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1[[quoteright:350:[[ComicBook/XWingRogueSquadron]]]]˛[[caption-width-right:350:[- He was offered a [[MedalOfDishonor medal]], praised highly, and invited to [[ScrewTheWarWerePartying the orgy]]. He let his pilots indulge because it would be inhuman to deny them pleasure just before they're sent to die. But he's not happy.-] ]]˛˛->''"In all my travelling throughout the universe I have battled against evil, against power-mad conspirators. I should have stayed here. The oldest civilisation: decadent, degenerate, and rotten to the core!"''˛-->-- '''The Doctor''', ''Series/DoctorWho'', "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS23E4TheUltimateFoe The Ultimate Foe]]"˛˛A character who joins either the protagonists or antagonists. Not so much because he agrees with all their ideas as because he can no longer tolerate the opinions or actions of his old group. This is usually because their methods are [[EvenEvilHasStandards too extreme]], [[StupidEvil ineffectual]], or [[LawfulStupidChaoticStupid illogical]].˛˛Another major example is when the qualities he admired in his allies are lost by them. {{Proud Warrior Race Guy}}s sometimes defect if they feel their race talks a good talk but have become hypocritical cowardly jerks. So MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch, and even if they don't, the ''character'' Doth Protest Too Much. (Expect him to invoke the GoodOldWays as a defense for his own behavior. Sometimes attacked by others from his society on the grounds that GoodIsOldFashioned.)˛˛Sometimes this character is the RebelliousPrincess if this trope is the reason the princess ran away. May also be the BlackSheep or WhiteSheep. If the character is defecting from the antagonists (or at least from a group whose goals or methods are less than admirable), perhaps because they are a GuiltRiddenAccomplice, expect the former cronies to become AllOfTheOtherReindeer. Compare RebelliousRebel, ResignInProtest. Beware that one is not RewardedAsATraitorDeserves with a HeelFaceDoorSlam, though. Particularly likely to happen if a character finds out that they were TheOnlyBeliever in whatever cause or system has become so decadent and corrupt. See also EvilVirtues and MrViceGuy. Compare RageWithinTheMachine and CultDefector.˛˛%%If you have time, please take time to put examples in alphabetical order. This page Administrivia/HowToAlphabetizeThings should help you with that.˛----˛!!Examples:˛˛[[foldercontrol]]˛˛[[folder:Anime & Manga]]˛* Ralph in ''Anime/StrainStrategicArmoredInfantry'' goes to the Deague before the series because, it turns out, [[spoiler:the Union created [[HumongousMecha Strains]] by stealing technology from a race of [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld eternal lolis]] and then vivisecting them to study their PsychicPowers and [[PoweredByAForsakenChild use them to make Mimics]].]] Later on, [[spoiler:Ralph backstabs the Deague too, and Medlock, in desperation, runs to the Union because she's appalled by him.]]˛* This is how [[TeamMom Emma]] [[ActionGirl Sheen]] joined the AEUG in ''Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam'', although, she actually DID agree with the AEUG's ideas because they represent the ideas she THOUGHT she was fighting for with the Titans. After the murder of [[spoiler:Kamille's mother]] and being shown the colony gassing the Titans carried out before the series began, she realizes the Titans are massive assholes who only want to keep an iron grip on their power who only claim to be just defenders of peace.˛** Captain Bright also defects from the Federation forces to captain the AEUG's flagship. In fact, it's implied a fair number of the AEUG's forces are former Federation personnel who likewise defected... and a few of them took their ships with them.˛* In ''Manga/ChronoCrusade'', Chrono [[RebelliousRebel betrayed the Sinners]] after Aion ordered him to [[spoiler:kill Mary Magdalene, the girl he fell in love with]]. In the manga version when he first betrays Aion he hopes to go to the [[ChurchMilitant Magdalene Order]] not because he believes in their religion so much as he desperately needs their help to save someone he cared about from possession but fails to reach them in time. Both versions have him eventually joining the Order much later.˛* Dominic in ''Anime/EurekaSeven'', specially after [[spoiler: learning ''[[PlayingwithSyringes exactly]]'' how [[DarkActionGirl Anemone]] became the CutePsycho we know.]]˛* [[spoiler: Kadota, Walker and Erika]] from ''LightNovel/{{Durarara}}.'' They used to be part of the Blue Square gang. Then the gang's leader (Izumi Ran) kidnapped a rival gang leader's girlfriend, tortured her, and sent a runner over to [[spoiler:Kadota]] to ask him if he wanted to join in on the "fun" they were planning to have with her. [[spoiler:Kadota]] and his buddies decided they weren't part of the Blue Squares anymore. In fact, they decided that there wasn't going to ''be'' any Blue Squares anymore. Molotov Cocktails were involved.˛** Later in the series, [[spoiler:Izaya (under a pseudonym) incites a number of Dollars members to take two of Chikage's girlfriends hostage in retaliation for recent attacks by his gang (which were, themselves, retaliation for attacks misattributed to the Dollars). When Shizuo catches wind of this, he goes apeshit in classic Shizuo fashion before leaving the gang for good.]]˛* In ''Manga/OnePiece'', Luffy's childhood friend and [[BloodBrothers blood brother]] Sabo was this. Even though his parents were nobles, he was aware and grew disgusted at how selfish and arrogant they could get, not to mention the entire nobility of the island [[spoiler: crossing the MoralEventHorizon by trying to burn off a rubbish pile, which includes numerous villagers]]. He thus decides to run away by building a simple raft and start off his life as a pirate. [[spoiler: Too bad he got in the way of a World Noble and his raft was destroyed by the explosion. On the other hand, the timeskip revealed that he had actually survived and is now with Dragon's Revolutionaries, meaning that his desire to leave the nobility has come to fruition.]]˛** Fleet Admiral Sengoku became General Inspector Sengoku because he was getting old and didn't want to deal with the World Government anymore, which he realized was truly corrupt when they were willing to cover up a mass breakout of Level 6 criminals from Impel Down from the public because it would ''reflect badly on them''. Garp likewise ditched because of [[spoiler:Ace's death]]. [[spoiler:Aokiji]] also left after [[spoiler:Akainu]] became Fleet Admiral.˛** The only reason Nico Robin survived the Buster Call that wiped out the island of Ohara and everyone on it was that Marine Vice Admiral Jaguar D. Saul objected to the slaughter of unarmed civilians and defected, pulling a HeroicSacrifice so Robin could escape.˛** [[spoiler:Doflamingo]]'s father was a Tenryuubito until he decided to renounce the title to "live like real people". Note that his son did not take after him. Also note that the family outright went to hell after the defection. ˛** [[spoiler:Sanji]] is the only child in the family who chooses to be a pirate and a chef instead of living as a prince and taking part in his family's activities, though it's played with since technically, being a pirate is more decadent. [[spoiler:Had he not had empathy in the first place, he certainly wouldn't have made that choice]].˛* This is basically [[Anime/CodeGeass Lelouch's story]] from the moment he gets the cold shoulder from his father regarding the death of his mother Marianne and the crippling of his sister Nunnally. The subsequent exile to Japan, and invasion of said country only cements his desire to obliterate the Britannian Empire and deliver cold vengeance to his father.˛** Kallen could also be considered one for her rejection of her noble Britannian lineage in favor of Japan and her biological Japanese mother as well as her brother Naoto, who died fighting the Britannian occupation.˛* Treize Khushrenada from ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing'', who defects from OZ when [[spoiler: they embrace the idea of the unmanned Mobile Dolls]] and thus lose the qualities that Treize joined them to promote. [[spoiler: Treize eventually reverses this when he takes them back over.]]˛* ''Manga/DGrayMan'': ˛** In chapter 205, [[spoiler: Allen, having become disgusted with the methods of the higher-ups, has left the Order in order to find a better way to fight the Earl]].˛** [[spoiler: Kanda and Johnny]] have also become this to find the above person. ˛* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' ˛** Yoshino Soma is this towards the Bounts in the first {{Filler}} arc.˛** Souken Ishida spent years trying to convince the Soul Reapers that it was necessary for the Quincies and Soul Reapers to learn how to work together, but he could never make the Soul Reapers listen. He also taught Uryuu not to hate the Soul Reapers for their past massacre of the Quincies because the Quincies had been in the wrong. Quilge states to Ichigo that Souken and the Vandenreich were very aware of each other and that Souken completely rejected the Vandenreich's ways and methods. However, he refuses to clarify the subject any further and tries to bait Ichigo by dangling in front of him the truth that he's hiding important information about the Ishida family's history with the Vandenreich.˛* ''Manga/MyBrideIsAMermaid'': When Akeno discovers that [[spoiler: [[BigBad Yoshiuo]]]] only wanted her to break up Nagasumi and Sun so he could [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil have his way with Sun]], she turns on him.˛* While [[AntiVillain Fujimaru]] from ''Manga/SnowWhiteAndSevenDwarfs'' was TrappedInVillainy to begin with, he finally gains the strength to desert the government after meeting [[TheHero Takeru]] (simultaneously giving up his 'comfortable' life by becoming a fugitive in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo where only government employees are granted luxuries). Amusingly, despite the fact that Takeru actually wanted Fujimaru to join up with him, Fujimaru attempts to ditch ''both'' sides at the precise moment of his defection.˛* In ''Manga/MagiLabyrinthOfMagic'', Hakuryuu is presented as a NiceGuy, a contrast to the rest of the war-mongering and brutal Kou empire's royalty (excluding his sister Hakuei) and asks Sinbad for his assistance to stop them. [[spoiler: Subverted in that he doesn't care about what Kou empire does or doesn't do. He [[RevengeBeforeReason only wants to kill his mother]] for murdering his father and two brothers and is willing [[HeWhoFightsMonsters to shatter the Kou empire to do it]]. Which [[{{Irony}} ironically makes him worse than any of his siblings]].]]˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Audio Plays]]˛* In ''AudioPlay/{{Starboard}}'' the hero Reginald Barrington begins as a Duke of the xenophobic and oppressive Kingdom of Man, but quickly defects and joins an outlaw ship following an attempt on his life.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Comic Books]]˛* Franchise/DCUniverse:˛** The Daxamites, in addition to gaining powers similar to Franchise/{{Superman}} and ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} under a yellow sun but with a fatal weakness to lead instead of Kryptonite, also happen to be viciously xenophobic. Future Franchise/GreenLantern Sodom Yat was unique in that he wanted to go out into space. One day an alien named Tessog crash-landed on Daxam and the two quickly became friends. When Sodom's parents found out, they killed Tessog and ''brainwashed their own son'' into thinking Tessog was evil. Sodom only remembered what really happened after seeing his friend's ''stuffed and preserved corpse'' in a museum. He was so pissed off that he repaired Tessog's ship and vowed to leave Daxam forever. Then the Green Lantern ring found him. Sodom would only return to Daxam after learning from his mother (who had fled using Tessog's ship) that [[spoiler:the Sinestro Corps invaded it]]. And even then he demanded that she give thanks to Tessog for providing her a means of escape. Because Sodom Yat is a Green Lantern and a hero through and through he still [[spoiler:ended up making an apparent HeroicSacrifice to save the planet]].˛** Lar Gand/ComicBook/{{Valor}} (also known as Mon-El) is yet another Daxamite and member of the ''ComicBook/{{Legion Of Super-Heroes}}''. Although his backstory on Daxam wasn't nearly as traumatic, he pretty much became a fugitive for wanting to -- and escaping -- Daxam to travel the stars.˛** Laurel Gand, Mon-El's fellow Daxamite and Legionnaire. She was indoctrinated into the Daxamites' xenophobic teachings since birth and sent to be a SixthRangerTraitor for her people's planned genocide against humans, but saw the light and fought back against them.˛** The Daxamite ComicBook/WonderWoman gave the name Julia in [[ComicBook/WonderWoman1987 Volume 2]] refuses to even use a Daxamite langue, instead using English when she finally breaks her silence following her torture by the Sangtee Empire. She was captured trying to free Sangtee slaves, helps Diana's revolutionaries compelte the job, then travels the universe helping innocents, never returning to Daxam.˛* In ''ComicBook/GothamCityGarage'', ''[[ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} Kara Gordon]]'' worked as a computer technician overseeing ComicBook/LexLuthor's mind-control devices which kept his city's inhabitants under control, but she hated the job, the enclosed city and especially Lex Luthor. Then she nearly got assassinated because she saved a man's life. So she manages to run away and joins Natasha Irons' rebel faction.˛* ''ComicBook/XWingRogueSquadron'': This, and maybe a touch of DefeatMeansFriendship, is why Baron Soontir Fel left the Empire and joined Rogue Squadron. The page image is of him standing aloof in a celebration for a victory that he does not believe merited the name. Of course, the fact that he married Wedge Antilles' sister probably helped the switch along, too.˛* The ''Comicbook/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'' comics have a ProudWarriorRaceGuy example: Rohlan Dyre joins the main characters' group believing that the mandalorians are using unusually underhanded ways to goad the [[GoodRepublicEvilEmpire Galactic Republic]] into a fight.˛* In IDW's ''[[Comicbook/TheTransformersIDW Transformers Ongoing]]'', [[spoiler: Bumblebee]] convinces [[spoiler:Thundercracker]] to do this. [[spoiler: Thundercracker]] had already quit the Decepticons by this point, but this convinced him to become an ally of the Autobots. [[spoiler: Several years later he'd go on to formally join the Autobots]]. In the following years, [[spoiler: Megatron]], [[spoiler: Soundwave]], and [[spoiler: Skywarp]] would also leave the Decepticon cause, the former two to join the Autobots and the latter to join GI Joe of all things.˛* The ''ComicBook/{{Runaways}}'' start out living under the care of their obscenely wealthy parents. After discovering that money and prosparity are based on the murder of children they abandon them to be homeless rather that continue to benifit from it.˛* M'Gann, Miss Martian, from ''Franchise/TeenTitans''. She's a [[AlwaysChaoticEvil White Martian]] who began disguising herself as a Green Martian and became a hero. Her "White Martian" side is more of a SuperpoweredEvilSide nowadays.˛* Hans Von Hammer becomes this at the end of ''Comicbook/EnemyAce: War of Heaven''. When he discovers the truth about the death camps, he immediately leads his men in surrendering to the Allies, although he does destroy the prototype jets first.˛* ''ComicBook/CivilWar'': Franchise/SpiderMan is initially [[SuperRegistrationAct pro-registration]] to the extent that he [[SecretIdentity unmasks himself]] on national television. However, when he discovers that the non-registered supers the pro-registration faction are capturing are then banished to a [[PrisonDimension specially made prison in the Negative Zone]] without even a trial, he promptly defects to Captain America's side.