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History Recap / MyGymPartnersAMonkeyS4E11MandrillOfTheHouse

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Mr. Mandrill starts dating Windsor's mother, Margie Gorilla, much to Windsor's disapproval.
* BerserkButton: Windsor's berserk button is any mention of love and his mom.
* FreudianSlip: With Mr. Mandrill dating his mother on the mind, Windsor makes this.
-->'''Windsor:''' Why don't you roll is someone else's mother? Uh, I mean mud.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: In mating rituals class, (which is a stand in for sex ed class), Mr. Mandrill says he knows a lot about monkey love, and details his loving (sexual) encounters with Margie Gorilla, right in front of Windsor.
* GlamorousSingleMother: Margie Gorilla.
* InformedAttractiveness: Margie Gorilla is apparently really smoking hot in the animal community, but if you've seen her came in "Where in the World are Adam's Parents?", she's shown as nothing special. In fact, rather ugly.
* LiteralMetaphor: Windsor throws Mr. Mandrill [[BarrierBustingBlow through a wall]], being repulsed by him getting too close to him, and Mr. Mandrill says "I feel like there's a wall between us."
* RealMenWearPink: It's revealed that Windsor collects glass figurines, [[spoiler:and so does Mr. Mandrill]].
* TeacherParentRomance: Mr. Mandrill starts dating Margie Gorilla.
* YourMom: This whole turn of events, was the ultimate Yo Mama joke to Windsor.

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