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Hello, I'm Khrunwahl 02, an active contributor and writer on the TV Tropes website, one of my favorite websites on the Internet mainly because it helps build onto the Internet's reputation as an information superhighway.

For years, I didn't have a profile page. But I decided I'd only have lots to gain and nothing to lose by setting one up.

Why I Love TV Tropes

TV Tropes I think is a lot more easy-going than Wikipedia for individual contributions, as long as you can separate your opinions (which we value) from general facts about movies/TV shows/books. Wikipedia only supports the Rotten Tomatoes consensus for any fictional work, when really RT doesn't have much to say about low-budget and low-rated fictional works that don't achieve much fame and notoriety. Just because a movie's not on RT doesn't mean that it doesn't exist and hundreds of people worked hard for 3+ years on it.

TV Tropes cleverly can tell you which plot devices have been successful and have not been successful throughout Hollywood's career, be it financially or critically. TV Tropes is home to the descriptions and lists of examples of mostly both very specific tropes and cliche, overused tropes that never disappear because no matter how common they are, we still love them such as Big Damn Heroes, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!, Happy Ending Override or How We Got Here.


TV Tropes actually helps you figure out why you like movies and TV shows - they tell you what your favorite plot devices and character traits can be such as Big Eater, Deadpan Snarker, Jerkass Has a Point and The Dragon.

My 5 Favorite Movies of All Time: (They're not ranked)

I've given maybe 20 movies (25 at most) the perfect 5-star rating, and here are 5 that I really cherish more than most of the crap we see on Hollywood today: If I can remember more I'll post them
  • RAMPAGE: CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! Cause I love Bill Williamon's left-wing progressive agenda that we need to kill the rich, get out there and hang every single politician, lawyer, gun lobbyer, banker, CEO, media liar, millionaires and financer from a tree and stop global warming and convert everybody to atheism, purge the United States of religion so that everyone becomes a cold, calculating and logical atheist just like he is.
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day - James Cameron's best movie yet.
  • Battle Royale (2000) - because of the anti-school sentiment and anti-competition sentiment in our aggressively hyper-capitalist and rapidly commercialized, conglomerate-dominating society that is hurting especially our children and young people, the movie is literally about children killing each other to become the Top Student in class.
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  • Mulan (1998) - I was amused at the story about a Chinese girl warrior princess making friends with the Three Stooges to defeat an entire army of bloodthirsty Mongols
  • The Shape of Water (2017) - especially with the scene where Elisa cuddles nude with Fish Man in her bathroom entirely filled with water.
  • Shazam! (2019) - a great superhero movie that makes fun of other superhero movies.

My Favorite TV Shows of All Time: (Again, they're not ranked)

  • South Park - even though I think the show can be too mean-hearted and indulgent in violence or misogyny at times, I think the political messages are indubitably well expressed.
  • Crank Yankers - because I love Katie and Kevin Kimmel, the two cutest kids to make prank calls and use foul language, this show actually made me regain my love for children and it helped me regain my faith that they can start acting like adults at just age 9. I was touched by how Kevin and Katie loved each other dearly and got along really well as brother and sister (can't siblings ever get along?) but they declared war on everybody else.
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  • Codename: Kids Next Door - because of the anti-adult tyranny sentiment, clever character development, and anti-school sentiment that keeps drawing visual comparisons to educational institutions to Alcatraz detention camps.
  • Transformers: Animated
  • Transformers: Prime - because this is the closest Transformers has done to giving Starscream his own TV show. I think Starscream is very relatable in that he gives us a perspective of what it's like to be serving in a military led by a commander (Megatron) who is ruthless, dangerous and has no qualms about threatening, abusing or demoting you. Starscream's done everything you can imagine to get out of this - JOIN the enemy (Autobots), then go solo (he got hungry, crawled back to Megatron for food).