˛* ''ComicBook/LegendsOfBaldursGate'': Krydle the thief is the son of Coran, a member of the Parliament of Peers, but he hated politics and inequality too much to live that life. Ironically, Coran was originally a thief himself. They remain estranged.˛* In ''ComicBook/MassEffectRedemption'': [[spoiler:Feron turns out to have been one of the Shadow Broker's agents, but he decided to help Liara recover Shepard's body because the Shadow Broker intended to sell the corpse to the Collectors, whom Feron despises.]]˛* ''ComicBook/HuntersHellcats'': In ''Our Fighting Forces'' #119, the Hellcats are parachuted into Berlin to extract a Nazi general and his daughter who wish to defect: the general feeling that he can longer stomach the actions of the Nazi high command.˛* ''ComicBook/WonderWoman1987'':˛** Following ComicBook/{{Darkseid}}'s attack, Hermes refuses to quit Earth like the other Olympians, and eventually joins Diana's (mostly mortal) supporting cast. At first, it's pretty clear he's trying to have his cake and eat it too, zooming around and using his remaining powers to dazzle and bribe the PunyEarthlings into worshiping him, but he eventually undergoes some pretty brutal BreakTheHaughty moments and starts losing his powers entirely.˛** Sakritt left the Dominators and their culture behind long before she was enslaved by the kreel, she even adopted her own name despite the Dominator stance of NoNeedForNames and talks about her people disparagingly on occasion with no desire to return to them.˛* ''ComicBook/MisfitCity'': [[spoiler:[[PirateGirl Black Mary]]]] is ultimately revealed to be this. [[spoiler:She was once a woman from Newburyport Massachusetts who married a fur trader named John Gray. However, when she found out he was willing to go through with orders from his company to wipe out Native American tribes and ransack their villages to get their fur and pelts, she ran off in his ship and became a pirate.]]˛* In ''ComicBook/TraggAndTheSkyGods'', Keera, the first officer of the Yargonian invaders, keeps musing about how the men of her race have lost all nobility, and how noble the savage Tragg is.˛* In one version of the ComicBook/FreedomFighters, the [[Franchise/{{Superman}} last survivor of Krypton]] landed in Nazi Germany and became Overman. Overman steamrolled the Allies and defeated Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, leading to the Nazis ruling the United States. However, Overman grew increasingly horrified and became disenchanted with the Nazis, leaving for space. His absence gave the Freedom Fighters a chance to return.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Fanfiction]]˛* ''Fanfic/ATriangleInTheStars'' has Peridot, whom Stan and Ford meet in Chapter Twenty-Three. Unlike Canon Peridot, she's always had doubts about whether she belonged to and in Homeworld, and disliked what her species did regularly. It's {{Downplayed}}, however, in that she goes along with her new crewmates because she's curious about them and Earth, and is rather happy helping them.˛* ''Fanfic/CodeGeassCorneliaOfTheDefection'' has the titular character herself join Lelouch's side as per the premise of the fic both because of his relations to [[TheKnightsWhoSaySquee her idol]] Marianne, and because her ideology conflicts with Britannia. ˛* ''Fanfic/{{Game Theory|LyricalNanoha}}'' has an original character who loathes her planet's oligarchical political system, and enlisted in [[TheFederation the TSAB]] at the first opportunity.˛* ''Fanfic/OnePieceParallelWorks'': Yuki-Rin ran away from her Tenryuubito parents so she could follow her dreams of becoming a pirate, and because she thought the lifestyle of the Nobles was cruel.˛* ''FanFic/RosarioVampireBrightestDarkness'': Dark Kuyumaya was once one of Fairy Tale's top agents, but when he discovered their anti-human agenda and their plans to destroy Yokai Academy for supporting monster/human coexistence, he ditched them.˛* ''[[ The (Questionable) Burdens of Leadership of a Troll Empeoror]]'' has the Ascended [[Franchise/StargateVerse Oma]] who has come to support Naruto and Xanna over her fellow Ascended/Ancients as the latter are more concerned with punishing anyone who violates their law of non-interference than with solving the problems they created.˛** This becomes even more apparent when the other Ancients try to forcibly descend her for revealing to the Tok'ra that the Ascended could have crushed the Goa'uld at any time but would rather stick to their policy of non-interference.˛* ''[[FanFic/IcedFairysANewWorld A New World]]'' portrays Kaguya, Eirin and Reisen as this, all having tired of Lunarian pretensions to being some sort of superior beings. Having forsaken Lunarian authority, Eientei, their palace, is marked as an important target for the invading Lunarian forces, who want them back to increase the invasion's legitimacy.˛* Taken UpToEleven in ''[[ Changelings, Changelings, Everywhere]]'' where almost the entire Changeling race fled to [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Ponyville]] and pretended to be a Pony, Pegasus, or Unicorn because they were tired of their race's wicked ways. When it's realized everypony in town is secretly a Changeling, one of them wonders if ponies even exist.˛* In the Manga/{{Bleach}} story ''[[ White]]'' both [[spoiler:Bazz B and Giselle]] plan on defecting to [[spoiler:Hueco Mundo]] because they realize they're nothing more than disposable pawns.˛* ''FanFic/ThisBites'': In the face of the Marines' undeniable corruption, [[spoiler:Smoker, Tashigi and Hina form the group Marine Integrity 3 (or [=MI3=]), to bring down the World Government and restore true justice to the Marines. Captain T-Bone and Vice Admiral Jonathan have since joined them, making it [=MI5=], and later, thanks to the Enies Lobby broadcast, Vice Admiral Tsuru joins them, making it [=MI6=].]]˛* ''FanFic/{{crawlersout}}'': Unaware of her past with the Dursleys (and her past in general), Tom Riddle comes to the conclusion that (Fem!)Harry is this. Harry comes from OldMoney and a rather influential pureblood family in Britain (the Potters). However, while rich, she has a job and has absolutely no contact with her blood family, and when interacting those of similar backgrounds such as the Washingtons, he sees that she is every bit as disgusted with the decadence -- she just hides it better and puts up with it for his sake. In reality, it's averted, as Harry was never a part of this class of society to begin with, having grown up in an abusive, middle-class household, and then spending her school years with working-class, yet loving Weasleys.˛* In the ''Fanfic/DoubleAgentVader'' universe, [[spoiler: Lorth Needa]] became TheMole for the Rebellion after the Empire destroyed Alderaan because it was his wife's homeworld and she lost her whole family. [[spoiler: When his cover's blown, Vader [[FakingTheDead pretends to kill him]] so that he and his family can flee to a Rebellion base.]]˛* ''Fanfic/EarthsAlienHistory'':˛** The Asari Diaspora which begins after the Mekon War is partly a result of progressive Asari getting sick of the stagnation brought about by the ruling conservative-minded Matriarchs, and leaving the Republics for more open-minded polities.˛** During the Five Galaxies War, the Tymbrimi and Tytlal defect from the Five Galaxies to the [[TheAlliance Terran Treaty Organization]] because they're disgusted by the small-mindedness of the other Galactics.˛* In the ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' fanfic ''Fanfic/WorldsApart'', when Buffy tells Wesley that the Council can consider themselves closed if the Scoobies can’t ask them for help in curing Angel of a fatal poison, Wesley decides to quit from the Council himself, refusing to associate himself with men like his father and Quentin Travers who would basically torture a teenage girl in the name of an abstract test and would let his closest friend die just because Angel isn’t human.˛* In the MagicalGirl CrisisCrossover ''FanFic/ShatteredSkiesTheMorningLights'', [[Franchise/SailorMoon Sailor Iron Mouse]] surrenders and begs the heroes for asylum when they infiltrate [[LegionOfDoom Dead End's]] palace. She explains that [[BigBad Joker]] is [[OmnicidalManiac omnicidal]] enough that it triggers a fit of EvenEvilHasStandards in her, and she's sick of being Dead End's ButtMonkey. She gets her asylum, all right, but she in no way stops being a ButtMonkey.˛* Tashigi in ''[[ Blood Man Luffy]]'' joins the Straw Hats after Alabasta out of disgust for how Smoker was acting, including demonizing the Straw Hats despite them being ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything.˛* In ''Fanfic/NineMinutes'', after facing a military tribunal for showing the Straw Hats mercy for saving Alabasta, Tashigi defects from the Marines, realizing that the higher-ups only cared about making an example of someone for the Marines' failure to stop the Straw Hat pirates. Upon joining the Straw Hats, Tashigi is given a higher bounty than even Sanji.˛* In ''Fanfic/{{SAPR}}'', Blake Belladonna leaves the White Fang because of her differing moral convictions much like she does in canon ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'', but unlike there she gets wrapped up in [[TradingBarsForStripes an Atlesian penal soldier scheme to avoid jail time]], and as she works alongside the Atlesian Huntress team RSPT and interacts with the people of the northern kingdom she finds in Atlas everything that she thought she had in the White Fang and more. So she decides to enlist in their military full time as soon as the terms of her conscription are fulfilled. The chapter "Prologue II: Scattered Points of Light" sees her graduating from Atlas Academy and becoming a specialist in the military. ˛** In that same story [[MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Gilda Swiftwind]] eventually decides that the White Fang isn't worth fighting for either, but unlike Blake she instead goes and pledges her service to [[spoiler:House Belladonna]].˛* ''Fanfic/JWITCHSeason1'' has an example from its backstory: the four strongest members of Shendu's dragon army grew weary of their master's oppressive ways, but they continued serving him until Xin Jing begged them to help China's suffering people. They then joined her in fighting against him, eventually sacrificing themselves to create the Heart of Kandrakar, which Lo Pei used to seal Shendu in stone.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Film — Animated]]˛* Dr. Noah and Shua in ''Animation/SkyBlue'' both left Ecoban — Noah in protest at its environmental impact, and Shua because he was framed for a murder. Jay becomes one over the course of the film, and [[spoiler:Cade]] does at the very end.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Film — Live-Action]]˛* Isabella, the French princess in ''Film/{{Braveheart}}''. While it's true she never actually participated in the English atrocities in Scotland, she is nominally loyal to King Edward at first (he ''is'' her father-in-law, after all); after gradually becoming disillusioned with the motives of Edward and his allies, she begins to clandestinely aid the Scottish rebels, and ultimately [[spoiler:bears William Wallace's illegitimate child]] (which was ArtisticLicenseHistory, but never mind).˛* In ''Film/CaptainMarvel2019'', [[spoiler:Mar-Vell is the only sympathetic Kree we encounter in the film, seeking the Tesseract to provide a means of the Skrulls escaping from her people who are intent on committing genocide on the rather helpless shapeshifters. Upon hearing the truth, Carol does the same.]]˛* In ''Film/{{Condorman}}'', although Natalia is primarily a DefectorFromCommieLand, it's implied that her actual reasons for doing so are based more on this trope, as her boss Krokov is a JerkAss.˛* Walter Matthau has this to say to the protagonist of ''Film/AFaceInTheCrowd''. It's the nudge she needs to abandon her client, the "Demagogue in Denim":˛-->"Marcia, you're the locker room where he eases up after the fight -- win or lose. You're the shock absorber for collisions with ex-wives, models, new wives, and assorted tramps. You're the little wheel without which the express called 'Lonesome Rhodes' plunges off the track and leaps to destruction."˛* ''Film/FreeStateOfJones'': Newton Knight, who leads Jones County in rebellion against the Confederacy along with a number of other disillusioned Confederate deserters.˛* By the end of ''Film/GreenRoom'', [[spoiler: neo-Nazi {{mook|s}} Gabe [[MookFaceTurn ends up siding with]] Pat and Amber--the last two survivors of the group of protagonists--and helps them escape from the danger, as he had to spend a whole night witnessing the full extent of Darcy and the skinheads' evildoing and simply doesn't want to go to prison for being involved]].˛* ''Film/HeadlessHorseman'': Candy, who decides that she has had had enough of Wormwood's murdering ways and helps the teens escape on the proviso that they take her with them. It is also revealed that she is the only person in town who is not a descendant of Calvin Montgomery.˛* In ''Film/TheHungerGamesMockingjayPart1'', Cressida and her team deserted the capitol to join the rebels.˛-->'''Plutarch''': She was one of the most up and coming documentors in the capitol.\˛'''Cressida''': Until I up and left.˛* ''Film/TheLastDrop'': Voller and his men have had it with being used as canon fodder by sadistic senior officers and are trying to grab what they can and RunForTheBorder. ˛* ''Film/NothingButTrouble'': Chief Dennis Valkenheiser is shown to object somewhat to his J.P. grandfather's severe punishments of even non-criminals. He eventually decides to resign and take a job offer from the rich Brazilian brother and sister by helping them escape.˛* ''Franchise/StarWars'':˛** In the prequel trilogy, Count Dooku left the Jedi because he felt the organization had decayed and were not taking seriously his warnings that the Sith were still around. It transpired that this was a lie, as he had in fact fallen to the Dark Side and joined the Sith before openly leaving the Jedi Order.˛** In ''[[Literature/StarWarsBladeSquadron Blade Squadron]]'', Rebel pilot Braylen Stramm is a former Imperial officer who defected after growing tired of orders that revolved around oppressing local defenseless populations.˛** ''Film/TheForceAwakens'': One of the main characters, Finn, is a Stormtrooper who was ForcedIntoEvil by being kidnapped and raised to be a fanatical soldier, but unlike others, he hated what they wanted him to be and do and so deserted the first chance he got.˛** [[spoiler:General Hux]] leaks information to the republic in ''Film/TheRiseOfSkywalker'' not out of sympathy for the republic but because, in [[spoiler: his]] own words, [[spoiler: he]] wants Kylo Ren to lose.˛* [[spoiler:Jetfire]] in the second live-action ''Film/{{Transformers|Revenge of the Fallen}}'' film.˛** Also Wheelie, due to a combination of being more scared of Mikaela than he was of Megatron, and being physically aroused by her. Who isn't?˛* In ''Film/WarCraft2016'', [[spoiler:Alodi]] suggests that Khadgar has run away from Kirin Tor because he could see decadence growing within it, even if he couldn't really name what didn't feel right.˛* In ''Film/TheWindThatShakesTheBarley'', a Scottish soldier of Irish parentage pulls a MookFaceTurn and joins the IRA after witnessing the brutal treatment of the Irish by the British state; a particularly twisted SecretTestOfCharacter, a brutal interrogation session and the planned execution of a number of captured rebels are what pushes him over the edge.