''Epic Seven'' has an amazing proprietary engine dubbed Yuna Engine which makes its graphics stand-out in general, not just [=Live2D=].** Similar to the first bullet, it was another misconception from newcomers to the genre (around 2019) to think that ''Epic Seven'' is the first gacha to implement a [[AntiFrustrationFeatures safety net]] or a guaranteed pull mechanic. Veteran gacha players would easily correct newcomers that other games already had this kind of [=QoL=] long before ''[=E7=]'' did.** ''Guilty Gear'' fans who joined during the 2020 {{crossover}} event's rerun expressed disappoinment that the animation of Elphelt's "Magnum Wedding" is shorter here than in ''Xrd''. Some blamed the [[{{Bowdlerise}} censorship]] decisions, but the thing is, even Dizzy's "Emotional Gamma Ray" had its animation shortened way back her debut to this game on 2019, in order to match the original ''E7'' characters' animation lengths. These opinions popped up on 2020 simply because Elphelt's "Magnum Wedding" in the fighting game shows her [[VictoriasSecretCompartment pulling a bullet from between her breasts]], which isn't explicitly shown in this game.** When ''LightNovel/BofuriIDontWantToGetHurtSoIllMaxOutMyDefense'' had its anime adaptation on 2020. Some ''Epic Seven'' fans were surprised that Maple's Poison Dragon/Hydra attack resembles Arbiter Vildred's "Descending Blade", or that Mii from ''Bofuri'' is almost an exact copy of Cermia from this game. The truth is, ''Bofuri'' started on 2016 as a light novel, which predates this game by 2 years. Nonetheless, it made an interesting case in retrospect wherein Cermia of ''[=E7=]'' was seen as an {{expy}} of Mii from ''Bofuri''. * PanderingToTheBase: Well, ''Epic Seven'' is not that different from all of the popular anime gacha games anyway - The devs seem to churn out more female playable characters than the male ones, even when it comes to events or limited-time skins. What do you expect from an {{Otaku}} culture of gacha gamers, not to mention the fact that the other popular gachas have proven that female characters make a ton of revenue than males? Unfortunately, for some vocal ''Guilty Gear'' fans who expected Ky Kiske to be playable on the {{crossover}} event's rerun on 2020 (expecting that at least, the three main characters of the ''Guilty Gear'' series - Sol, Ky, and Dizzy, would be present in the collab), they blame this trope as the reason for why Elphelt got in instead of Ky. * PlayTheGameSkipTheStory: Apart from memes, there aren't that much serious online content or in-depth discussions about the game's lore, due to a number of reasons such as the game using several [[ClicheStorm tried and overused tropes and cliches]], the fact that the story dialogue themselves are short and get split between fighting random monsters (which the older gachas ''used'' to have), and most importantly the fact that there was no Story Journal for most of the game's early months, meaning that you can't even re-watch scenes in-game once you've finished reading (or skipped them) in those days. Plus most of the time is spent in grinding better gear, min-maxing and leveling up your units. In fact, try asking if the players know the backstories or even surnames of the characters, you'll be getting more character guides than character lore when you do so.* PortmanteauCoupleName: The Luluca/Violet shipping often gets called simply as "Luvio".* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: Some developers notes even reveal that their priority list in [[BalanceBuff buffing characters]] are those who are ''underused'' in most endgame content, whether it may be in PVE or PVP. These characters are buffed in hopes of the playerbase using them more often than the meta-defining, [[GameBreaker game-breaker]] units and to break the players out of such complacency on relying on meta heroes.* SacredCow: While the game is known for its [[SugarWiki/VisualEffectsOfAwesome gorgeous graphics, animation, and fast engine]], the mentality of vocal fans praising this game above others and deflecting criticism was not appreciated by the veteran players of older gacha communities, which led to a FandomRivalry between ''Epic Seven'' and a lot of gacha game communities, especially during 2018-2019. A part of the general English-speaking gacha communities thought that maybe, the ''Epic Seven'' defenders in the fanbase are too invested in the game's graphics alone, that they don't easily notice the flaws in their game than the veteran gacha gamers do.