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*CompleteMonster: BigBad Ramon Cota is a powerful drug dealer who pushes cocaine into the US. We see he uses slave labor on his estate where he has a woman who tends to her baby beaten. When her husband tries to help her, Cota guts him personally and orders the baby killed and the woman sent to his bed. When he's caught and extradited to the US, Cota makes his escape but not before he murders the wife and 13 year old brother of the agent responsible for his capture. When the man goes for Cota himself in revenge, Cota tortures him to death and later captures another agent who comes calling. He tries to execute him by placing him in a homemade gas chamber. When Cota's estate is under siege by the rest of Delta Force, he kills the woman he abused at the beginning of the film when she comes for revenge. Then he lets himself be taken alive before bragging he'll increase the flow of cocaine and murder the hero's family, and that there's nothing he can't buy thanks to cocaine...just before [[KarmicDeath his rope tethering him to the helicopter snaps]].

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