My Favorite Tropes

  • The Thing That Would Not Leave - probably my most favorite trope ever. With a world population of 7 billion and growing, it's become a challenge to afford a home, even a small apartment room, even in First World developed countries such as the United States. Just because Americans (specifically United States Americans not people in all continents of North and South America), Canadians, Europeans, Middle Easterners (especially Israel) and East Asians (South Korea, Japan, Taiwan) do exponentially better economically than the other 75% of the world doesn't mean they don't know struggle, poverty and outrageous living costs. Whether you blame overachievements in medicine and cures, immigration, housing market bubbles, ineffective political leadership, unfair minimum wage laws or economic imbalance and inequality, people will always consider affording board and room a challenge because there is no permanent long-term solution to poverty. And then people will come into your house uninvited or invited (depending on if you were stupid/trustworthy enough to let them in in the first place OR they just barged in and you didn't have the might to push them out) and really, really overstay their welcome. At this point, it doesn't even seem like the overstaying guests are losers anymore, it seems like now you are the loser and they're the winner. They won by stealing your life, and most likely also your food, house, television privileges. Even if you were able to kick them out and throw them back into poverty, which is not easy, only then will you think that they actually deserved that poverty.
    • Pretty much sums up Romas (Gypsies) in Europe.
    • During my 3rd year of college in first semester, I've had to put up with a squatter (he was black) who wouldn't leave my apartment room and kept using the bathroom and lights that me and my roommates (the ones who do pay rent) had to provide for. It was a morally complicated issue because while that guy actually did pay rent and own a room, it turns out that he overstayed after his lease ended and he had nowhere else to go so he kept sleeping on our couch and taking up space in our living room even though we really needed the living room for our own needs. He used up water and power, something he doesn't pay for anymore, me and my roommates paid truckloads of money for that. Interestingly, I was the only one who hated him and wanted him gone immediately, all my roommates seemed fine with him (in fact, they enjoyed his company) but then again my roommates were all black, I'm not black by the way.
    • Sums up the Palestinians who keep trying to claim Israel as their territory, especially capital Jerusalem. While a lot of people feel sorry for Palestine, I tend to think of them as selfish pricks who just want lots of land and do stupid things out of religious conservatism and radical Islamic beliefs just like would the Iranians or Saudis. Just look at Iran and Saudi Arabia, they have plenty of land, even more land than their people needs. And yet they're always attacking tiny Israel.
    • Illegal immigrants pick Europe and the United States as their favorite new homeland of economic opportunity. The American Dream is a scam and an unachievable fantasy, it usually never becomes a reality.
    • A lot of mainland Chinese from PRC try moving in to Taiwan for more room and occupancy.
    • People all over Central America and Latin America see Mexico as their new homeland regardless of immigration laws and quotas. That's right, even Mexico has illegal immigrant problems.
    • This trope was a major catalyst of World War 2 - Hitler and the Nazis wanted Lebensraum (living space) all over Europe.
    • Kim Jong-un's grandfather Kim Il-Sung started the Korean War to add South Korea to the amount of territory he has control over. And then the United States became an even bigger pain in the ass for South Korea by shipping in US soldiers who raped Korean women.
    • ISIS and the Syrian War made millions of Syrian refugees run away begging for asylum and housing in countries that really can't afford to take them in at the moment but their kiss-up liberal governments let them in anyways which caused moderate to critical overcrowding all over the Middle East and Europe.
    • White nationalists in the United States and Europe want the blacks to go back to Africa. Black nationalists in Africa want the whites to go back to Europe.
    • Poor, underdeveloped nations get immigration and overcrowding troubles too, it's just that they never have any financial or military might to do anything about it and so there's nothing they can do about the world ridiculing them for their worsening poor quality of living.
  • The Dragon - the Big Bad can get all the quality he or she or they want, but because "No man is an island" they need henchmen (lackeys, right-hands, minions) to carry out their dirty work so as to introduce Evil in both quality and quantity.
  • Everyone Loves Blondes - I'm not meaning all blonde women in general, I specifically refer to white blonde women. Gold is usually the color of victory (like on trophies) and joy, and it looks great on a woman's hair, which is what makes them one of, if not the most desirable type of women in the world. Light white skin and blonde golden hair make them irresistible. Men have practiced the worship of golden-haired light-skinned women for millennia, as evidence by our Renaissance art such as the Birth of Venus and we depicted angels in Heaven as being predominantly blonde white women.
This can also be a sister trope to "Where The White Women At?". Often times, women of color also bleach their hair blonde to try to seem more appealing.
  • Bullying a Dragon - bullies are everywhere, we'll all encounter at least one in our lives, but then bullies really overestimate the limits and boundaries of their ability to harass and get away with it.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot - the idea and future concept that our own inventions will overthrow us and take over the analogous world. I do agree that robots these days are becoming too powerful for humans to catch up and we could face economic crises of job losses to them, as robots can also do creative fields like art and music. Though I'm not sure why robots would want to eliminate humans if they depend on humans for instruction and purpose. And then of course in the future robots might also build something even more powerful, faster and stronger than they are and ultimately get their own revolution.
    • The fact that many rich, powerful companies such as McDonald's and Amazon are replacing physical labor with robots just because it's cheaper is the primary (but not only) reason I support a basic, universal income for Americans due to their inefficient, corrupt government having failed to build their economy.
  • Aliens are Bastards - evil doesn't just pop out of nowhere. When artists and storytellers need a place of origin to attach their villains to, they often use outer space because they want to make their villains "out of this world". Outer space has become something of a villain/antagonist assembly line / factory. Also, what reason and right do aliens have to come into an already occupied planet? Trespassing and intrusion itself are serious felonies, we don't need anyone else to share our precious natural resources like food, water and land with. Also we humans evolved to become a highly egocentric and power-hungry species mostly defined by greed, gluttony, worship of firearms and explosives and domination over other living beings so aliens would have to be ultra-aggressive or at least bulletproof to challenge humans for resources. Though the thing is that humans are also trying to explore new planets out there and leave earth due to nearly running out of surface land and to escape the pollution. Perhaps Buzz Aldrin is the biggest real-life example of "Aliens are Bastards", he's explored the moon and right now he's suing his own children for money. I'm guessing his children would wish he'd go back to the moon and never come back.

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