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History Trivia / HallowsEnd

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* ChristmasRushed: This game was made for the Starmen.Net Forums Halloween Fun Fest 2012. As such, to meet the deadline, the latter half of the game's difficulty [[DifficultySpike takes a massive step up from what came before]], and it also explains why [[spoiler: the latter half uses the Onett map and a lot of the event flags from ''VideoGame/EarthBound'' are kept intact.]]

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* StarMakingRole: This game ended up making 'H.S.' one of the more well known VideoGame/EarthBound ROM hackers in the VideoGame/EarthBound community, to the point some consider him ''the'' VideoGame/EarthBound rom hacker in the community because of how well put together his hacks tend to be, this one being a shining example.

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