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''Not Another Zombie Apocalypse'' is a three-parter survival web series released by IGN on May 14-24 2013.

The series is basically a parody of the ''Franchise/ResidentEvil'' franchise, in where Naomi Kyle, Alexis Cozombolidis, Alfredo Diaz and Tim Gettys have to survive the zombie-infected headquarters of IGN.

!!''Not Another Zombie Apocalypse'' provides examples of:

* ActionGirl: The two female leads.
* ActionSurvivor: Only two of the 4 lead characters made it out by the end.
* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: Aside of her infected arm, Naomi is still pretty much without any scratch or injury.
* GivingThemTheStrip: As the group is running away from the zombies, Alexis Cozombolidis comes across a zombie who grabs her by her overshirt, the zombies tries to pull Alexis towards him in an attempt to eat her, but in doing so he accidentally removes her shirt, allowing her to escape.
* MsFanservice: Naomi and Alexis wear form-fitting tank tops during most of the series.
* SeriesContinuityError: At the start of Part 2, when one of the zombified IGN crew members attack the four leads and they split up, Alexis is in her blue tank top without her overshirt at sight, but then in the next shot, she's wearing her overshirt (not that she will be wearing it for much longer, as pointed above).
* TooDumbToLive: The two male leads.
* WomenAreWiser: Naomi and Alexis are obviously more smarter among the four leads compared to Alfredo and Tim in the series.

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