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Literature]]˛!!!'''In General:'''˛* Quite a few works of dystopian fiction make the protagonist into this. In ''Literature/NineteenEightyFour'', ''Literature/{{Fahrenheit 451}}'', and ''Film/{{Equilibrium}}'', the protagonist starts as an active agent of the dystopian regime, but over the course of the plot turns against his society, whether successfully [[DownerEnding or not]]. You can almost apply this to ''Literature/LogansRun'' and ''Literature/BraveNewWorld'', though in the former the protagonist is unwillingly exiled from his society while in the latter the point-of-view character introduced at the beginning is swapped for a fish-out-of-water protagonist about halfway through the book.˛!!!'''By Author:'''˛* Creator/TomClancy: Any Soviet defector in a Tom Clancy novel. They are usually high-ranking military officers, politicians, or KGB agents who decide that the Soviet Union is not deserving of loyalty.˛** Captain Marko Ramius in ''Literature/TheHuntForRedOctober'' had become disgusted with the USSR's political system, as his wife died from a botched medical procedure, and the physician was not reprimanded because [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveConnections he was the relative of a ranking Party member]]. He was also disturbed by the destructive potential of the titular ship, "a ship which had but one use", as he puts it.˛!!!'''By Work:'''˛* In ''{{Literature/Uprooted}}'', The Dragon was entirely entangled in the shallow intrigues of the court until meeting the witch Raven, who protected the borders of the kingdom against the [[GardenOfEvil The Wood]]. [[spoiler: she's taken by the Wood and is used to make a [[PoweredByAForsakenChild corrupted Heart Tree]]. After he finds and {{MercyKill}}'s her, he realizes how big a threat the Wood actually is and takes on the role of protector, eschewing the court to the point where he refuses to step foot in the place]]. ˛* In ''Literature/AlasBabylon'', Randy's brother Mark mentions a Russian general who defected to the U.S. after realizing that his government was prepared to begin a [[WorldWarIII nuclear World War]] despite the certainty of [[ mutually assured destruction]]. Mark even calls the general a ''patriot'', since his defection was only because he wanted to prevent his country from foolishly destroying itself.˛* Geronima "Hero" de Vera of ''Literature/AmericaIsNotTheHeart'', who grew up as part of the landed, privileged, petty-oligarch de Vera family in the Ilocos region of the northern {{UsefulNotes/Philippines}}, but who left the shadow of privilege during Martial Law to join a rebel movement fighting the dictatorship of then-Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos (who, being Ilocano himself, was not only staunchly supported by the de Vera clan as a whole, but is actually distantly related to them by marriage).˛* In the ''TabletopGame/{{Battletech}}'' novel ''Exodus Road'', ProudWarriorRaceGuy Trent defects from his Clan when he feels it's been tainted by political intrigue. This helps set off a chain of events that leads to the utter destruction of the Smoke Jaguar Clan.˛* In the ''Literature/BelisariusSeries'', there's [[spoiler: Kungas and his Kushan squad]], another group of [[spoiler: Kushan troops captured by Belisarius]], and finally [[spoiler: Damodara, Rana Sanga and his entire Rajput and Ye-tai army]].˛* In the Literature/BookOfExodus, Moses was saved from the Egyptian pharaoh's culling of the Hebrews and was adopted into the pharaoh's family. As an adult, after seeing the abuse the Hebrews suffered as slaves, he fled from Egypt and settled down with his own people before carrying out God's will and liberating the Hebrews from slavery.˛* In Jeramey Kraatz's ''Literature/TheCloakSociety'', Alex and some others leave the Cloak Society. [[spoiler:So did the original founder of the Rangers.]]˛* ''Literature/CodexAlera'': Fidelias initially turns traitor against Gaius Sextus when he believes that the First Lord is too weak and it's better that the strong Lord Aquitaine be in position to seize the throne rather than allow TheEmpire to fall apart in civil war and foreign invasion. When he learns that [[spoiler:Tavi is the rightful heir]] and a hell of a lot better person than either Lord or Lady Aquitaine, he dumps them.˛* ''Literature/DorianHawkmoon'': Dorian Hawkmoon, the Duke of Köln, another incarnation of the Eternal Champion, finds an unlikely ally in his fight for freedom in the [[EvilBrit Granbretanic]] [[AristocratsAreEvil aristocrat]] d'Averc. d'Averc is fond of affecting the appearance of a decadent effete courtier and hypochondriac to the point of cliché. However, there is every indication that it's just for show, and that d'Averc is quite tough, strong and shrewd, not to mention a superb swordsman and duelist and a DeadpanSnarker (and secret romantic). Although cheerfully untroubled by moral considerations, d'Averc is not as utterly amoral (nor borderline insane) as most of his fellow Granbretans. In fact, he seems disgusted at the decadence and violence of the tyrannical Granbretan [[TheEmpire Dark Empire]], and defects to help Hawkmoon and Count Brass.˛* In the ''Literature/ErebusSequence'', some nobles in Demesne don't think much of the way it's run. Stephania Prospero, in particular, defies her mother and supports attempts at reform. At the end of the second book, she has to flee, but doesn't think she'll miss the place much.˛* Raamo, Neric, and Genaa in the ''Literature/GreenSkyTrilogy''. Neric already checked out mentally, and was looking for allies. Raamo steadfastly ''refuses'' to believe he's above and apart from other Kindar, and while Neric had doubts about Genaa, she turned out to be more like her [[spoiler:exiled]] father than anyone suspected. The whole thing turned out to be [[spoiler:a whopper of a BatmanGambit on behalf of High Priestess D'ol Falla, who was looking for a way to atone for some horrible mistakes she made in her youth. The only ones who could set things right were those who could taste power and ''walk away'' from it.]]˛* ''Literature/TheElricSaga'': Prince Elric of Melniboné, the titular AntiHero and one of the incarnations of the [[ChosenOne Eternal Champion]] in Creator/MichaelMoorcock's fantasy universe. In his case, his whole ''race'' was infamous for being callous, sadistic and decadent slaveholders (although we get to meet a few Melniboneans who are not malicious and underhanded, most notably Elric's fiancée and the pragmatic dragonriders). Elric, himself a powerful sorcerer, had grown so weary with his people's banal wickedness that he left Imrryr The Dreaming City, but later returned with a fleet of human warships to destroy it, razing the last remnant of a once proud and ancient civilization.˛* The ''Literature/FirebirdTrilogy''˛** ''Firebird'': Firebird, who requested asylum from the Federacy as protest against her homeworld of Netaia killing massive amounts of Verohan civilians and rendering Veroh uninhabitable.˛** ''Crown of Fire'': [[spoiler:Terza Shirak]], who left the Shuhr primarily to save the life of her daughter, but also because she had never fully agreed with their callousness towards human life.˛* [[FountainOfExpies Famously]], Drizzt Do'urden, of ''Literature/TheLegendOfDrizzt'', one of the few Drow to forsake their society and live to tell about it. He became increasingly disillusioned with his race after witnessing one atrocity after another. After his mother [[spoiler: murders his father Zaknafein to appease [[GodOfEvil Lolth]], just because Drizzt refused to murder a ''child'']], then has the audacity to [[spoiler: offer Drizzt Zak's old job, and treat it like a ''prize'']] Drizzt finally snaps, and says ScrewThisImOuttaHere.˛** Drizzt's father Zaknafein was just as disgusted, but never made the choice to leave, or even seem to have considered it an option. Drow are raised on tales of how terribly the surface world is after all, and even Drizzt only went there because it was the only place he didn't think his family would follow.˛* ''Literature/HeraldsOfValdemar'':˛** Captain Alberich of Karse presents an arguable subversion. Although he was deeply troubled by the [[CorruptChurch corruption of his homeland's ruling theocracy]], its practice of letting bandits run free in the borderlands to provide cover for raids against the [[Literature/HeraldsOfValdemar demon-riders]] to the north, and the not-so-occasional burning of those with [[PsychicPowers 'witch-powers']], he did not defect to Valdemar so much as get [[CallToAdventure shanghaied by]] one of the [[CoolHorse "White Demons"]] the place was known for. But once he saw the truth of things for himself, he devoted his life to protecting the ''real'' good guys.˛** [=OTOH=], he ''was'' only snatched after he was beaten and locked in a shed, which was then set on ''[[BurnTheWitch fire]]'' by his own forces on the order of a prelate after his own less-than-controlled "witch-powers" allowed him to rescue a Karsite hamlet from a nasty bandit raid.˛* In book 19 of the ''Literature/HonorHarrington'' series, Damien Harahap (AKA Firebrand) is captured by the Grand Alliance. He decides to come clean and fully cooperate with them, realizing that he was nothing more than a tool to the Mesans. Things go even more fully in this direction when he ends up being adopted by a treecat named Clean Killer (who was originally assigned to Harahap to kill him if necessary). Now (after feeling Clean Killer's pain at losing his sister during the Yawata Strike) Harahap fully embraces the Alliance and resolves to destroy the Mesan Alignment by any means necessary.˛* ''Literature/TheHungerGames'' trilogy depicts the overthrow of a ridiculously lavish Capitol by the rebellion of the twelve districts it rules and exploits. [[spoiler: Plus one.]] Involved in the rebellion are a handful of former Capitol citizens including one of the titular DeadlyGame's best Gamemakers and a camera crew who use their skills to make rebel propaganda shots.˛* Creator/NKJemisin's ''Literature/InheritanceTrilogy'': The heroine's mother Kinneth abdicated her position as heiress to the Arameri clan to marry a backwater baron. As absolute rulers of a [[TheEmpire global empire]], enforced by the power of four enslaved gods, theirs is a depraved DecadentCourt like none other; after Kinneth's death, the heroine has to investigate what induced her to leave — and what sort of person she was like before.˛* Creator/EdgarRiceBurroughs' ''Literature/JohnCarterOfMars'': In ''Chessmen of Mars'', the ancient I-Gos is perpetually [[GoodOldWays praising his days]]. So thorough is his admiration that he [[TurnCoat changes his loyalties]] on realizing who is TheHero.˛-->''Then I did not fully realize the cowardice of my jeddak, or the bravery of you and the girl. I am an old man from another age and I love courage. At first I resented the girl's attack upon me, but later I came to see the bravery of it and it won my admiration, as have all her acts. She feared not O-tar, she feared not me, she feared not all the warriors of Manator. And you! Blood of a million sires! How you fight! I am sorry that I exposed you at The Fields of Jetan. I am sorry that I dragged the girl Tara back to O-Tar. I would make amends. I would be your friend. Here is my sword at your feet.''˛* ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'': In the world of Middle-Earth, the realms of Arnor and Gondor were both founded by Elendil and the Númenóreans who fled with him after their kingdom was corrupted by the influence of Sauron.˛* In the ''VideoGame/{{Myst}}'' books, Atrus and his group happen across [[MeaningfulName Terahnee]], a land of seemingly infinite plenty, led by wise descendants of the survivors of the fall of D'ni. One such descendant, because of the kindness shown him by the invisible, horrifically-treated underclasses when he grew sick, eventually leads the first steps towards a rebellion.˛* In the ''Literature/NightWatch'' series, two of the Dark Others, Edgar and Arina left the Day Watch, not really because of goodness, but due to a combination of growing tired of the constant maneuvering of Light and Dark against each other, and due to both of them hating Zabulon, the head of the Day Watch.˛* In the short story "Literature/TheOnesWhoWalkAwayFromOmelas" by Creator/UrsulaKLeGuin, it's mentioned that there are people who will simply leave the utopian city without a word, on account of it being PoweredByAForsakenChild, because it is believed that once the child is shown kindness, their society will fall apart.˛* In ''Literature/PutTheSepiaOn'', the detective is a defector from [[TheEmpire The Corporation]] that runs the city, having left them to fight for the little guy, albeit for a price. It's that kind of [[CrapsackWorld story]].˛* Perillus in Marcus Pitcaithly's ''Literature/TheRealmOfAlbion'' has renounced his Roman citizenship after witnessing a massacre in Spain.˛* ''Literature/TheSarantineMosaic'': Pertennius Eubulus, the court historian, considers Empress Alixana to be little better than a sex worker due to her past as an actress and a dancer, and is equally disgusted with Emperor Valerius II for marrying her. He writes overheated fictional accounts of her depravity and ultimately [[spoiler: murders Valerius]] when the opportunity presents itself.˛* In Creator/DianeDuane's ''Franchise/StarTrek'' novels about the Romulans/Literature/{{Rihannsu}}, a Romulan commander named Ael doesn't quite defect, but she does make an alliance with James T. Kirk (and by extension the Federation) to prevent some truly evil actions on the part of the formerly-honorable, now-corrupt government of the Romulan Empire. She never does fully defect, but she becomes a close confidant and ally of Kirk, and it's implied that there's something more nascent between them, more than just friendship or Kirk's signature skirt-chasing.˛* In ''Literature/StarTrekVanguard'', the Tholians are under threat from AbusivePrecursors (and ScaryDogmaticAliens) the Shedai. Tholian officer Nezrene gets fed up with the Ruling Conclave’s inability to put aside their xenophobia and seek alliance with outsiders. She knows that to stand against the Shedai, Tholia requires the aid of its neighbours and should co-operate peacefully. She and Ezthene, who has come to a similar understanding, leave the Tholian Assembly as fugitives in order to join up with the Federation at Vanguard Station.˛* In the ''Literature/StarTrekMirrorUniverse'' story "The Mirror-Scaled Serpent", mirror!Seska is a member of the Terran Rebellion and fervent in her disapproval of the Alliance. She believes the Cardassians should rule the quadrant, but they shouldn't have have allied with ''Klingons'' to do it.˛* ''Franchise/StarWarsLegends'':˛** The novel ''Literature/DeathStar'' reveals that the Imperial gunner (Tenn Graneet) who kept saying "standing by" had become a Rebel sympathizer after having [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone a mental breakdown over obliterating Alderaan]]; the laser was charged the whole time, and he was just trying to distract Tarkin long enough in the hopes that the Rebels somehow manage to stop the Death Star.˛*** Besides Graneet, there were some TIE pilots who decided late into the novel to [[spoiler:defect to the Rebel Alliance. Some had to stay behind to ensure that they escaped. They would have been killed by Vader for it had he not been forced to return to the Death Star to stop the Rebel forces from attacking the thermal exhaust port.]]˛** Some supplementary materials, including the VideoGame/RogueSquadron series, revealed that two Imperials defected to the Rebels' side, Tycho Celchu and Kasan Moor. Both were TIE pilots prior to defection, and both characters' motivations for defecting was largely because they are [[EarthShatteringKaboom Alderaanian]], meaning that they weren't too happy with the Empire for blowing up their homeworld.˛** A few of the more famous individuals throughout the series have also been former Imperials who left for various reasons, including Han Solo (court-martialed due to rescuing Chewbacca from a slave operation) and [[VideoGame/DarkForcesSaga Kyle Katarn]] (defected when he learned the Empire was responsible for his father's death).