* ScrappyMechanic:** The game lacks a multi-pull feature in the gacha. This can be evident if you are making hundreds of draw attempts in one session, you have to tap the screen hundreds of times. God help you if you just desire that one specific character from their banner but are so unlucky that you have to reach the [[AntiFrustrationFeatures 121 draws safety net for the guaranteed pull]]. Another [=QoL=] was added in an update to skip the "draw again" prompt, thus saving some time and taps, but the fact still remains... It's tedius to do one-by-one draws from the gacha. Players found it odd that while the Frendship Summons, and the Selective Summons on the tutorial does have 10x draws in one tap, all other draw mechanics in this game are done one at a time. This complaint mostly comes from those who've played other gachas before ''Epic Seven'' though.** The Gold Unequip costs can turn into one of the most expensive {{Money Sink}}s in the game as it would turn out to be very resource-consuming if you find yourself constantly swapping gears between characters, especially if these are endgame gears (Level 70 and Level 85 gears respectively cost 25,000 and 50,000 gold '''per piece''' just to unequip). Consequently, this causes the players to develop the mentality of holding off their gear-swapping and character optimization plans only when there are Free Unequip events, since you could easily burn out ''millions'' of gold if you want to remove and replace entire sets of dozens of your characters when you do so outside of these Free Unequip events.** The layers of [[RandomNumberGod RNG]] on gears. It is a major turn-off for players who simply want to see some clear progress in exchange for the time played, effort and gold spent. The multiple RNG factors on even just a single gear (especially when you are enhancing it), makes it difficult to min-max stats. It doesn't help that there are specific stats such as Effectiveness and Effect Resistance that are treated as [[DumpStat unwanted or situational]] by the general playerbase. It is possible to receive a gear with decent stats at first to end up being worthless or situational when fully enhanced... or if the gear's substats don't somehow complement the main stat or its set.** There are also complaints against the game's Promotion mechanics, especially if the player promotes a Hero to 6★. It is common to hear these kinds of complaints backed by the FakeLongevity trope, which is somehow seen as an artificial lengthening of the grind just to raise a character to their highest base stats.** On the fourth quarter of 2019, several updates were frowned upon by the veterans of the playerbase, deeming them as unnecessary or just adds in to the monotonous grind. Specifically, Pets needed a currency known as Homemade Snacks just to utilize the [[GameplayAutomation Auto-Lap]] feature, the initial Equipment Conversion feature was unsatisfactory, and the rewards of the World Boss update were generally overwhelming, mostly just giving you a pittance of gold. The Real-Time Arena also had a bad rep as [[ComplacentGamingSyndrome players would just mostly stick]] to the meta-defining, GameBreaker, or overpowered characters. Several updates were made in an attempt to alleviate the playerbase's concerns, but unfortunately, only ''after'' the game had been review-bombed on the Google Play store, lowering its ratings for several months.* ScrappyWeapon: This trope can be purely subjective on the players' parts, since the importance of the gears' stats vary depending on the players needs.** But in general, green-tiered equipment are only seen as placeholder gear for newbies. End-game players fodder said green gears without hesitation to boost their other high-rarity gears, or just sell them for extra gold.** This also applies to high-tier gear that are seen as {{Junk Rare}}s due to their underwhelming stat rolls, especially if the RNG-enhanced stat doesn't boost the Hero's preferred playstyle. For example, gears with high offensive stats like Attack, Critical Chance and Critical Damage aren't used on Tamarinne because she's a healer.** During the game's initial year or so, any right-side gear (necklaces, rings, and boots) that have flat main stats were treated as scrappy, because at that time, percentage-based main stats are generally stronger that whatever values the flat main stat gave on the same enhancement level. Until a later update on 2019 [[BalanceBuff buffed the values]] of flat main stats to catch up, or even exceed percentage-based stats depending on the Hero.* SelfImposedChallenge: As with any gacha game, some players take the extra step of beating hard content using lower rarity characters, even using 1-2★ mob characters. This is because gears and artifacts determine the character's overall strength, not just by the unit's rarity nor levels alone. Say, you have end-game offensive gears, you can freely equip them on your lower-level / lower-rarity heroes and watch them wreak havoc to enemies since there's no such thing as LevelLockedLoot in this game!