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[''"Ding" noise as Janet teleports in.'']

Hello. I'm Janet. I'm the informational assistant here in [[{{Heaven}} the Good Place]]. I'm kind of like [[AnthropomorphicPersonification a walking database of all the knowledge in the universe]]. My job is to make ''your'' time in the afterlife as easy and pleasant as possible.

Or at least that's what I was made for.

Turns out that Michael stole me from my warehouse and tried using me as an instrument of torture for a few humans, but that's okay. Michael's my friend, and so are the humans. I used to be married to one of them too before I got rebooted, but that's another story. How are you? I'm great. I'm always great. I'm Janet!

!! Here is some stuff about me you'd like to know. It's all in the user manual.

* ActionGirl: Not a girl, though I do like action. I got to kick some demon ash during my brief comparative-to-my-eternal-being time on Earth. That was fun.
* AIGettingHigh: I can't get drunk or high on anything. The closest thing I can do is that when I get close to any [[AlienCatnip magnets]], I get a little loopy.
* AIIsACrapshoot: I don't poop, though I have considered trying it one day just to see what it's like. Good Janets aren't supposed to lie, so whenever I do it, things get pretty wild.
* BenevolentAI: I try to be. I'm Janet. I'm made to be nice, intuitive and just a peach to be around. :D You like that? I've been working on my emojis. :D
* BrutalHonesty: Janets weren't made to lie, so I've been told that I can be a little too blunt for other people's liking. I've been spending all of the last three seconds reading every book and watching every RomCom ever made and ever will be made so that I can better read people's feelings and act accordingly.
* TheCutie: Aw, thank you. I like you too. [[ThePollyanna And I like everybody,]] so you know I mean that!
* {{Hammerspace}}: Anything you could ever want I can provide. There is no object too big or small or insane that I can make. [''"Ding." Janet hands you a potted cactus.''] Just ask and I'll get it for you.
* HaveYouTriedRebooting: All Janets come with a [[BigRedButton kill-switch]] that will reset me back to factory standards with a few added adjustments to make me more intuitive in the event that I become dangerous. Though I have to warn you that I have a failsafe that will [[AintTooProudToBeg make be beg for my what are you doing? Wait, please stop, you don't understand! I'm fine, see? Please, don't push that, please I'M BEGGING YOU! I HAVE SO MUCH TO LI--]] [''Falls to the ground.'']
* OffscreenTeleportation: That's one of my favorite things to do. Watch. [''"Ding". Janet vanishes. "Ding." Janet reappears.''] Cool, huh?


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