˛* ''Literature/VillainsByNecessity'': [[spoiler:Sir Pryse, in the guise of the black knight Blackmail]], joins the "villains" when Mizzamir's KnightTemplar vision of "good" becomes apparent [[spoiler:with Mizzamir, it is implied, having [[BalefulPolymorph transformed Sir Pryse's brother into a horse]].]]˛* In ''Literature/TheWatchmakerOfFiligreeStreet'', the title character is a Baron from the largest {{samurai}} clan in Japan, but dislikes their backward thinking and prefers to work as a watchmaker in London.˛* In Creator/PoulAnderson's "Literature/AWorldCalledMaanerek", Horlam. He admits that in watching for deviance, he had not been watched himself.˛* In ''Literature/{{Worm}}'', following the events of Echidna, [[spoiler: twenty or thirty superheroes leave the Protectorate altogether, realizing that it is controlled by a NebulousEvilOrganization. This is inverted by the VillainProtagonist, who subsequently ''joins'' the Protectorate in hopes of keeping it afloat.]]˛* ''Literature/XandriCorelel'': Karrckchak, a planet in the [[TheFederation Starsystems Alliance]], contains several [[AbsoluteXenophobe Zechak]] refugee settlements. One Zechak works as a greengrocer in Trade Town.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Live-Action TV]]˛* Gaheris Rhade in ''Series/{{Andromeda}}'''s "The Unconquerable Man" begins the episode by betraying the All Systems Commonwealth to help his people attempt a conquest, but then spends the next several years trying to restore the Commonwealth once he sees that his people are too self-centered and obsessed with in-fighting to really make a go of a galactic empire.˛-->Our people were meant to be living gods. Warrior poets who roamed the stars bringing civilization. Not cowards and bullies who prey on the weak and kill each other for sport. I never imagined they'd prove themselves so inferior. I didn't betray our people. They betrayed themselves.˛** Rhade is a double example; the reason he originally betrayed the Commonwealth to the Nietzscheans is that he believed the Commonwealth's treaty with the Magog showed that the Commonwealth was too weak and decadent to defend its people.˛*** Said treaty also handed over a number of Nietzschean worlds to the Magog. They were ''not'' happy.˛** Telemachus Rhade (the genetic reincarnation of his ancestor Gaheris for bonus points) is essentially the living embodiment of this trope.˛* Delenn broke the [[OmniscientCouncilOfVagueness Grey Council]] in ''Series/BabylonFive'' after it became apparent they would not join the upcoming Shadow War.˛** Only a partial example. She never defected from Minbariness (except biologically, which she assumed to be in the Minbari people's interest by promoting cooperation). Nor did she renounce her high prestige at home.˛** Captain Sheridan and his officers seceding from Earth.˛** Kosh turning against the rest of the Vorlons.˛** Vir Cotto working in secret to protect Narn refugees during the Centauri occupation, along with his general spoken distaste for the decadence, power games, and atrocities associated with the Centauri Republic at the time, and the influence of the Shadows (and concern for Londo for getting caught up in all this).˛* In ''[[Series/BattlestarGalactica1978 Battlestar Galactica 1980]]'', Starbuck and a Cylon (nicknamed Cy by Starbuck) are [[TeethClenchedTeamwork forced to work together]] in order to survive after a shipwreck. As they interact and [[FireForgedFriends become closer]], Starbuck asks Cy just [[AndThenWhat what exactly the Cylon Empire intends to do once they win]]. Cy is at a loss and admits that he was never questioned or told about that, simply being told to do what the leaders said. Thus he decides that the slaughter of humans has no justification after all and sides with Starbuck, eventually [[spoiler: [[HeroicSacrifice sacrificing himself]] so that Starbuck can escape a Cylon patrol.]]˛* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':˛** Riley Finn. He was initially [[UndyingLoyalty completely loyal]] to the Initiative, but as he uncovered more and more of its corruption, particularly after Professor Walsh attempted to kill Buffy in a DeathTrap, he began to desire to leave. When the Initiative captured Oz, a werewolf, and conducted inhumane experiments on him even after he reverted to human form, that was the straw that broke the camel's back; he promptly turned his back on them in favor of the Scoobies and helped Buffy and co. break Oz out.˛** Buffy never really cares about what the Watchers' Council has to say about how she does things. During season 3, she gets particularly disgusted when their Cruciamentum test results in the AxeCrazy vampire they captured to test her breaks loose and kidnaps her mom, and when they refuse to help her save Angel after he is poisoned simply for being a vampire, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.˛* ''Series/{{Charmed|1998}}'': Billie thought she was this when [[spoiler:Christy turned her against the Charmed Ones]].˛* ''Series/DoctorWho'':˛** The Doctor ''might'' have left their home planet, Gallifrey, for this reason. The page quote shows that even if they hadn't, they should have. Portrayals of the Time Lords have differed quite a lot DependingOnTheWriter but all the early portrayals showed a Sterile CrystalSpiresAndTogas society that had decided not to [[ObstructiveCodeOfConduct interfere with the universe]]. Later portrayals (like [[Recap/DoctorWhoS14E3TheDeadlyAssassin "The Deadly Assassin"]]) showed/{{Retcon}}ned Gallifrey into a decadent CrapsackWorld ruled by an arrogant elite. [[Recap/DoctorWhoS15E6TheInvasionOfTime "The Invasion of Time"]] even showed that a band of defectors lived in a BBCQuarry just outside the Time Lords' Citadel.˛** In [[Recap/DoctorWhoS30E17E18TheEndOfTime "The End of Time"]], the Tenth Doctor flat-out admits that he chooses to remember all that was good about his people and [[SelectiveObliviousness tries to ignore]] all the terrible, terrible things the Time Lords did — and plotted to do — when they went to war with the Daleks. When [[spoiler:Rassilon and his followers almost escape the Time War with a plan to rip apart the Time Vortex itself and achieve godhood]], the poor Doctor is forced to face just how fatally flawed his kind were once again.˛* Played with in ''Series/{{Farscape}}'', in which Chiana is a Defector '''to''' Decadence. Most of her culture, the Nebari, are repressive, puritanical authoritarians, while she's [[ReallyGetsAround a]] [[TheLadette bit]] [[LovableRogue different]].˛** Aeryn Sun does this trope in an interesting way: her throwing in her lot with Moya's crew was involuntary (the Peacekeepers were going to kill her as having been irreversibly corrupted), but after having John's humanity [[HumanityIsInfectious rub off on her]], she begins to see all of the cruelty and horribleness of the Peacekeeper way of life. By the time she's around Peacekeepers again, it's clear she no longer agrees with them in the slightest.˛* ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' has Simon, a pampered heir who never questioned the Alliance's wisdom, or had any reason to...until he received a distress call from his beloved sister, who they were [[DarkSecret torturing for the Greater Good (tm)]]. So he committed his life and fortune to breaking her out, and then they went to live on a tin can with a bunch of outlaws so she would be safe. But Simon is content, because he did the right thing.˛* ''Series/FirstWave'' has Joshua, one of the key Gua military leaders. However, in his first appearance, he reveals that he seriously doubts his people's chance of success despite their advanced technology and the ease with which Gua operatives are able to infiltrate humanity. One episode consisting mostly of flashbacks involves a Gua council deciding whether or not to start the AlienInvasion. Joshua is the only one arguing against it, claiming that, if every 117th human is TheDeterminator like Cade Foster (the protagonist), the invasion is doomed to fail or, at best, to be a PyrrhicVictory. He also reveals that his people used to be peaceful until another race conquered them. They toughed up, threw off their oppressors, appropriated their technology, and named themselves "Gua" ("power to overcome" in their language). He argued that if one out of 117 humans had "Gua", then they would suffer the same fate as their former oppressors.˛* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': ˛** Osha refuses to return to the Wildlings, and when she speaks of her former people generally speaks of them with disgust, displaying little to no love of them or their ways.˛** The Hound has enough of the Lannisters and leaves them in "Blackwater".˛** Barristan Selmy is one, though he was also one after taking Robert's pardon after the Rebellion.˛* Joe from ''Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger'' was originally an elite within the Space Empire Zangyack before he left to become [=GokaiBlue=] after his superior order him kill innocent ''children''. Joe's senior officer and close friend, Sid Barmick also does this after the incident above and was the one who encouraged him to get away from Zangyack. Too bad for him [[spoiler:he was captured and turned into [[HollywoodCyborg Barizorg]], his memories were erased and programmed to serve only the emperor and his son.]]˛* The Mole Beastman from ''Series/KamenRiderAmazon'' decided to pull a HeelFaceTurn because his old bosses are firm supporters of YouHaveFailedMe and pretty much his only options with them were A) be brutally torn to shreds by Amazon or B) return to base and die horribly at the hands of the BigBad. What clinched it was that Amazon actually took pity on him and saved him from execution, convincing him being a good guy was the better choice.˛* One VictimOfTheWeek on ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' is a young man who left his family of rich snobs to join the Marines. His own family had him killed to keep him from converting their Fortune 500 company into a non-profit charity.˛* Teal'c, resident ProudWarriorRaceGuy on ''Series/StargateSG1'', went so far as to kill his own squad of elite troops while performing his HeelFaceTurn in the first episode of the series.˛** Teal'c has gone as far as killing himself from alternate worlds without batting an eye.˛** Tomin starts to doubt the Ori late in Season 10 and finally performs a HeelFaceTurn in "Ark of Truth".˛* Worf in ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' and ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' might be an aversion -- while he makes himself an exemplar of how he views Klingon honor, he never turns on the Klingon race for not living up to his romantic views. (He's not above some kingmaking (twice!) for the good of the Empire.)˛** The ''Next Generation'' episode "Face of the Enemy" features former Starfleet Ensign Stefan [=DeSeve=], who plays this trope straight-up twice (the second time, he realized the grass wasn't so green on the other side after all and defected back).˛** In the ''Next Generation'' episode "The Defector", there's a subversion. A Romulan admiral defects to the Enterprise because he believes his government is preparing to start a war with the Federation, which he recognizes would be pointless and self-destructive. It turns out the special information he was offering Starfleet was false. The Romulan Empire wanted to trick Starfleet into taking an aggressive stance against them, and they wanted to test the Admiral's loyalty, all part of an elaborate {{plan}}. The Enterprise narrowly escapes, but the Admiral, despondent to learn his "defection" was all in vain, [[spoiler:commits suicide]].˛** What Garak becomes after Dukat invites the Dominion to take control of Cardassia. Believing the Dominion does not have Cardassia's best interests at heart, he throws in his lot with the Federation and combines efforts with Kira and Damar to organize LaResistance. He knows it will destroy the Cardassia he loves (although even he was shocked by just how thoroughly the old Cardassia was destroyed) but he does it anyway.˛** Odo, despite not knowing his people until the third season, manages to pull this off well. His attitudes about law and order are shared by his people, but they built an empire based on this and keep trying to get him to defect throughout the show.˛** In the [=DS9=] episode "Duet", a Cardassian who was a file clerk at a "labor camp" during the occupation of Bajor had himself surgically altered to look like the camp's former commander, then allows himself to be arrested by the Bajorans. His intention was to be put on trial for war crimes, even knowing he would certainly be executed, in order to force Cardassia to acknowledge the atrocities it committed during the occupation.˛--->'''Major Kira''': ''Why'' are you doing this?!\˛'''Aamin Marritza''': For ''Cardassia''! Cardassia will only survive if it stands before Bajor and admits the truth! My trial will force Cardassia to admit its guilt. And we're guilty, all of us! My death is necessary!˛*** As you might well infer from the above, Marritza isn't entirely motivated by a desire to force his fellow Cardassians to confront what was done in their name; he's suffering from severe [[ShellShockedVeteran post-traumatic stress disorder]] and SurvivorGuilt and is clearly suicidal.˛** The MirrorUniverse Spock in ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' is persuaded to turn against TheEmpire when Kirk argues that it is illogical to serve an institution that (by Mirror-Spock's own statement) is doomed to fall.˛** [[SmugSnake Weyoun]] 6 attempts to defect to the Federation from the Dominion.˛* In ''Series/TheDarkCrystalAgeOfResistance'', [=skekGra=] the Conquerer turned away from the evil Skeksis, being branded Heretic, all for the sake of saving Thra, and reuniting with his other half, [=UrGoh=] the Wanderer. As a result, he lives in exile with [=UrGoh=]]= in a mountain in a desert. It's not as glamorous as how he lived in the castle, but it's more inviting.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Podcasts]]˛* In the ''Franchise/KingdomHearts''-inspired ''Podcast/InterstitialActualPlay'', [[spoiler: Larxene]] clearly didn't like being part of the Organization and happily betrays them when given the chance. Edith easily picks up on the fact that such a betrayal is a long time coming.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]˛* A fairly common method both for bringing about a HeelFaceTurn and breaking up a villainous stable.˛** The most famous of these defectors was arguably Wrestling/{{Batista}}. For more than two years, he was TheBrute in Evolution, a faction on ''Monday Night Raw'' that also consisted of Hunter Hearst Helmsley (a.k.a. Wrestling/TripleH), Wrestling/RicFlair, and Wrestling/RandyOrton. After Orton was expelled from the group in the summer of 2004, however, Batista began to have second thoughts about being a member of Evolution. He kept a low profile at first, though, ostensibly remaining an ally of Helmsley and Flair while privately expressing disgust at their methods. It wasn't until he won the Royal Rumble Match in January 2005 and was presented with an opportunity to challenge Helmsley for his World Heavyweight Championship that Batista realized that the moment for defection had come. After pretending to sign a contract that would have moved him to ''[=SmackDown!=]'' to challenge John "Bradshaw" Layfield for the WWE Championship, Batista revealed that he would stay on ''Raw'' by powerbombing Triple H and challenging him for his championship at ''[=WrestleMania=]''. This marked Batista's official exit from Evolution - [[BreakupBreakout and the beginning of his highly successful singles career]].