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History YMMV / Wayward

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*CompleteMonster: [[BigBad Nurarihyon]], lord of the Yokai, seeks to [[VisionaryVillain blend the future and the past]] to create a world where he and the Yokai rule. Keeping the mystical Weavers as slaves while having any inconveniences in the past exterminated by the Yokai, Nurarihyon becomes aware of the new "breed" of empowered beings in the present before torturing and murdering heroine Rori Lane's mother. Eventually torturing a murderer to turn him into an Oni, Nurarihyon unleashes him upon his enemies with no need for thousands of casualties as Tokyo itself risks being bulldozed. Believing the "future starts with fire", Nurarihyon is willing to [[NotSoWellIntentionedExtremist destroy anyone and anything to secure his position as the master of the future]].

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