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1Behold, I was bored:\²The album "Reckoning Night"\²Summed up in haiku²²1. I was born too late\²Life sucks so [[ReclusiveArtist I write stories]]\²I'm a misplaced man²²2. Was too blind to see\²You were clingy and whiny\²I'm blinded no more?²²3. "Ain't Your Fairytale":\²Overhunt, wolves will eat you\²[[GreenAesop Don't mess with nature]]²²4. Intermission time!\²Piano solo sounds like\²Caleb's addled mind²²5. In "Don't Say A Word"\²{{Stalker with a crush}} becomes\²[[{{Yandere}} Violent and jealous]]²²6. Puppet-master creep\²And [[PuppetPermutation reverse-Pinocchio]]\²[[LongTitle Overlong title]]²²7. "My Selene": the guy\²finds dream girl- literally\²[[DrivenToSuicide Ends with suicide?]]²²8. Father was a thief\²I'm not like him, I'm different!\²I'm an arsonist²²9. The lighthouse goes out\²"White Pearl" crash; black oceans\²Rise and swallow me²²10. Last, "Shamandalie"\²Obligatory ballad\²[[TearJerker Even I go "Aww..."]]²²11. What the... Bonus track!\²"To Create A Warlike Feel"?\²Yeah, that's what it does.²²--> -- @/BoundByTheMoon²²I shall do the same\²For the album of ''Silence''\²Summed up in Haiku.²²1. Everything it has to give\²The most beautiful music\²Silence is golden.²²2. In "Weballergy"\²The lies cover up the truth.\²You think you have it now?²²3. False News Travels Fast\²Life wrecked by the haunting lies\²And i'm still your man.²²4. {{Stalker with a crush}}\²In "The End of This Chapter"\²Shows his true colors.²²5. Live with the {{Black Sheep}}\²You can never escape, now.\²Is this a [[RapeAsDrama rape]] song?²²6. The Land of the Free\²Is a true utopia\²But we can't reach it.²²7. A cheating girlfriend\²And a {{dark and troubled past}}\²Culminate in this.²²8. Epic war of love\²Sun of San Sebastian\²The girl dies, I live.²²9. Peer pressure and death\²Cause you to [[TitleDrop sing in silence]]\²Ends with suicide.²²10. Ah, Revontulet!\²''Silence's'' instrumental\²Nothing but awesome.²²11. Epic {{Tear Jerker}}\²Tallulah, the {{breakup song}}\²Love is cruel sometimes.²²12. The wolf and raven\²Will teach you a thing or two\²About servitude.²²13. The Power of One\²A man fights the entire world.\²This is an epic song.\²²--> -- @/SarothCyngus²²Well, lo and behold\²''The Days of Grays'' in haiku\²For your amusement.²²1. All fades to gray\²Desolate orchestral track\²Dark introduction.²²2. Witch hunt is coming\²I must die along with her\²It was all my fault.²²3. Last Amazing Grays\²In the eyes of every child\²I see the future.²²4. Voyage to the States\²We made it, now let's settle\²Happy ending at last.²²5. I stand defeated\²{{Despair Event Horizon}}\²Can't control my life.²²6. Soldiers sent to die\²Dancing on the borderline\²Screw the government.²²7. It's a breakup song\²Peel off the dead skin, my tears\²Don't mean anything.²²8. Caleb has returned\²And Juliet won't stand for this\²So she will kill him.²²9. Need her poison kiss\²Dreams can't heal a broken heart\²Is she a vampire?²²10. Wrongfully accused\²I'll live my last as if the\²World wasn't ending.²²11. The truth is out there\²The world's stranger than fiction\²I want to believe.²²12. When everything ends,\²we dive into the darkness\²And all fades to gray.²²13. What's this? Bonus tracks?\²Let's have some sex in the dark\²Stay with me somehow.²²14. Nothing more to say\²What once was there is now dead\²I'm doomed to this death.²²15. Keeper of all keys\²In my eyes you're a giant\²I'll guard you always.²²Now to take my leave\²''The Days of Grays'' is over\²I wonder what's next?²²--> -- @/TheDeadSkin


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