˛** And, in a reverse example in Wrestling/{{TNA}}, Flair himself turned his back on his group Wrestling/{{Fortune}} in early 2011 after the other members turned face and declared war on Wrestling/HulkHogan's faction, Immortal, with which Fortune had been closely affiliated up to that time; Flair officially declared his allegiance to Immortal, becoming a mentor to Matt Hardy.˛** Wrestling/KellyKelly (who wasn't really a heel, but was essentially acting as one at the time) experienced a similar change of heart in the summer of 2007 on ''ECW On [=SciFi=]''. She had gained notoriety on the program over the past year with her "Extreme Expose," a combination dance/burlesque routine that definitely put the "Extreme" in ECW. Early in 2007, the act became a three-woman show when Layla El and Brooke Adams joined Kelly in her performances. The girls at first simply entertained the crowds in between matches, but soon they found themselves unofficial cheerleaders for Wrestling/TheMiz, who had recently been drafted to the promotion from ''[=SmackDown!=]'' One night Miz's opponent was Wrestling/BallsMahoney, and Kelly realized that she had become smitten with him. She began to show sympathy for Mahoney, as well as resentment toward The Miz and Layla and Brooke for bullying him. She tried to quit Extreme Expose (her own creation!) but quickly found out that she ''couldn't'', because Miz owned all three girls' contracts. In the end, The Miz cut his ties with Extreme Expose to become John Morrison's tag-team partner, Brooke left Wrestling/{{WWE}} only to be reborn as [[ShoutOut "Miss Tessmacher"]] (Eric Bischoff's SexySecretary in Wrestling/{{TNA}}), and Kelly and Layla became bitter enemies for the rest of their stay in ECW and later on Smackdown.˛** Wrestling/JustinGabriel and Wrestling/HeathSlater did this twice -- leaving Wrestling/TheNexus for The Corre, then ''disbanding The Corre'' -- and STILL managed to stay heels in the process.˛*** Well, they split up shortly afterwards, with Gabriel turning face, and Slater staying heel.˛*** They were defecting from dementia more than decadence when they left the Nexus: Wrestling/CMPunk ordered them to show their loyalty by beating each other senseless with kendo sticks, and [[EvenEvilHasStandards they both concluded that Punk's dictatorial tendencies had gone too far]].˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Tabletop Games]]˛* ''TabletopGame/Warhammer40000'':˛** The Craftworld Eldar and Exodites are an example of this on a massive scale: millions of Eldar, disgusted by the unrestrained decadence, hedonism, and perversion of the majority of their race, left their society, some to live aboard gigantic spacecraft called Craftworlds, some to live on unsettled wilderness planets. They now live painfully repressed lives, focusing their lives on one Path at a time while in constant denial of their baser urges. However, they turned out to have the right idea when the remaining Eldar's hedonism {{Squick}}ed a ''[[EldritchAbomination Chaos god]]'' into existence, complete with star-eating NegativeSpaceWedgie and species-wide MindRape that pushed the Eldar to the brink of extinction.˛** In the [[{{Literature}} novels]], the Literature/SoulDrinkers SpaceMarine chapter are Defectors from the ''[[DesignatedHero Imperium]]''. They still worship the Emperor, but believe that the {{Obstructive Bureaucrat}}s, {{Corrupt|Church}} ChurchMilitant, and cowed people make a mockery of His intentions. They rebel, but [[HeroicWillpower just barely]] [[TakeAThirdOption avoid falling to Chaos]].˛** Every now and then a Dark Eldar grows weary of the figurative and literal backstabbing, hedonism, and soul devouring villainy of his/her kind and joins a Craftworld.˛** The Farsight Enclaves broke away from the [[TheFederation Tau Empire]] when Commander Farsight discovered that the [[FantasticCasteSystem Ethereals]] were covering up the existence of the Warp and daemons, as it conflicted with their own secular agenda. Farsight believed that this ran counter to the Greater Good.˛* There's buckets of this in ''World of Darkness'' games, both TabletopGame/{{Old|WorldOfDarkness}} and TabletopGame/{{New|WorldOfDarkness}} -- largely due to the tendency for supernatural creatures/people to squabble amongst themselves like crazy. Prime examples include:˛** The Sons Of Ether/Technocracy split in ''TabletopGame/MageTheAscension''. Sons Of Ether are basically people who think that science should stay ''awesome'', and the Technocracy wanted the Etherites to follow the instruction manual.˛** Similarly, the Virtual Adepts, reality hackers who left after [[BeethovenWasAnAlienSpy the Technocracy had Alan Turing killed for his]] [[NewSpeak crimethink tendencies]].˛** Both the Sabbat and the Anarchs in ''TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade'' started this way. And Adonai of the Salubri inverted the trope, breaking from the Salubri (who opted out of vampiric decadence altogether) and joining the Sabbat to get his revenge on the Tremere. The result was the Salubri ''antitribu''. ˛** In ''Vampire: The Masquerade'', any vampire that doesn't align with the bulk of their clan's political affiliation is considered ''antitribu'' - what counts as defecting to or from decadence depends heavily on the individual's point of view.˛*** An especially interesting case is clan Lasombra. The bulk of clan Lasombra are members of the Sabbat, and consider Camarilla-affiliated Lasombra to be the ''antitribu''. The Camarilla Lasombra consider ''themselves'' to be the clan proper, and will take any indication that they aren't extremely poorly.˛** The Forsaken/Pure split in ''TabletopGame/WerewolfTheForsaken'' and all the other tribes' views of the Get Of Fenris in ''TabletopGame/WerewolfTheApocalypse''.˛** The Stargazer tribe seceded from the Garou Nation and joined the Asian Beast Courts in an attempt to regain their lost power and lands.˛*** The ''Werewolf: the Apocalypse'' story collection had a short story featuring a redeemed Black Spiral Dancer gone ronin.˛*** Uktena (the totem spirit of the Uktena tribe) was once a servant of the original balance-Wyrm. When the Wyrm went insane, Uktena promptly defected to the Wyld.˛* In ''TabletopGame/{{Gurps}} TabletopGame/{{Traveller}} Interstellar Wars'' the populations of conquered Vilani worlds did this en masse. They felt little connection to the Vilani Imperium and some(like the Khimishargu Vilani) were even rebels. The Terran Confederation, by contrast, treated them well. Thus they borrowed Terran ideas, intermarried with Terrans and even fought for the Terran Confederation against the Imperium.˛* The Scorpion Clan from ''TabletopGame/LegendOfTheFiveRings'' is the TokenEvilTeammate of all other Samurai in existence, quite happily accepting the title of [[NoFairCheating "Underhand of the Emperor"]], and thus, get a few of these. Being MasterOfIllusion [[TheChessmaster mastermind]] [[{{Ninja}} shinobi]] who hold the concept of MagnificentBastard as an ideal to achieve, these are mostly savvy normal Scorpions who have every intention of going back to decadence after backstabbing at their leisure.˛* In ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'', Sorin Markov despises the other vampires of Innistrad because they ''take pleasure'' in killing and eating people. Worse, many of them treat it as an act of ''indulgence'' as opposed to survival. The rest of the vampires hate him in turn because [[spoiler:he created the guardian angel Avacyn, the greatest obstacle in their conquest of the humans of Innistrad. Only a few of the vampires realize that Sorin did this for their sake too since the overly indulgent vampires would drive humans to extinction if left unchecked (dooming the vampires to starvation).]]˛* In ''{{TabletopGame/Rifts}}'', Free Quebec defects from the [[TheEmpire Coalition States]] partly because they disagree with the Coalition's policies of enforced illiteracy, no free press, and entrenched bureaucracy (Free Quebec does have the last, they just like to pretend they have free elections). Interestingly, they also felt that the oppressive Coalition was too ''tolerant'' in other matters, such as mutant humans and psychics.˛* In ''TabletopGame/RocketAge'' the only creator approved way of playing a Nazi character is playing as a deserter of some sort.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Theatre]]˛* ''Theatre/CyranoDeBergerac'': It's clear that De Guiche is considered [[NoTrueScotsman No True Gascon]] because he can no longer tolerate the opinions and actions of the [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Gascons]]. De Guiche sees the rather obvious truth that their MartyrdomCulture is [[StupidSacrifice self-destructive]] and De Guiche is [[AmbitionIsEvil willing to compromise to get power]], joins the DeadlyDecadentCourt as another courtesan and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking wants to show]] [[TheDandy his wealth]]. The point is that De Guiche still exhibits the [[DisproportionateRetribution jerkass traits]] of being a Gascon and even when he makes something of his life (he is appointed Marshal of Grammont in the DistantFinale) he still feels LonelyAtTheTop.˛* Not that she was entirely a part of the decadence to begin with, but Elphaba does this in ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}''; after dreaming of becoming an assistant to the Wizard for most of her life, she turns down the opportunity, along with the future of wealth, power and esteem that comes with it, because she finds out he was the one behind the very anti-Animal policies she had come to protest.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Video Games]]˛* ''VideoGame/CorruptionOfLaetitia'': Riliane realizes that Marian is really a selfish power-monger when he steals Celeste's power, causing her to join the party if Celeste spares her. She can also turn on Celeste if the latter does something too cruel, like killing a child hostage.˛* In ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater'', Eva claims this trope as her reason for abandoning the United States and going over to the Soviets. When she became a code breaker for the NSA, she realized she'd been carefully manipulated by propaganda her entire life. [[spoiler:This is a complete and utter lie, as we find out much later.]]˛** Similarly, The Boss claims that her main reason for defecting to the Soviet Union from her backstory was due to the decadence of her government. [[spoiler:Despite this, the defection was still [[FakeDefector faked]].]]˛** The game as a whole is the story of how Snake himself does this after earning the title of Big Boss, going from an idealistic and loyal U.S operative to a hardened, self-serving mercenary after seeing the way the U.S government used and discarded his mentor [[spoiler:who despite being a loyal soldier to the end, was still ordered to be killed by her beloved disciple and written as a traitor in the history books.]]˛* In the backstory of ''VideoGame/DevilMayCry'', Sparda, one of the highest-placed leaders of the demons and himself the most powerful devil, turned against his own kind and saved humanity from extinction after he "woke up to justice." Many years later, he would father the games' protagonist Dante and the EvilTwin Vergil.˛* Gorath from ''VideoGame/BetrayalAtKrondor'', though he's less a defector and more someone whom the self-destructive ways of his people compel to use methods to protect them that are seen as traitorous by most of his kind - except for those who share his views, but don't nearly have the guts to act on them.˛* Exemplified by [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsCompact3 Folka Albark]] of the ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' series. Because he starts disagreeing with his race's way of life, he defects to the protagonist's side and tries to find out a new meaning of life for his race, which culminates into kicking the asses of his entire brethren.˛* Ralgha "Hobbes" nar Hhallas in ''VideoGame/WingCommander''. Hobbes was the Kilrathi pilot who joined the Terran Confederation (Human) side. Later it is [[spoiler:revealed that he actually was a ManchurianAgent for the Kilrathi Empire]].˛* Orlok the Eternal from ''VideoGame/UniverseAtWar: Earth Assault'' is headed for this during the campaign mode, [[spoiler:but he's [[ShootTheShaggyDog killed off in an anticlimactic and meaningless fashion that invalidates everything he did]] before he can really follow through.]]˛** However, his actions give the player a reason to want revenge with a burning passion.˛* In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTheSacredStones'', [[WhiteMagicianGirl the cleric Natasha]] has to run away from Grado because [[HeKnowsTooMuch she's got info about the rapid downfall of the Empire]] and joins Eirika's group for both protection and to do something about it. AND she even gets [[TheGambler Joshua]] in the group. Sweet deal.˛** In Ephraim's route we have [[BadassBookworm the shaman Knoll]] joining Ephraim and his troupe for rather similar reasons, only he was slated for execution and the heroes found him before he was killed [[spoiler:and after defeating the zombie!Emperor Vigarde]].˛** Heath, from ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Blazing Sword]]'', defects to your side after disobeying orders to slaughter innocent civilians. [[spoiler: Legault is another of these, leaving the Black Fang (and looting its "base" at the Dragon's Gate in his way out) because he was sick of its continued fall in corruption and ruthlessness.]]˛** In ''Radiant Dawn'', the player alternately plays with Micaiah's and Ike's army. Several members of Micaiah's army can join Ike's, [[OhCrap depleting Micaiah's army of some of her much-needed decent units]]. While Jill's recruitment can only occur when the player makes Haar talk to her, Zihark can pull a FaceHeelTurn ''during chapter 3-6'', if he has a Bond Support with either Mordecai or Lethe (who are the bosses of this chapter, assuming they're still alive) and they manage to talk to him...˛** In ''Thracia 776'', Salem, the series' first playable [[DarkIsNotEvil dark magic user]], is a defector from the very-evil [[ReligionOfEvil Lopto Sect.]] ˛** ''Fire Emblem'' in general has two recurring archetypes that fit this- titled the Lorenz (male) and the Minerva ([[DistaffCounterpart female]]), referring to enemy generals (or other high ranking persons such as [[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething royalty]]) who defect to the good guys forces out of disgust at their home nation. ˛* Katalina from ''VideoGame/GranblueFantasy''. She was a former Knight of the Erste Empire and was assigned as Lyria's Guardian. But after seeing the experiments being conducted by the Empire to make Lyria a PersonOfMassDestruction, Katalina escaped with her, setting the game's plot into motion.˛* Edea Lee from ''VideoGame/BravelyDefault'' does this. She used to believe Anticrystalism was good for the world until she was sent on her first mission where she finds out quickly that her superiors are... a little bit [[AxCrazy too twisted]] [[KnightTemplar in the head]].˛* Prince Enrique of Valua, from ''VideoGame/SkiesOfArcadia'', is a ''literal'' Defector From Decadence. As his title states, he's next in line for the throne of the kingdom of Valua. He spends the early game an apparently minor NPC, telling his mother that crushing the poor, the weak, and the foreign under her heel just because she's in charge of an empire is just asking for trouble. The empress blows him off as young and idealistic and remains cartoonishly convinced that unmitigated conquest is the only way to run an empire, even as it proves to be her downfall. Mid-game, Enrique decides to take matters into his own hands and joins up with Vyse and co.˛* [=NiGHTS=] from [[VideoGame/NightsIntoDreams their eponymous games]] was created to serve [[BigBad Wizeman]], but [[HeelFaceTurn went renegade]] due to not liking orders or bullies.