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* ActorAllusion: When Spider-Man first confronts Metallo, he asks if anyone's told Metallo he sounds like Creator/MalcolmMcDowell (doubles as BreakingTheFourthWall, as Metallo appears to genuinely not know who Spider-Man is talking about).

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*AuthorsSavingThrow: The first story was written before it was revealed that Octavius could control metal with his mind rather than just his tentacles; the sequel justifies his focus on the tentacles in the first storyline because Fury used nanites to disable that part of Octaviusís abilities when he was last captured and Octavius didnít have the resources to deactivate the nanites.
*HarsherInHindsight: From a certain perspective; the opening chapter begins with Peter Parker having lost his friends and family to the Green Goblin, who would go on to kill Peter in the main Ultimate Marvel universe.
*OneTrueThreesome: A one-shot AU for this series showed Spider-Man becoming part of a triad with Wonder Girl and Supergirl.

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