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Mar 29th 2015 at 11:26:27 PM •••

The page image example is not explained anywhere on this page. I have no clue who this man pouring his glass of wine into a drain while an orgy occurs is or why he's doing it. Someone elaborate on the example or put a new page image.

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Mar 29th 2015 at 11:44:23 PM •••

Huh. Did you check the page title?

Oct 26th 2013 at 7:02:36 AM •••

...Has the definition of this trope changed? Because the title doesn't make any sense with the page description. "Defector From Decadence" implies someone who gives up a life of wealth, leisure, high social status, etc. That also seems to be implied by the page image.

The page description, however, makes this about anyone who gives up their old allies because they don't like them anymore: "A character who joins either the protagonists or antagonists not so much because he agrees with all their ideas as he can no longer tolerate the opinions or actions of his old group." That's just plain old being a defector—decadence has nothing to do with it.

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Feb 17th 2017 at 9:10:22 AM •••

They're using decadence in the sense of "moral bankruptcy" as opposed to "self indulgent"

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