˛* In ''VideoGame/MinecraftStoryMode'', has a few:˛** [[spoiler: Ivor]] was once part of the Order of the Stone and fought with them against the Enderdragon. However, [[spoiler: due to them abusing the command block to defeat the Enderdragon and then lying to the world about their fight]] made him mad at them. This led him to [[spoiler: unleash the Wither Storm to expose them]].˛** In general, it would seem the Order of the Stone disbanded because of this.˛** Both Harper and Otto were at odds with their fellow Old Builders because of their abuse of power and their trickery. This caused Harper to abandon them and Otto [[spoiler: to betray them in favor of Jesse and the Order. By the end of Episode 8, after exposing the Old Builders' lies, Jesse also convinced the other teams and even [[TheDragon the gladiators]] to do this as well]].˛* In ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'', several Elites end up siding with humanity when they finally realize the Covenant Prophets they've been serving are massive lying assholes.˛* [[BloodKnight Canderous Ordo]] in ''Videogame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'' abandons his mercenary ways and goes off adventuring with the player because he believes that the player will give him a chance to make the Mandalorians into a proud and honorable people again, instead of the mercenaries and thugs that now inhabit the galaxy.˛** In ''Videogame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic'', one of the targets of the Bounty Hunter storyline is Jicoln Cadera, a Mandalorian who led a rebellion against the current Mandalore because he revered Canderous and believed that the Mandalorians should side with the Republic and Jedi like he did rather than become the Sith's private army. By the time of the game, his rebellion's been crushed and he's reduced to being a bitter old survivalist in Taris hunted down by other Mandos.˛* ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls''˛** ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIIMorrowind Morrowind]]''˛*** Out of the members of the [[PhysicalGod Tribunal]], Sotha Sil wielded his divinity lightly and was the least concerned with the affairs of mortals, spending much of his time withdrawn from the world in the seclusion of his Clockwork City. Vivec and Almalexia ([[spoiler:at least until they were cut off from the source of their divine powers]]) instead chose to live and work among their people, offering guidance and protection. If asked, Vivec will speculate that Sotha Sil may not even notice his godhood is gone once [[spoiler: [[PlayerCharacter the Nerevarine]] permanently severs their ties to divinity]].˛*** The Dissident Priests are [[TheHeretic heretics]] to the [[CorruptChurch Tribunal Temple]], disputing several points of dogma (though this appears to have been partly a response to being persecuted for questioning Temple ''policy'', which isn't exactly heresy even if the Temple called it that). The Tribunal Temple also persecutes the Nerevarine Cult as heretics (technically they are, just not really of the Temple, seeing as they developed in parallel in response to the same event and from the same source religion. It's actually the Temple who made the most radical changes of dogma, the Nerevarine Cult just explained away the new gods as false gods and added in a messiah figure). Both of those change towards the end of the main quest, with the Dissident Priests acknowledged as having had a point with much of what they said and the Nerevarine Cult recognised as being right about the messiah figure thing, both by one of the gods of the Tribunal himself. ˛*** In the backstory, St. Veloth, the legendary [[OurElvesAreBetter Chimer]] mystic and Dunmeri ancestor-hero, was born into a noble Aldmeri family in the Summerset Isles. However, he viewed his homeland with disdain as he believed Aldmeri society was founded on ambition, greed, and decadence. This, added to the visions he received from the "Good" [[OurGodsAreDifferent Daedra]], led to the Velothi dissident movement and eventually, their exodus to Morrowind.˛** Imperial characters in ''Videogame/TheElderScrollsOnline'', who can join any of the three competing alliances. They are described as 'outcasts' from Cyrodiil who have turned against the Daedra-worshipping majority of their race and would conceivably aid any alliance in order to 'free' their brethren from Molag Bal's influence.˛* In ''VideoGame/Fallout3'', there is a group that broke away from the Brotherhood of Steel because they believe that the leader has gone native. They call themselves the Brotherhood Outcasts. This came from the fact that the Brotherhood of Steel inside Fallout 3 is actually a part of the entire Brotherhood of Steel - their original mission was about advanced technology and preserving it, though the leader of the group became more heroic in his intentions and went out helping others, against the rather haughty technological-obsessions of the rest of the group. The Brotherhood Outcasts stayed loyal to their original mission.˛** In ''Videogame/FalloutNewVegas'', it's possible for Veronica to decide to leave the Brotherhood and attempt to join the Followers of the Apocalypse once she's convinced that the Brotherhood are too set in their ways. [[spoiler:This results in a group of Brotherhood Paladins wiping out a Followers outpost and attempting to kill Veronica for [[HeKnowsTooMuch potentially spreading knowledge to outsiders]].]]˛*** New Vegas also has Bitter-Root and Manny Vargas, who both used to be members of [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy The Great Khans]], before joining First Recon, the [[EliteMooks elite sniper battalion]] of the New California Republic, the Khan's ArchEnemy. Though they differ, is that Bitter-Root ''hates'' the Kahns and was only one them by birth, whereas Manny still remains on friendly terms with them, even faking sick to get out of a battle with his former comrades. ˛*** Their's also [[OneManArmy Ulysses]], who was formerly an elite warrior fighting for [[KnightTemplar Ceaser's Legion]] before he became disillusioned with The Legion. ˛** In ''VideoGame/Fallout4'', Nick Valentine is a Synth, but has absolutely no love for the Institute because they casually threw [[spoiler:him]] out like garbage one day [[spoiler:or so he thinks]]. He does ''not'' like it if you decide to side with them.˛*** Dr. Virgil was a former Institute scientist who left after growing disgusted at how all the tests with FEV have provided nothing beneficial and only produced Super Mutants who are simply tossed aside. He now lives in the Glowing Sea, having turned himself into a Super Mutant in order to survive.˛*** Downplayed with Strong. Unlike previous Super Mutant companions like [[VideoGame/Fallout3 Fawkes]] and [[VideoGame/Fallout2 Marcus]], or the aforementioned Virgil, he retains his [[ImAHumanitarian taste for human flesh]] and is the only companion who will express approval at randomly murdering civilians. He is also quite dumb. At the same time, however, he keeps his murderous tendencies in check, only lashing out if fighting alongside the Sole Survivor or if attacked. He can even be left in a settlement without the Sole Survivor's supervision, and he won't ever attack the settlers, and can even perform mundane tasks in the settlement (although he'll be bored out of his gourd and complain about it).˛*** There's also Robert Joseph [=MacCready=], a former member of the [[HiredGuns Gunners]], until he got tired of their ruthless and indiscriminate killings of anyone in their way and left to become a freelance mercenary. ˛*** There's also a random encounter in the game, where can meet a former member of the Brotherhood of Steel, who left after they regressed from Elder Lyons attempts [[HeelFaceRevolvingDoor to make them into a force for, back into there more... morally gray roots]]. ˛* A ''player'' pulled this massively in ''Videogame/EveOnline''. Having gotten tired of Band of Brother's StopHavingFunGuys mentality, one of [=BoB=]'s directors defected to [[Website/SomethingAwful Goonswarm]], stealing over 20 billion in assets from [=BoB=] and dissolving the [=BoB=] alliance.˛* [[spoiler:Sorcha]] does this in the last level of the Pyro campaign in ''VideoGame/{{Sacrifice}}''. [[spoiler:It doesn't do her any good.]]˛* Celes in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI''. She defected from TheEmpire because she knew that [[spoiler:Kefka was going to poison Doma]] and joins [[LaResistance The Returners]].˛** Sabin might be another example if you consider his departure from Figaro in disgust of the succession rites for the throne.˛** Cloud from ''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII VII]]'' could count, as he used to be a member of SOLDIER until [[spoiler:Sephiroth burned down his hometown]].˛** Sephiroth seriously considers this in ''[[VideoGame/CrisisCore Crisis Core]]'', [[RetIrony just before he heads to Nibelheim...]]˛* The Night Elves of ''VideoGame/{{Warcraft}}'' are an odd example, in that the decadent ones (high/blood elves) are the defectors when they lost the civil war. Several blood elf {{NPC}}s themselves then demonstrate this trope as defecting from their decadent and power-mad society, most notably one researcher permanently exiled from the blood elves who now lives with the tauren in Thousand Needles.˛** Eitrigg left the AlwaysChaoticEvil Horde after it became convinced that they were not living up to the ProudWarriorRaceGuy traditions. Having his sons die via [[TheUriahGambit a Uriah Gambit]] was the last straw. He returns after Thrall convinces him that the New Horde is better.˛** The Argent Dawn separated from the Scarlet Crusade after their KnightTemplar tendencies worsened.˛** The Scryers defected from Kael'Thas' army after it became apparent that the prince had gone DrunkWithPower.˛* ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' has the Draenei, a faction of the Eredar who weren't corrupted by [[{{Satan}} Sargeras]], and fled after being branded as traitors, eventually joining TheAlliance.˛** In ''Warlords of Draenor'', the Shadowmoon Exiles are former members of the Shadowmoon Clan that refuse to follow Ner'zhuls actions, when he plans to use the Dark Stars power to raise undead.˛*** Several members of the Iron Horde join up with the Alliance/Horde after Gul'dan takes over as they want nothing to do with what he's up to.˛* Tassadar from ''VideoGame/{{Starcraft}}'' disobeys orders from the Conclave to completely obliterate the Terrans to stop the spread of the Zerg. He eventually comes to believe that the Conclave is too old, rigid, and arrogant to be able to rule the Protoss effectively.˛* ''VideoGame/DiabloIII'' enjoys this trope:˛** [[spoiler: Tyrael]] does this to the [[spoiler: [[CouncilOfAngels Angiris Council]]]] after a loud argument regarding his actions in the prequel (namely [[spoiler: saving humanity from certain doom.)]] He strips off his armor and falls from [[spoiler: the High Heavens]] to Sanctuary. He eventually rejoins them, though as a [[spoiler: mortal]].˛** Subverted with Kormac the Templar. He was taken in as a criminal by the Order, magically and physically tortured until his memories were repressed, and told he had been redeemed at their hands. This trope is set up when he finds out [[spoiler: he was actually an honest soldier of Westmarch and the whole "redeemed criminal" stuff was a facade]]. However, he stays faithful to the order and vows to clean it of those responsible.˛** Deconstructed (?) with [[spoiler: Kormac's former templar brother Jondar]]. He had a similar revelation at some point, but it left him heartbroken and in a mentally weakened state. Then he was discovered by -- and persuaded to join -- the demonic [[ReligionOfEvil Coven]].˛** How did the Demon Hunters get the ability to make Assassin {{Magitek}} traps? In ''VideoGame/DiabloII'', there was Natalya, an Assassin NPC you can meet. After the events of the second game, it turned out that the Assassins were so fixated on hunting down renegade mages that almost all of them missed the far more important [[HellOnEarth demon invasion of Sanctuary]] and did nothing in the battle for Mount Arreat. Natalya became disgusted with them and became a Demon Hunter to atone.˛* Lyude from ''VideoGame/BatenKaitos''. First exiled to an embassy for speaking out against a planned massacre of a village controlled by TheEmpire, he defects to the hero party when the empire attacks the island he was sent to under false pretenses of protecting the empire from the other kingdom's non-existent imminent assault.˛* LawfulNeutral [[SquishyWizard wizard]] [[DeadpanSnarker Sand]] from ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2'' explains that he left [[TheMagocracy the Hosttower at Luskan]] for Neverwinter when they asked him to do things "even he wasn't willing to do".˛* ''VideoGame/RuneFactoryFrontier'' has [[spoiler:Kross]], a former soldier of the [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Sechs/Zzyxx]] [[TheEmpire Empire]] (the antagonists in the original ''VideoGame/RuneFactory'') who [[spoiler:[[MeaningfulRename discarded his original name of Weber]] and deserted, settling in [[{{Arcadia}} Trampoli Village]] as a farmer and carpenter]].˛* In ''VideoGame/KingdomHearts358DaysOver2'', [[spoiler:Roxas]], finally fed up with the Organization, basically goes "[[ScrewThisImOuttaHere SCREW THIS PLACE]]!" and leaves. It's not easy, because [[ResignationsNotAccepted they do not accept resignations]], but he still manages it, beating up anything and anyone in his way as he does so.˛** Until [[spoiler:He goes ''back'' to The World That Never Was to try and kill ''Xemnas'' and free Kingdom Hearts. Before that gets anywhere, Riku beats the crap out of Roxas and drags him into the Twilight Town simulation to keep the nobody from getting himself killed.]]˛* Leonhardt, ''VideoGame/AgarestSenki'''s first generation protagonist is one of these - he switches sides to the more peaceful natives during an invasion when one of his fellow generals moves to kill a defenseless elven child.˛%%* Shane Carpenter from ''VideoGame/{{Haze}}''.˛%%* Rohn from ''VideoGame/{{Lair}}''.˛* Axl from ''VideoGame/MegaManX 7'' was this as well. He was originally a member of the Red Alert vigilante faction, but left the group, anticipating fully that they'll attempt to force him to return, and eventually defected to the Maverick Hunters, because they had changed for the worse. [[spoiler:It's later revealed that the reason why they changed for the worse was because of Sigma, AKA The Professor ([[HijackedByGanon but you probably saw that one coming]]).]]˛* [[spoiler:Mish]] from ''VideoGame/{{Amea}}'' refuses to go through with a process that would do away with the pain and suffering in his life because it would [[spoiler:turn him into a slave of [[EldritchAbomination the Master]]]]. He ends up [[MonsterSobStory paying]] [[BodyHorror very]] [[AlasPoorVillain dearly]] for it.˛* ''Franchise/DragonAge'':˛** Part of the backstory of the mabari hounds are they were bred by the [[EvilSorcerer Magisters]] of the [[TheMagocracy Tevinter Imperium]] and added to their armies. When they came to the lands that would become Ferelden, the Mabari defected and chose to side with the "barbarian" ancestors of the Fereldans, [[UndyingLoyalty remaining at their side for over a thousand years]].˛** As a bard Leliana was...what's the word? Vicious. Very, very vicious. About her only scruple was to give those she killed a clean death, everything else was fair game. After her betrayal she goes on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge, then performs a genuine HeelFaceTurn, joins the chantry and later the Seekers, jumps at the chance to aid the Warden and becomes the de facto leader of the Inquisition, potentially ending up as Thedas' equivalent of the Pope.