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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛[[caption-width-right:350:Why So Serious?]]˛˛''Batman'' is a PhysicalPinballTable designed by Creator/GeorgeGomez and released by Creator/SternPinball in 2008.˛˛Despite the title, the game is primarily based on [[Film/TheDarkKnight the second movie]] in Creator/ChristopherNolan's ''Film/TheDarkKnightTrilogy'', with the player as Batman out to stop the Joker and the Scarecrow from terrorizing Gotham City's key political figures. Recruit Commissioner Gordon and Lucius Fox, gather equipment from the [=WayneTech=] arsenal, then rescue Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes from the Joker. Race the Batmobile off Gotham bridge and beef up the Bat-Pod's abilities, but watch out for the Scarecrow as he swings the crane around the playfield. When the Bat Signal lights up, answer the call for both the Bat Signal Challenge and Gotham City Multiball.˛˛The original release of the game was incomplete, with some of the game modes being overly simplistic, sound cutoffs, and the absence of any sort of WizardMode. This was eventually addressed two years later, when programmer Lyman Sheats released a software update that fixed numerous issues, including the addition of a "Gotham City Multiball" finale.˛˛In 2010, Stern released a limited number of "Standard Model" ''Batman'' tables through Costco as part of an attempt at reaching the mass market with a cheaper alternative ($700 lower than the original's price). The "Standard" game is almost the same as the arcade ("Pro") model, but without the rotating Joker reveal cylinder, the teetering Batmobile bridge, and the [=WayneTech=] mini-playfield, and with assorted software changes to match. Reportedly, only 48 of the "Standard" tables were released, making it an extremely rare (but sparse) collectable for the die-hard ''Batman'' fan.˛˛----˛!!This ''Batman'' pinball demonstrates the following tropes:˛* ArtShift: The digital display mixes standard animated graphics with clips from the movie.˛* AscendedExtra: The Scarecrow is much more prominent here than in ''Film/TheDarkKnight''.˛* BankRobbery: "Joker Multiball" starts by showing Joker's gang robbing a bank.˛* BatSignal: Played straight, as the bat signal on the playfield lights up to indicate the "Bat Signal Challenge" and "Gotham City Multiball".˛* CanonForeigner: The Scarecrow's crane, which did not appear in ''Film/TheDarkKnight''.˛%% * CoolBike: The Bat-Pod, prominently displayed on the cabinet sides.˛%% * CoolCar: The Batmobile, natch.˛* DiscOneNuke: The Batmobile Hurry-Up can be worth an absurd amount of points by selecting the Batmobile Skill Shot on the plunge, lighting a multiplier on that shot before starting the Hurry-Up, repeatedly shooting the right orbit to increase its value, shooting the left orbit again to double the Hurry-Up, and collecting it. It is possible to get '''a billion''' points in 35 shots (31 of which are the right orbit).˛* EmergingFromTheShadows: On the original ''Batman'' table, the Joker is hidden by a black cylinder; the outer shell rotates away during gameplay to reveal him. Averted with the "Standard Edition" table, which removes the mechanism.˛* EnemyDetectingRadar: In the "Locate the Joker" mission, Batman uses a handheld scanner to track the Joker as he runs around.˛* GetBackHereBoss: "Scarecrow Attack", which requires the player to hit the crane's wrecking ball as it moves around the playfield.˛* IndyEscape: Invoked by the Gotham bridge seesaw mechanism, which has the Batmobile outrunning a gigantic (relative to its scale) pinball.˛* KnifeNut: The Joker, who's flashing his knives in some of the animations.˛* LevelGrinding: Collecting some of the characters requires repeating key shots over and over, with Lucius Fox[[note]]shoot the Batmobile ramp three times to enable [=WayneTech=], shoot it again to get some weapons, then repeat[[/note]] being the worst offender.˛* MyCard: The Joker's playing card jokers.˛* NotQuiteStarring: The unidentified voice actors who replaced the movie actors. Oddly, the game uses a mix of movie clips and re-recorded dialog, making the transition more jarring.˛* NotTheFallThatKillsYou: "Rescue Rachel", where Rachel is falling from the top of a skyscraper, and Batman swings in to rescue her without even a bruise.˛* ObviousBeta: Some aspects of the original game software are clearly incomplete, with the missing WizardMode being the most obvious example. Eventually addressed in the mid-2010 software update, however.˛* OffTheShelfFX: The playfield is decorated with ''Dark Knight'' action figures, and the Batmobile is from Mattel's ''Hot Wheels'' line.˛* ScoreMultiplier: Everywhere. The Skill Shot will double the value of the Batmobile, Joker, or Scarecrow for that ball. If all three are selected at least once then the player is awarded Double Bonus. "Light Multipliers" can be activated by shooting the small target near the left orbit a certain number of times or as a Mystery award. This lights the "Mini-Mine Multiplier"s. The next major shot that is shot will be doubled for the rest of the ball. Lighting another Mini-Mine Multiplier when they are all already lit will have that insert flash (instead of being solidly lit) and triple that shot.˛%% * ShoddyKnockoffProduct: The "Standard Edition" is seen by most fans as this.˛* SkillShot: Shoot the ball into the flashing rollover lane to receive one of three rewards.˛* SpellingBonus: B-A-T-M-A-N enables the various Bat Missions.˛* StealthPun: The crane is controlled by the Scarecrow, whose real name is Jonathan Crane.˛* WeaponizedCar: Or Weaponized Bike, rather. The player must collect three weapons upgrades for the Bat-Pod.˛* WizardMode:˛** Originally subverted; collecting all eight characters in the cast lit the Bat Signal for "Final Battle", but shooting the saucer to start it simply rewarded 100 million points. A proper Wizard Mode was eventually added in the 2010 update; the "Gotham City Challenge" starts off with a 50 million saucer shot, followed by a four-ball multiball mode. Drained balls can be restored by making major shots, and completing a certain number of shots enables the Super Jackpot bonus.˛** Played straight with "Bat Signal Challenge", a perfectly respectable sub-Wizard Mode. Enable the Scarecrow, the Joker, and the Batmobile, then shoot the saucer for a four-ball multiball. Make the three shots again to raise the jackpot, then shoot the saucer to collect the Super Jackpot.˛----


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