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* UnsuccessfulPetAdoption: Hermitty ends up giving away her familiar to you.

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* BlueIsHeroic: Super Moshis' utility belts are blue.

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* RedIsHeroic: The Super Moshis' capes and masks are red.

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* VolcanoLair: A few scenes involve the volcano where the Super Moshi HQ is.

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* ArtifactDomination: The Sonic Sapphire can hypnotise monsters.

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* {{Brainwashed}}: The reason for the C.L.O.N.C. agent's brainwashing of the students was unknown, but it was probably to help him achieve a goal.
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: When the students are hypnotised, they don't actually harm others but they do become very destructive.

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* MassHypnosis: The C.L.O.N.C. agent hypnotises all the students in a school.

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* MindControlDevice: The Sonic Sapphire can be used to control minds.
* MindControlMusic: Played with. The music from the organ seems to spread the Sonic Sapphire's power, however it is not hypnotic in and of itself.

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'''Super Moshiversity Challenge''' is the sixth ''VideoGame/MoshiMonsters'' mission.

It begins at the Volcano, where Elder Furi tells you Monstro City is in danger, but when you ask how, he reveals he was joking and wants to congratulate you by sending you to Super Moshiversity where you will learn what being a Super Moshi is all about.

At your new dormitory, another monster who is your "roomie" greets you. Click on her and she welcomes you to Super Moshiversity and states that her names' Hermitty Ginger and you're in Gryffinsnor house. She tells you to unpack. Open your inventory and drag items onto their faded shapes in the room. If you click on the coin Moshling, Hermitty will say that she is Penny, her "familiar" and ask where yours is. If you click on a gem, she'll say, "That's the lightswitch...but it's daytime, silly!". Click the door to go to class.

At class, the teacher looks suspicious: his head looks like a Glump and his mug has the CLONC logo on it. Click on him. You say that it's nice to meet him, but he thinks it's rude because he's the head master and should be called "sir". You say, "Yes, sir", but note that it is odd that the head master is taking the lesson. He demands that you open your text book, which used to belong to Lavender Troggs. You learn about the Minime Stone that transforms Moshis into babies, the Morph Stone that can turn Super Moshis into other monsters, but requires a personal item, and the Sonic Sapphire, that hypnotises and confuses Monsters and is very dangerous if left in the wrong hands. Then you are quizzed at what the results of each of the stones are. Click the headmaster, who says it is lunchtime.

After lunch, you go back to class and, when clicked, your headmaster starts your next lesson, in a book belonging to Hairy Rotter about an ancient writing called Moshi Glyphs. Click on the head master, who sends you back to your dorm.

Click the lightswitch to go to bed. Music plays, which makes one of you feel sick and wakes several monsters up.

The next morning, Hermitty feels bad and the place is a mess. Click on her. You both think the other one did it but neither remembers. You're curious to figure it out, and need to tidy up. Click on everything that's out of place and replace everything that went into your inventory. Go to class.

At class, the teacher and all other students save Hermitty are gone. She suggests you investigate. You find the Sonic Sapphire gone, and some ear plugs on the table. Click on them to pick them up. Then, click Hermitty to go back to the dorm.

At the dorm, click the lightswitch to go to bed. Hermitty suggests you use the ear plugs, so give the ear plugs to your monster before bed. At night, the music plays again, which makes Hermitty feel bad again. Then, a bunch of voices start talking. When you click the light, Hermitty is gone. With the lights off, a trapdoor is visible but it's locked, and when you turn them on, it goes away. Click a key on the bookshelf, and then turn the lights off and unlock the trapdoor.

Through the door, you see the CLONC logo on a screen and the headmaster is playing "The Doctor Will See You Now" on the piano and using the Sonic Sapphire. Click on a slingshot and a sack of Rox. A glowing item says, "BEWARE S.G. IN HAUNTED MANSION". Drag the rox onto the piano, and then click the Glumps to hit them. Hermitty appears, congratulating you. She asks what happened, and you answer. She then gives you Penny. Click on Penny to adopt her.

At the Volcano, Elder Furi has heard what happened, but you note that despite everyone being saved, the imposter head master got away. He reassures you.
!! This mission provides examples of
* AccessoryWearingCartoonAnimal: The Super Moshis wear only their capes, belts and masks.
* BarefootCartoonAnimal: Elder Furi doesn't wear shoes.
* DamselInDistress: Hermitty, Penny and probably other female students got put in danger.
* DistressedDude: Implied. The head master hypnotised all the students and it isn't a one-gender school.
* DressedToPlunder: Pirate Pong, who wears an eyepatch, is briefly seen.
* ExtraEyes: Squiff the three-eyed Glump is briefly seen.
* FirstDayOfSchoolEpisode: This episode focuses on your first day at Super Moshiversity, and you graduate within only a few days.
* FirstNameBasis: You and Hermitty are on a first-name basis.
* FountainOfYouth: The Minime Stone has the power to turn monsters into baby versions of themselves.
* FullyDressedCartoonAnimal: The headmaster wears a full uniform.
* FunWithAcronyms: Both the Criminal League Of Naughty Critters (C.L.O.N.C.) and the Moshling I'm Gonna Get You (I.G.G.Y.) are mentioned.
* NoNameGiven: We never find out who the headmaster is, though his face does resemble Mustachio the Glump.
* MadeOfIron: After being hit with exploding Rox, the Glumps are dazed and giving up, but they're still in one piece.
* MeaningfulName:
** Elder Furi, who's both an elder and a Furi.
** Penny, who is shaped like a penny.
* MisterStrangenoun:
** Hermitty Ginger has "Ginger" as her surname.
** Lavender Troggs shares his first name with a herb.
** Hairy Rotter's name is two words.
* {{Shapeshifting}}: Stones are mentioned that can turn monsters into babies and other monsters (the latter requires a personal item).
* ShoutOut: Several ''Literature/HarryPotter'' references, including Gryffinsnor house (parody of Gryffindor house), the signature Hairy Rotter, and Hermitty Ginger's name possibly being a parody of Hermione Granger.
* SuperheroesWearCapes: Both you and Hermitty Ginger are wearing capes, you even pack a spare.

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