˛** Some of the Templars in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' start questioning their loyalty as Meredith's measures grow more brutal. By the third act, [[spoiler: there's a joint mage-templar conspiracy to oust her and get the Circle back on track. Unfortunately, one of them is more interested in revenge on the player character.]]˛** ''VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition'': ˛*** Dorian Pavus, a former mage from Tevinter who despises the falseness and depravity of his people and wishes to reform the Imperium. He defected to help the Inquisition deal with the Venatori, a faction of Tevinter mages under the rule of the BigBad. While he doesn't practice blood magic, he does practice Necromancy, which is decidedly less controversial in the setting.˛*** Cassandra Pentaghast leaves the Seekers of Truth once [[ToBeLawfulOrGood she feels that their desire for order is becoming more important than the desire for justice and serving the people.]]˛*** Events of ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' had Cullen do some soul-searching in between games and realize just how much the Templar Order had abandoned its original ideals, and he along with them. This resulted in him leaving the order to join the Inquisition.˛*** Depending on your choices, Iron Bull can become this, [[spoiler:abandoning the Qun because the Chargers are more important to him]].˛*** Blackwall works alone, away from other Grey Wardens, ostensibly because of his high moral standards, whereas most Wardens have a "[[IDidWhatIHadToDo whatever works]]" approach to fighting darkspawn. While he does believe Wardens should aspire to be more moral and heroic, the real reason is that [[spoiler: he's not really a Warden, but a criminal on the run who assumed the identity of his dead would-be recruiter.]]˛*** Solas is an elven hermit apostate who avoids both the city elves and the Dalish, fond of pointing out flaws and inaccuracies in Dalish beliefs, in particular holding a much less rose-colored view of the ancient elven culture of Arlathan. [[spoiler:Of course he knows better: he was there. Originally he was an elven god who rose against the other elven gods in the name of the common folk.]]˛*** The Inquisitor can also be this depending on your dialogue choices. For example, the Dalish Inquisitor can agree with Solas' dismissive views of contemporary Dalish culture. The Qunari Inquisitor's parents were Tal-Vashoth, defectors from the Qun who raised their child away from its restrictions.˛*** One of the reasons the Inquisition swells in ranks so rapidly, absorbing misfits and outcasts who denounce their former allegiances as corrupt and/or inefficient, in favor of the one organization that is at least doing something against the current threat.˛* Messed with by [[spoiler:Legion]] in ''VideoGame/MassEffect2''. [[spoiler: It at first looks like they are setting it up as a defector from the evil geth civilization, until it reveals that it is actually part of the larger geth civilization and the Reaper-worshiping geth from the first game are the defectors, or "heretics".]]˛** Later played straight in the Paragon ending when Miranda tenders her resignation to Cerberus (to the Illusive Man's face, if you bring her to the final boss).˛** Wrex in the first game, similar to Canderous above.˛** In ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', your war assets have a folder dedicated exclusively to "Ex-Cerberus" personnel disgusted with the Illusive Man's new tactics. Jacob can be found protecting a team of scientists who realized something was wrong when their colleagues began mysteriously disappearing. The Rebellion Pack makes "Cerberus Defectors" a whole multiplayer class.˛** Quite a bit of this ends up happening in the third game just by virtue of the Reaper invasion putting most people's priorities into perspective. If you [[spoiler: cure the genophage for real]], the salarian dalatrass who asked you to [[spoiler: sabotage it]] withdraws salarian military support out of spite. The STG and salarian military then tell her and their other politicians to stick it up their cloacas and support you anyway, not willing to sacrifice the future of their species over a politician's petty grudge. In general, a lot more people seem willing to put their selfishness on the back burner if it means there's a chance they'll survive to next Christmas.˛* Annie from ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'' is the child of the leaders of the Grey Order -- a group who broke off from Noxus because of its evil and [[BadPowersGoodPeople want to study dark magic]].˛** Riven also broke away from Noxus after they used chemical weaponry to kill both the enemy regiment and her own instead of allowing them to face in battle so the stronger army would come out victorious.˛* ''Franchise/{{Wolfenstein}}''˛** In ''VideoGame/WolfensteinTheNewOrder'', one of BJ's allies in the [[TheResistance Kreisau Circle]] is Klaus Kreutz, a former Nazi who had been a loyal member of the regime, up until the birth of his son. Unfortunately, his son was born with a clubbed foot and was thus killed by the Nazis, along with his wife for trying to resist, which soured Klaus to the regime and led him to join the resistance.˛** ''VideoGame/WolfensteinIITheNewColossus'' has another ex-Nazi join the resistance: [[spoiler:Sigrun Engel, the daughter of Obergruppenführer Irene Engel. Frau Engel had long been abusive towards her daughter: mocking her weight and eating habits, reading her secret diary, [[KickTheDog generally being a cruel bitch to her]], and later in the game talking candidly on a TV show about how she was going to have her daughter executed for falling below her obscene standards. Not long after her introduction, Sigrun [[TheDogBitesBack lashes out at her mother]] and defects to the resistance.]]˛* ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare 3'':˛** [[spoiler:Player character Yuri]] used to be a close friend and comrade of Makarov, the world's greatest terrorist. He started having second thoughts as the Ultranationalists became increasingly insane. Came to a head right before the infamous "No Russian" mission -- he tried to stop the massacre and Makarov shot him in the gut for it. He's now the only person in the world who hates Makarov more than ''Price''.˛--->'''[[spoiler:Yuri]]''': I was a soldier of Russia. [[NeverHurtAnInnocent Not a taker of innocent lives]].˛** Makarov is an inversion. He left the other Ultranationalists, after he felt they had gone soft, and formed his own group the fanatical Inner Circle.˛* The backstory of the ''VideoGame/{{Myst}}'' games, particularly the tie-in novel ''The Book of D'ni'', reveals that the entire D'ni race is one of these. When their original homeworld was dying, most of the population moved to the Age of Tehranee, a decadent world of perfect climate and boundless space. A small part of them, however, went to another world, D'ni (or Earth), where they would live underground and be forced to eke out a living through advanced engineering abilities. The purpose of this was, similar to the Amish movement, to prevent decadence from rotting society, and it failed: the exact same kind of sedentarity and elitism that plagued Tehranee also crept into D'ni society, and ultimately caused the downfall of both civilizations. At some time in the series of the games, Atrus builds a new Age, Releeshahn, for the D'ni survivors, and founds a new society meant to address these issues by introducing such policies as social equality.˛* Villainous example in ''VideoGame/MaxPayne 3'', where supplementary material reveals that paramilitary leader Neves used to be a cop but quit because he wasn't making a difference against the criminals.˛* ''VideoGame/GodOfWarAscension'': Orkos initially obeyed the Furies without question, but when he saw the injustice in their enforcing Kratos' bond to Ares, he turned on them and helped Kratos break free of said bond.˛* In ''[[VisualNovel/AceAttorneyInvestigations Ace Attorney Investigations 2]]'', Edgeworth [[spoiler:quits as a prosecutor when he realizes that former Chief Prosecutor Blaise Debeste isn't interested in finding out the truth but just closing the case as quickly as possible, so he can continue investigating as an aide to a defence attorney instead of being threatened with redundancy.]]˛* ''VideoGame/InjusticeGodsAmongUs'': Injustice-verse Shazam follows [[KnightTemplar his world's Superman]] out of his admiration, despite Kal's ever-darkening methods. But when Kal declares his attempt to [[spoiler: raze Gotham and Metropolis in order to set an example after Lex's betrayal and then invade the original 'verse]], Shazam puts his foot down. [[spoiler: He gets his brains burned out by Kal's heat vision for his trouble.]] This [[MoralEventHorizon final atrocity]] is enough to make Injustice-verse Flash turn his back on the group.˛* In ''VideoGame/WeHappyFew'', you play as Arthur Hastings, a man who refuses to take his [[GovernmentDrugEnforcement Joy]] and becomes a "Downer", looking for an escape from [[FalseUtopia Wellington Wells]].˛* ''Videogame/{{Warframe}}'':˛** The Steel Meridian syndicate are a group of [[TheEmpire Grineer]] guerrilla fighters who are dedicated to protecting the innocents getting chewed up in the larger scale conflicts.˛** The Perrin Sequence syndicate are former [[MegaCorp Corpus]] scientists and traders who seek peaceful business opportunities rather than war-profiteering. Ironically, Steel Meridian and the Perrin Sequence hate one another, likely due to being Grineer and Corpus.˛** According to Darvo (a Corpus merchant who regularly trades with Tenno), occasionally the Grineer cloning process will make "mistakes" that creates soldiers who are not hardcoded into following the Twin Sisters. These defectors are usually executed, but sometimes they manage to escape--this is where Steel Meridian came from. One of these "mistakes" is Clem, a friendly Grineer soldier who works for Darvo that the player saves and helps out in a series of sidequests.˛* In ''VideoGame/DetroitBecomeHuman'', numerous androids become Deviants over the course of the game due to Markus' influence. By the chapter "Freedom March", androids are coming to Jericho in floods, and even ignoring their masters to join the March. Depending on how high their Software Instability is by the end of the game, [[spoiler:Connor]] has the option to join the resistance as well. [[spoiler:This is a much truer example of this trope, considering that Connor's primary goal is to hunt down deviants himself.]]˛* A sizable chunk of Hargon's forces defect to the Builder over the course of ''VideoGame/DragonQuestBuilders2'', some out of genuine altruism, others for pragmatic issues. Kind of hard to keep loyalty when the edict you enforce makes it hard for your own forces to eat.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Web Animation]]˛* ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'':˛** Blake was a member of the White Fang when it used to protest peacefully, and left sometime after it deteriorated into crimes of violence. Unlike most examples, though, Blake didn't leave quite immediately, and she labels herself as a criminal that's HiddenInPlainSight.˛** In Volume 5 [[spoiler: Blake manages to convince her friend Illia to leave to, though she came ''very'' close to [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope going the other way]]]].˛** After [[spoiler: The Fall of Beacon]], Weiss and General Ironwood show absolute disgust at the members of Atlas high society who are wrapped up in their trivial concerns and don't recognize what a tragedy it was or the sacrifices made during the battle. Weiss ultimately flees home to rejoin her sister and friends. Ironwood, however, doesn't defect, but starts taking ''control''.˛** Implied to be the case for May Marigold. Her cousin Henry is one of the [[UpperClassTwit Upper-Class Twits]] of the Atlas elite, blind to societal issues and interested far more in chatting up pretty girls at parties. May, meanwhile, is part of the Happy Huntresses, a team of [[VigilanteWoman vigilante]] political activists who seek to improve the lot of the impoverished city of Mantle.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Webcomics]]˛* Secret of ''Webcomic/KeychainOfCreation'' is a deathknight gone rogue... sorta. She's restricted but has found ways of getting around it. Vulnerable to the occasional resonance blowout, however.˛* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' has [[ModestRoyalty Gamzee]], if you think about it. He's of the highest blood colors, but all he wants is to be [[FriendToAllLivingThings friends]] with everyone and relax with a pie. [[spoiler:Until he becomes sober.]]˛** Karkat's ancestor, known only as The Sufferer, was a MessianicArchetype who tried to reform the trolls' warlike ways and was executed for his trouble. [[spoiler: When Dave accidentally [[FromNobodyToNightmare sets Gamzee off on a murderous rampage]], Karkat lives up to his ancestor's ideals by [[CooldownHug calming him down]] instead of [[ShootTheDog putting him down.]] And it was good.]]˛** Similar to Gamzee is Feferi, who has the highest blood color possible and is the heiress to [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen The Condesce]], but is herself a LoveFreak RebelliousPrincess with plans to abolish the [[FantasticCasteSystem hemospectrum]] and create a more equal troll society once she becomes Empress.˛* Lien Lei of ''{{E-Depth Angel}}'' hated his father (and the rest of his family) so much, that although he was still in charge of part of his father's company, he didn't care about getting approval for anything. This is part of what allowed him to finally [[spoiler: go along with Angel's plan to "save the cyborgs' humanity". He even devoted large amounts of funding toward it, though his devotion for the program may have been for totally different reasons.]]˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Web Original]]˛* In ''Roleplay/TheGamersAlliance'', Omaroch wants to do something else with his life than just randomly killing people as other demons do. This leads him to enter the Land of the Living and he eventually falls in love with a human cleric, leaving his old life behind and siding with humans against his kin.˛* Film Brain does this in ''WebVideo/{{Kickassia}}'' and aids in the rebellion because WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic accidentally killed Santa Christ.˛* [[Roleplay/EquestriaChronicles Flapper Jack's]] special talent is protecting ponies.... and the guard he's in grows increasingly corrupt and abusive.˛* [[spoiler:Dark General Cobalt]] in ''Literature/SailorNothing'', although he needed magical aid to get there.˛* ''Roleplay/MSFHighForum'': (combined with Heel-Face Turn) Casey's 'parents' are frequently mentioned as supervillains. Casey is looking forward to becoming a superheroine and beating them and their allies down.˛* The ''Literature/{{Reds}}'' version of George Patton (who got converted to socialism during a much bloodier World War 1) is ordered to attack the Bonus Army after [[GeneralRipper General MacArthur's]] [[MilitaryCoup military Junta]] seizes control from the newly elected [[ChummyCommies communist party]]. Instead, he defects with his entire unit and takes commands of the first units of the new US Red Army. ˛* In ''Literature/TheFalconCannotHear'', [[spoiler: Dwight Eisenhower]] is a top general of the fascist Whites, seeing them as a necessary evil to keep the country united. But after learning of [[spoiler: their FinalSolution of their black population]], he defects to the American Soviet Republic... and takes several thousand soldiers with him. Plus, after he exposes the Whites' crimes, ''the entirety of their New England territories'' defect to the Continental Congress.˛* Keeper from ''{{Literature/Deviant}}'' leaves the Grims, a gang, out of distaste for how they treated her daughter - selling her to a gang of human traffickers. After retrieving her kid, Keeper becomes an ally of the vigilante group Cerberus.