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Haiku / Sonata Arctica

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Behold, I was bored:
The album "Reckoning Night"
Summed up in haiku

1. I was born too late
Life sucks so I write stories
I'm a misplaced man

2. Was too blind to see
You were clingy and whiny
I'm blinded no more?

3. "Ain't Your Fairytale":
Overhunt, wolves will eat you
Don't mess with nature

4. Intermission time!
Piano solo sounds like
Caleb's addled mind

5. In "Don't Say A Word"
Stalker with a Crush becomes
Violent and jealous


6. Puppet-master creep
And reverse-Pinocchio
Overlong title

7. "My Selene": the guy
finds dream girl- literally
Ends with suicide?

8. Father was a thief
I'm not like him, I'm different!
I'm an arsonist

9. The lighthouse goes out
"White Pearl" crash; black oceans
Rise and swallow me

10. Last, "Shamandalie"
Obligatory ballad
Even I go "Aww..."

11. What the... Bonus track!
"To Create A Warlike Feel"?
Yeah, that's what it does.

I shall do the same
For the album of Silence
Summed up in Haiku.

1. Everything it has to give
The most beautiful music
Silence is golden.

2. In "Weballergy"
The lies cover up the truth.
You think you have it now?

3. False News Travels Fast
Life wrecked by the haunting lies
And i'm still your man.

4. Stalker with a Crush
In "The End of This Chapter"
Shows his true colors.


5. Live with the Black Sheep
You can never escape, now.
Is this a rape song?

6. The Land of the Free
Is a true utopia
But we can't reach it.

7. A cheating girlfriend
And a Dark and Troubled Past
Culminate in this.

8. Epic war of love
Sun of San Sebastian
The girl dies, I live.

9. Peer pressure and death
Cause you to sing in silence
Ends with suicide.

10. Ah, Revontulet!
Silence's instrumental
Nothing but awesome.

11. Epic Tear Jerker
Tallulah, the Break-Up Song
Love is cruel sometimes.

12. The wolf and raven
Will teach you a thing or two
About servitude.

13. The Power of One
A man fights the entire world.
This is an epic song.

Well, lo and behold
The Days of Grays in haiku
For your amusement.

1. All fades to gray
Desolate orchestral track
Dark introduction.

2. Witch hunt is coming
I must die along with her
It was all my fault.


3. Last Amazing Grays
In the eyes of every child
I see the future.

4. Voyage to the States
We made it, now let's settle
Happy ending at last.

5. I stand defeated
Despair Event Horizon
Can't control my life.

6. Soldiers sent to die
Dancing on the borderline
Screw the government.

7. It's a breakup song
Peel off the dead skin, my tears
Don't mean anything.

8. Caleb has returned
And Juliet won't stand for this
So she will kill him.

9. Need her poison kiss
Dreams can't heal a broken heart
Is she a vampire?

10. Wrongfully accused
I'll live my last as if the
World wasn't ending.

11. The truth is out there
The world's stranger than fiction
I want to believe.

12. When everything ends,
we dive into the darkness
And all fades to gray.

13. What's this? Bonus tracks?
Let's have some sex in the dark
Stay with me somehow.

14. Nothing more to say
What once was there is now dead
I'm doomed to this death.

15. Keeper of all keys
In my eyes you're a giant
I'll guard you always.

Now to take my leave
The Days of Grays is over
I wonder what's next?


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