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* AdvertisingByAssociation: Being an independent movie, ''Kidnap''[='s=] marketing consisted of posters completely void of everything but Halle Berry's face (or body shot) and name.

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* BoxOfficeBomb: Had a budget of $21 million and only grossed about $35 million - thus making the movie's creators lose money because they can only take in approximately half the revenue as it is divided with movie theaters. To make this even more of a TearJerker, Relativity Media (the film's distributor) already had financial problems before ''Kidnap''[='s=] release and has ceased operations in 2018. Though of course this is an independent movie, so it had a bleak chance of ever seeing a profit.

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* TheShelfOfMovieLanguishment: The film was originally scheduled for release on October 9, 2015, but Creator/RelativityMedia delayed it multiple times due to their financial woes, eventually selling the rights off to Aviron Pictures for $3 million, who released it on August 4, 2017.

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