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Western Animation]]˛* Lemongrab 2 from ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime''. By the time of the episode "Too Old", the original Lemongrab had become mad (well, mad''der'') with power, putting {{Shock Collar}}s on the Lemon Children and [[spoiler:almost eating his brother alive.]] When Lemongrab imprisons Finn and Bubblegum for wanting to take Lemonhope (the most normal of the Lemon Children) to Candy Kingdom for education, Lemongrab 2 starts rebelling, first by freeing them, then by [[spoiler:releasing the Lemon Children from their collars]]. Before [[spoiler:Lemongrab finishes eating him]], Lemongrab 2 asks Lemonhope to go with Bubblegum and become successful for the sake of the other Lemon Children.˛* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' has multiple defectors from the imperialist Fire Nation:˛** Jeong Jeong became a recluse after seeing what the Fire Nation had become.˛** Iroh didn't officially defect from the Fire Nation until Book 2, but he'd essentially switched sides about five years before the start of the series. ˛** [[spoiler: Zuko]] finally decides to officially defect after witnessing [[spoiler: his father plan to burn down the entire Earth Kingdom during Sozin's Comet.]]˛* Marsala in ''WesternAnimation/ExoSquad'', A Neosapien who fought for the Exofleet against the second Neosapien rebellion, which he must have really disagreed with because he was one of the leaders of the ''first'' one.˛** He even goes on a MotiveRant when they thought he switched sides on his views about how humans treat Neosapiens. It turns out all of it was true, but he still believes the two races can get along, plus the second rebellion is committing genocide.˛* Inverted by Shego, [[TheDragon Dragon]] to the MadScientist main villain from ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'', who actually used to be part of a superhero team (made up of her siblings) before she got sick of their relentless smiling, cheesy good deeds and [[LargeHam overdosing]] on all the superhero cliches. By all accounts, she is much happier as a DarkActionGirl, though she does still care about them.˛** [[BerserkButton Just don't remind her that she does.]]˛* Several characters from ''WesternAnimation/{{Motorcity}}'', including Mike, a former cadet to the show's BigBad, his LaResistance members Dutch and Julie (though partial in her case given that she's the aforementioned BigBad's ''daughter'' and acts as an insider), and Jacob, formerly a renowned scientist. All, along with many possible others, escaped the dictatorship of Detroit Deluxe to the city below: the original, but much grimier Motor City.˛* ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels'': After spending some time as the ReverseMole, [[spoiler:Agent Kallus]], who would ''not'' have been a candidate for "Imperial most likely to have a HeelFaceTurn" when he was first introduced, finally leaves the Empire and formally joins the Rebels in the Season 3 finale after his cover was blown.˛* Dinobot from ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}: WesternAnimation/BeastWars'' thought Megatron stranded him on an abandoned planet and defected in the first episode. In the second season, after realizing everything was going according to Megatron's plan, Dinobot returned to Megatron's side... Only to defect ''again'' once he realized what the full scope of Megatron's ambitions really was.˛** Skyfire from the ''[[WesternAnimation/TheTransformers Original Series]]'' was revived after [[HumanPopsicle being frozen in the Arctic]] and joined the Decepticons, not because he knew who they were, but because his best friend was one... Then he realized his best friend had become evil since he was frozen. Oops.˛*** More to the point, his best friend was [[TheStarscream Starscream]], which raises questions in and of itself. Then again, this was several million years ago back in the days Starscream was a scientist.˛** Starscream himself does this at least once in ''Anime/TransformersArmada''.˛*** Starscream ''attempts'' to do it in ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime'' too, but this is scuppered by Arcee trying to murder him and make it look like she killed him as he was attempting to escape custody. Though given that it's ''[[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder Starscream]]'', it's questionable just how honest his attempt really was.˛*** Later into ''Prime'' Dreadwing Defies this trope, after learning of Starscream's reviving his brother's corpse as a [[OurZombiesAreDifferent terrorcon]], and Megatron covering it up, he does deliver a useful relic to the Autobots, but he refuses to join Optimus Prime, delivering this line:˛---->Betraying my kind is not the same as accepting yours.˛** Blitzwing does this in the five-part Season 3 opener of the ''Franchise/TransformersGeneration1'' series, after seeing his fellow Decepticons manipulated by the Quintessons and how psychotic Megatron had become as Galvatron.˛** PlayedForLaughs in the final episode of ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars''. Waspinator finally had enough and quit the Predacons. [[TheChewToy His fellow Predacons blow him to pieces yet again before he could finish.]]˛* In the ''WesternAnimation/{{WITCH}}'' TV series, [[spoiler:Raythor does a HeelFaceTurn after he realizes that his lord, Phobos has no honor]].˛* In ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'', we learned that [[spoiler:Pink Diamond, one of the elites of the Gem Race was one. After sneaking down to Earth's surface when it was in the midst of becoming her colony, she learned that the process of creating new Gems takes away the planet's ability to form its unique organic life. When her attempts to convince her fellow Diamonds to end the colonization were dismissed, she donned the false identity of a rebellious Rose Quartz to scare the gems. Pinnk eventually expanded her cause to allow gems to be free from the restricting caste system. Her revolution ended when she faked her own shattering by her Rose Quartz identity, believing the Diamonds will abandon Earth as a lost cause. They do, but not before unleashing a devasting wave to wipe out whatever Gems were left on Earth's surface.]]˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Real Life]]˛* President UsefulNotes/JohnTyler switched from the Democratic party to the Whig party because he didn't like UsefulNotes/AndrewJackson's dictatorial methods. The switch wasn't successful because he remained just Democratic enough that most Whigs couldn't stand him.˛* Flavius Vegetius Renatus: [[ "To seduce the enemies soldiers from their allegiance and encourage them to surrender is of special service, for an adversary is more hurt by desertion than by slaughter."]]˛* Missing records and contradictory stories make it hard to tell how much this applied to history, but legendary samurai UsefulNotes/YagyuJubei is often portrayed as a {{Proud Warrior|RaceGuy}} who spent years WalkingTheEarth after being banished due to his disdain for court politics and blunt ways.˛* Democratic senator [[ Stephen Douglas]] was, for a time, considered as a possible candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 1860 when he defied his party and fellow Democrat President James Buchanan over their attempts to pass a slave code that would have made Kansas a slave state regardless of whether the people wished it to be a slave or free state. For all intents and purposes, Douglas' near defection split the Democratic party's northern and southern wings as Douglas would become one of two Democratic candidates for President in 1860, (the other being John Breckenridge) with Douglas getting nearly all of his support from the Northern Democrats. For their part, the Republicans wound up picking some obscure former Congressman named Abraham Lincoln instead, who, due to the split among Democrats, was able to win with just 40% of the popular vote. (Although, since it was a four-way race, 40% was quite a bit more than Lincoln's nearest rival). After Lincoln's election, Douglas urged the South to accept Lincoln and attempted to work to avoid UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar. When the South did secede, he condemned the action and rallied support for the North, but died not long after the war's onset.˛** Lincoln was not exactly obscure -- he was the Republican challenger for Douglas' Senate seat in 1858, and although he didn't win, his famous debates with Douglas made him well-known among Republicans, although not considered a contender for the Republican nomination until he was nominated.˛* [[UsefulNotes/{{Buddhism}} Siddharta Gautama Buddha the Sage of the Shakyas]], founder of Buddhism. Quite famous for leaving his princely life and becoming an ascetic.˛** Though interestingly he defected from strict asceticism as well, and went on to find his own, famous path.˛* Creator/MarkTwain was originally a die-hard American nationalist, but later [[HeelFaceTurn switched sides]] to become an anti-imperialist, citing disillusionment with the expansionist US foreign policy of the early 1900s.˛* Many real-life defectors from communist nation-states were the elite of society. [[]], [[]], [[]]˛* The industrialist Fritz Thyssen was originally an ardent supporter of Hitler and [[UsefulNotes/NaziGermany the Nazi Party]], up until he was thoroughly disgusted by Kristallnacht. He literally defected from Germany, causing Hitler to personally declare him an UnPerson, and holed up in France... until France was overrun in UsefulNotes/WorldWarTwo. He was thrown into a concentration camp but still managed to survive the war.˛** This seemed to happen a lot with the Nazis, maybe why there were 27 or so [[ attempts on Hitler's life]] between '34 and '44, not including 10 or so in '33, and another 4 before that.˛* Saint Patrick's Battalion in the Mexican-American war, a majority-Catholic group of soldiers who defected from the US Army to side with Mexico. Reasons for the defection vary, but most of them fall under this trope: many were Catholics/immigrants embittered by mistreatment and cultural alienation from the largely Protestant/nativist American forces, many were Irish soldiers who saw America as doing the same thing to Mexico that England had done to Ireland, and some were escaped black slaves who were understandably disenchanted with the United States.˛** Similarly, many of the Irish rebellions against British rule saw Irish Catholic soldiers defecting to join the rebels. By the Irish War of Independence, this had come to include English and Scottish Catholics of Irish descent.˛** A really bizarre one was the [[ Fenian raids]], in which Irishmen based in the United States attacked British forts in Canada, which Washington supposedly ignored because they were still angry with Britain for toying with backing the Confederacy in [[UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar the late unpleasantness]].˛** And the Connaught Rangers, an all-Irish regiment of soldiers serving the British Empire in India, defected almost immediately upon hearing news of the Irish War of Independence. Moral of the story - do not piss off the Irish.˛* Street gangs see a lot of abandonment from their founding '[=OGs=]' due to the shift in values (many gangs are started for neighborhood protection but then the drug trade becomes too lucrative, leading the gangs to become more like criminal enterprises). Many founding members feel like the new generation doesn't have the respect and focus that they have and can no longer tolerate it.˛* Japanese Trip-Hop artist DJ Krush was a Yakuza member before beginning his musical career. One day [[{{Yubitsume}} he discovered a severed finger wrapped in paper on his desk]]; after discovering that it had belonged to his best friend, he decided to leave.˛* Two Libyan fighter pilots, when ordered to bomb protesting civilians, [[TakeAThirdOption flew out of Libya and defected.]] All in all, ''forty thousand'' Libyan troops defected to the rebel/UN side.˛** RebelLeader [[ Mustafa Abdul Jalil]] was Minister of Justice under Gaddafi until Gaddafi started slaughtering protesters.˛* Legendary anarchist theorist Pyotr Kropotkin was a Russian prince and Mikhail Bakunin belonged to a noble family (albeit one of "modest means"), and both rejected their privileged positions. Both ended up imprisoned for some time and later fled/were expelled into exile.˛** Leo Tolstoy (who was a count), as well, although he didn't end up going to prison. The Russians seem to have a long and pronounced tradition of Russian nobles becoming anarchists and giving up their titles and possessions. Similarly, the sons and grandchildren of Russian Orthodox Priests (who could be married men) were also responsible for so many revolutionary ideas that "Son of a Priest" became an insult.˛*** In the 19th and 20th centuries it was the Russian nobility and upper classes, and not the Russian middle-classes or industrial workers, that made up most of the country's political radicals and dissidents. The Russian middle class was both weak and tiny, due to the power of the (state-run) [[MegaCorp companies]] they worked for, and big-factory workers weren't much more numerous or better organised by comparison (cottage industry, and small-factory-based-light-industry, employed most of the workers in even the 1913 manufacturing sector). That said, most of said radicals and dissidents came from the less well-off or impoverished echelons of the nobility and priesthood.˛*** Another Tolstoy example might be Count Aleksey Nikolaevich Tolstoy, a distant relative of Leo Tolstoy. He fled Russia after the Revolution, but embraced communism and returned to the Soviet Union where he became one of Stalin's favorite authors and made major contributions to early science fiction.˛* Louis Philippe, the Duke of Orleans. He became a major supporter for the revolutionary causes during the French Revolution and changed his name to Citizen Equality (Citoyen Egalite), abandoning his aristocratic status. Unfortunately for him, things did not go well for him during the Terror.˛* In 2011 and 2012, the Free Syrian Army received several high ranking (colonel & up) defectors from the Syrian military such as Riad al-Asaad, Mustafa al-Sheikh, Salim Idris, and Abdul-Ilah al-Bashir. But by late 2014, the FSA has taken heavy losses in the Syrian civil war and is now a fraction of its former strength, with [[TheFundamentalist Islamic State]] becoming the prime opposition group to the Syrian government.˛* UsefulNotes/{{Skanderbeg}} was once a Janissary guard for the UsefulNotes/OttomanEmpire that actually rose to the position of the local governor. However, being forcibly conscripted into the position in the first place, the deaths of his siblings in the [[DeadlyDecadentCourt Turkish court]], seeing his homeland of UsefulNotes/{{Albania}} being exploited and inspired by the struggle of other Christian states led to him switch sides and lead his quarter-century campaign against the Ottomans.˛* UsefulNotes/{{Malaysia}}'s Mahathir exploited this trope a few times during his political career by temporarily quitting his party UMNO. He relied on his massive political clout in hopes of alienating his target and forcing UMNO to oust his target. Mahathir accused Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of incompetence, quit the party and succeeded getting UMNO to oust Abdullah as Prime Minister, after which Mahathir rejoined UMNO. Later on, Mahathir accused Najib of corruption and tried the same trick, but this time without much success since Najib held a stronger grip on UMNO. Mahathir eventually formed another political party and officially declared that UMNO no longer represents what it stands for, which makes exploiting of this trope all the more obvious.˛[[/folder]]˛˛----


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