* SpecialEffectsFailure: If you have played as Elphelt in ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' and/or have watched her "Magnum Wedding" Instant Kill animation, you'll notice that there's something missing in the skill's animation here in ''Epic Seven''. In her origin series, the enemy usually [[CharmPoint falls in love with her, complete with heart eyes]]. But in this game, the opponent's reaction is merely their "stunned" animation. Granted, it's understandable that the opponent's animation isn't unique per character, because the two games run on different engines, and that it's impossible to animate a very situational scene for every single Hero in the game.* ThatOneSidequest: While majority of the Specialty Change Quests require some long time and grind investment enough as they are, some stand out as these:** Commander Lorina's quests can be the longest as one objective requires killing 10,000 enemies (While there can only be up to 9 enemies on a single stage, this means that the player has to complete at least 1,000 stages). Another objective requires completing 50 Urgent Missions (Those that only pop up randomly after completing an Adventure stage, with quite a low chance of occurence), making it a LuckBasedMission. Thus, the rate at which you get Urgent Missions determines how slow or how fast you are able to Spec Change Lorina. It got to the point wherein guides suggest maxing Lorina to Level 50 as soon as you get her for free as a beginner, so that you would naturally, but slowly be completing her objectives while you are still stuck in the early Adventure stages.** Chaos Inquisitor has a requirement where you must acquire 1 Mercenary's Medicine catalyst in battle. Yes, you need to obtain a RareRandomDrop, so this quest borders more into a LuckBasedMission. Crafting or trading the catalyst doesn't count, you need to get one that is '''dropped''' by the enemy. Good luck praying to RNG if you want to achieve this quest soon. This RNG factor involved within, is also one of the reasons why players usually hold off Butcher Corps Inquisitor's Specialty Change quest to Chaos Inquisitor, in favor of other more straightforward Specialty Change quests.* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: The decision to [[{{Bowdlerise}} censor]] the animation of Elphelt's "Magnum Wedding". Avid ''Guilty Gear'' fans who tried out this game [[JustHereForGodzilla just because of this collab]] expressed disappointment, especially since if ''Epic Seven'' already had a lot of {{Fanservice}} shots on their original characters, then why not keep the fanservice that the third-party character has? To their defense, ''E7'' fans state that the animation of a Hero's third skill/ultimate is not that long, especially if it's compared to ''Guilty Gear Xrd''[='=]s long "Instant Kill" animations, therefore, it is expected that the animation would be shortened. Additionally, this opinion is OlderThanTheyThink (see that trope above for details).* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter: Nilgal and Tenebria, the other two Acolytes, receive far less screen time and attention than Kayron, who is more or less the heroes' primary opposition alongside Vildred, despite the latter not even being an Acolyte like the former two. Nilgal gets this even worse than Tenebria, as he is killed in the same chapter he is introduced, as well as being beaten at an earlier point in time than the other villains and not even being playable.** This eventually changed in regards to Tenebria, who is arguably a VillainProtagonist during the "Chaotic Moon Festival" event.* TierInducedScrappy:** Dizzy from the ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' {{crossover}} event has brought in a lot fan of debates concerning the game design thoughts of the developers, just because she's that [[GameBreaker strong]] for a collab unit, mainly for the large amounts of debuffs that she can give the opponent in her attacks, and said attacks are all [[AreaOfEffect AoE]]! Well obviously, if you got her, you would be happy as you have a GameBreaker in your hands, but those who haven't got her in the gacha nor have been around during the event? Good luck finding ways to counter her, even if you would see a lot of Dizzy in the PVP defense teams. Dizzy can actually be countered, but it requires characters than can dispel all debuffs, heal themselves, and deal a substantial amount of damage in retaliation. The problem is that she has quite a few counters, and Violet being one of the prime examples that can deal with her. This also adds another layer of problems wherein the ones that can counter Dizzy are mostly 4★ and 5★ units, which require the player to pull from the gacha - No 3★ units are built to effectively destroy Dizzy. Some players also believed that the devs just made a GameBreaker unit just to force players to pull for them in a limited gacha (thus ''forcing the players to spend''), otherwise unlucky players would be gimping themselves if they won't.** In general, the Moonlight Heroes (Light and Dark elemental units) are more sought after in the gacha over the basic Fire, Earth and Ice units since Moonlight Heroes are extremely rare and hard to come by, making them more like novelty rewards or a BraggingRightsReward that proves the player's extreme luck. Other than that, the Light/Dark Heroes are [[InfinityPlusOneElement mutually advantaged and disadvantaged only with each other]] thanks to the ElementalRockPaperScissors mechanics. This makes them viable even against Fire, Earth and Ice enemies, especially the Wyvern and Golem Hunts that a majority of players farm their end-game gears in.* ToughActToFollow: "Eulogy for a Saint" is regarded by the fanbase as the best side story written for this game, and any subsequent story events are getting compared to this one whether they actually hold up or not.* UnexpectedCharacter:** If you were in the sides who expected that either I-No or Ky Kiske would be the next {{crossover}} character for the 2020 re-run of the ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' event as the most probable candidates, this trope applies to you, for the character in the re-run is Elphelt Valentine instead.** Yet another crossover character. On June 2020, it was revealed that WebAnimation/KizunaAi would be the next collab for ''Epic Seven''. Generally, plenty of this game's players weren't expecting this at all, or simply the possibility that this game would collaborate with a Virtual YouTuber in the first place.* ViewerGenderConfusion:** ''Prince'' Aither is oftentimes confused for being a female due to how he dresses. His hairstyle, expressions, and way of speaking are also reminiscent to that of a female's.** Like Aither, it's easy to mistake Lots for a girl, especially during the 2019 Summer event where the title screen shows him in a SexyBacklessOutfit.* SugarWiki/VisualEffectsOfAwesome: The animation and artworks are some of the best ever created for any forms of 2D media, let alone a mobile video game.* WereStillRelevantDammit:** The Website/{{Pixiv}} fanart contest on 2020 was a nice way to boost the game's presence on social media, especially for the fanartists and anime fans, but skeptics think that this is merely just the management's tactic to boost the game's presence in Japan, or catch up with the popular gacha games in that country in terms of Japanese-tagged fanarts.** To a similar extent, this was also one of the quickest or initial reactions to the WebAnimation/KizunaAi {{crossover}} announcement on June 3, 2020, with claims or fan theories stating that the collab would just be publisher Yostar's attempt to [[WinBackTheCrowd win back the portion of the Japanese playerbase]] who seem to have forgotten the game five months after its launch in the country. It was also believed that the collab is indeed specifically targetted to attract newcomers from the Japanese audience more than the Western side.* WinBackTheCrowd:** The game was review-bombed on Google Play store at one point on late 2019 until its rating dropped below 3 stars, but the devs promised a lot of changes to at least resolve the feedback and criticisms from its [[BrokenBase disgruntled or dissatisfied playerbase]] since that incident. Within 5-6 months, they did manage to bring back a significant, or vocal portion those who once quitted though, even if the rating never quickly recovered within that timespan to its highest point prior to the review bombing incident.** The announcement for the Kizuna Ai collab on June 3, 2020 quickly spawned worries and speculations from the playerbase as well, especially if Smilegate plans to release Ai-chan just a few weeks after the ''Guilty Gear'' rerun's banner, ''and'' if Ai-chan would be in the gacha, thus requiring the player to save up again if they want to guarantee having her after spending resources on the previous collab. On June 4, 2020, Smilegate [[ acknowledged that such speculations and discussions exist regarding Ai-chan's avalability]], thus they revealed that Ai-chan can be obtained simply by logging in during the event.----


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